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Secret Spots of Barcelona: Hotel Miramar, Montjuic and The Cactus Gardens, 4K Drone Footage

In February during lockdown in Barcelona we were not allowed to leave the borders of the city. We wanted to celebrate Monalia’s birthday so we decided to go to the only place available at the time which was the area near where we live in Barceloneta called Montjuic.There is a 5 star hotel there that we always wondered about, none of our friends had ever been there, some did not even know it existed.
We booked 5 days there so we could chill out above the city and wander through the deserted parks and gardens of the famous Montjuic.
I shot everything with DJI Mavic Air2 drone and DJI Pocket 2 video camera.

Music credit from our site at http://royaltyfreemusicclips.com

Open Windows by Francois Rivollet

Easy Days by Jepp Rell

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