Macintosh Free Audio Software OS X

Audio Toolbox
An audio generator for the Mac.
You can create:
• sine, square, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms
• noise.
• cool sound effects.
• up two ten different waveforms.

564k, Stuffit3.5

Shareware $20.00

AudioTools Pro 5.1
Provides 40 production calculators and utilities needed during audio production.
Converters and calculators for:

• Effect processors,

• Loops, time dilation, & detuning.

• Sample length and rate

• Midi tuning scales and cents.

• Pitch and Midi note number.

• Real time and time code

• MIDI patch number

• Glossary of audio terminology.

• Quick reference & recording tips

• Tap tempo feature.

• Interactive circle of fifths.

• A-440 tuning reference.

447k BinHex4.0

Ask the DJ 1.3
A sophisticated mix engine which analyses the music’s rhythm to perform DJ-like transitions between tracks automatically.

Ask the DJ will also:
• search your music library
• optimize your play-list
• skip intros and outros
• level the volume
• export mixes to audio files

1562k BinHex4.0,StuffIt3.50
Shareware $29.00

Audio In 1.0.3
A simple audio recording application with an oscilloscope. that lets you:
• Record audio to disk
• Schedule when recording is to take place .
• Use Volume Operated Recording to skip periods of silence.

3.5 Meg BinHex4.0

Audiocorder OSX 3.3.0
Allows your Mac to act as

• Volume operated (VOX) audio recorder

• a standard audio recorder

• with a modem it can record telephone calls.

812k BinHex4.0
Shareware $20

Audiodia 1.0.3
A real-time sound processing application that gives you access to the reverb, delay and pitch-shifting filters built-in to Mac OSX
Useful for D.J.’s, people making
presentations, singers, and anyone who likes to play with sound!

722k BinHex4.0
Shareware $10

fLOW 3.1.1
Generates ever-changing soundscapes that resemble the timbres of water, fire, earth, and air.
Feed your own sounds into the system and record the result.

3.67 Meg BinHex4.0

GuitarPrompter 1.0.0
Perform live scrolling through your guitar tablature while playing the song’s sound file at the same time.
GuitarPrompter also has a
• Web Search feature
• Download tablature instantly to
• Loop Mode

722k BinHex4.0
Shareware $10

iPiano 2.0.1
Turns your computer keyboard into a musical controller triggering sounds from the built-in Apple DLS synthesizer.

768k BinHex4.0
Shareware $10

iRecordMusic 1.2
Enables you to record Internet audio as MP3 and MP4-AAC, supporting RealAudio, WinMedia, QuickTime and more. Schedule recordings with iCal. Record multiple sources, such as BBC, NPR, music videos, movie trailers, or news webcasts, at the same time.

1 Meg .dmg
Free Demo $20 Registration

iPod.iTunes 2.5
Use this iTunes utility to:
• Keep music and playlists on different Macs up to date
• Do a full restore of tracks and playlists – i.e. after a hard disk failure
• Revert accident deletion of tracks and/or playlists, if these are still on
your iPod
• Clone an iPod
• Transfer an entire music library from one Mac to another via the iPod

672k BinHex4.0

iTunes Dupes Barrier
Allows you to search the duplicate songs inside the iTunes and iPod songs’ databases.

1 Meg BinHex4.0

MPFreaker 1.0b3
MPFreaker auto adds artwork and other missing tags into your music library.
It quickly searches the internet to find out which album your

song belongs to, the year your song was released, the genre, track

numbers, even album cover artwork. In seconds, all of this information

is automatically added directly into your MP3 and AAC files.

MPFreaker is fully functional without registration, but will only automatically process up to 3 songs each time it is launched.

393k, BinHex4.0

Shareware $20.00

MusicMaid X 1.0
You can use it to move/copy MP3s and organize them by Artist, Album,
Song Name or Category; save catalog lists and then retrieve the
songs you want by using dozens of filters; change song’s tag info;
and much more

868k, BinHex4.0

PlayerPRO Freeware 5.8
A complete music editing program (SoundTracker). You can use it
with any Mac without any additional hardware.
PlayerPRO can load and play the following music (and sound) formats:
MOD, S3M, MIDI, MTM, MADH, MADG, MADI, MADK, OKTA, MINS, XI, PP, Clip File, MED, 669, IT, ULT, XM System 7 sound, WAV, AIFF, AIFC, SoundDesignerII, MPEG, MP3, MuLaw, ALaw, AVI, DVC, Quicktime Movies, MAC3, MAC6, IMA4, MPEG layer I, II and III (requires QT 4.0), PAT (GUS), QDesign, RAW Data.

2 Megs, BinHex4.0

A faceless background application for MacOS X that lets you play MacOS Sound Files (‘sfil’s) without launching iTunes.

24k, BinHex4.0
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