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Free Royalty Free Midi Music
Partners In Rhyme is offering these royalty free midi music loops for you to audition and download for royalty free use on your website.
Partners In Rhyme retains all copyrights on these files, please do not resell or post on another website for download.
Auld Lang Syne Blues Lullaby
Country Classical Reggae
Disco Dance Techno
Havanagila Folk Rock
Jazz Hip Hop Pomp
Latin Jingle Bells Lite Groove

Midi Background Music Archives
Rock & Hip Hop Free Midi Songs
Thousands of free pop, rock and hip hop music midi songs. Website background music from contemporary artists...
Dance / Techno Music
A collection of free midi files in the dance and techno genres..
Classical Background Music
Hundreds and Hundreds of free classical music downloads. Really good stuff...

Anthem Midi Files
World anthems, US anthems and sports stadium anthems all in midi songs format...

Broadway Midi Songs
All of your favorite classic showtunes and songs in midi format...
Jazz Free Midi Files
A very nice collection of Jazz standards in midi format...
Motown Free Midi Songs
Classic Motown music midi files...
Movie Soundtracks Midis
A huge collection of midi movie soundtracks...
Misc Midi Files
Lots of strange and fun midi music files to poke around in, uncategorized and not well labeled...
Oldies But Goodies Free Midi Songs
Classic midi renditions of your favorites from the 50's and 60's...
Television Show Midi Files
Almost every old TV theme show song you can imagine in midi file format...
Video Game Midi Files
You can now play your favorite annoying, incessant midi game music anytime you want...
Music for Thrillers
This is an amazing stock music collection from Jason Livesay.
You get 24 full length modern orchestral tracks perfect for epic thriller, action movies and intense dramas.
Dreams & Nightmares
Stock Music Collection of Edgy Disturbing Music
33 full length tracks made especially for those scenes and videos that need an edgy feel, not necessarily scary or dramatic but just a feeling...
Trailer Elements
There are 231 music and sound effect files packed into this huge collection of film and TV trailer style audio elements.
Trailer Music
Royalty Free Trailer Music
There are 10 full length tracks of orchestral trailer music in this royalty free music collection and includes lots of edits to fit your standard film trailer lengths.
Piano and Orchestra
11 incredibly beautiful piano and orchestra tracks. Uplifting piano melodies back by dramatic orchestral passages.
Hopes & Dreams
A royalty free music collection filled with 16 straight-forward yet melodically complex tracks. Perfect for conveying emotions & ...
Battlefield Orchestra
20 brand tracks of full orchestral, dramatic battle music. These tracks have a more modern feel to them than our other...
Hip Hop Orchestral
10 royalty free music tracks of dramatic orchestra parts over fresh hip hop beats mixed in with chugging distorted rhythm guitars.
Main Theme Songs
This is a very special collection of royalty free music. These tracks are for the big moments in your production, the introduction of...
Royalty Free Music Collection: SuspenseBig orchestral arrangements, military style percussion, fanfare trumpets conjure up directors like Hitchcock or...
Epic Battle
Royalty Free Music Collection: Epic BattleGladiators, warriors, and soldiers unite with these powerful orchestral royalty free music tracks playing as they march into battle.
Children's Orchestral
Royalty Free Music Collection: Children's Orchestral10 Quirky orchestral peices that are perfect for children's shows or Desperate Housewives type TV fare. Comes with lots of edits and loops.
Percussive Soundscapes
royalty free percussive soundscapes
12 full length tracks plus a total 127 edits and loops of primal drums and percussion for that unique atavistic sound.
Film Music
Royalty Free Film Soundtrack Music
A royalty free music collection of 9 full length tracks or dynamic orchestral film music to download and use in your projects.
Orchestra Vol1
Royalty Free Orchestra Music
10 full length tracks of full orchestral film music to use in your blockbuster projects. Make any intense scene you have on film seem 10x more
Orchestra Vol2
Royalty Free Orchestra Music
A royalty free music collection of 9 full length tracks or dynamic orchestral film music to download and use in your projects.
Hollywood Soundtracks v1
Royalty Free Music Collection: Hollywood SoundtracksHuge orchestral compositions in every style you might need to score your film or video. If you need that big authentic orchestral...
Hollywood Soundtracks v2
Royalty Free Music Collection: Hollywood Soundtracks Vol 210 full length tracks plus edits and loops of big, full-on cinematic orchestral music. A great addition to Vol 1 with a variety of styles.
royalty free scary musicBig scary atmos-fears, horror hits and scary sound effects that will make your project sound big and frightening.

Emotional Piano
Royalty Free Music Collection: Hollywood Soundtracks Vol 2These contemporary piano pieces are reminiscent of Phillip Glass and pack a powerful emotional punch.

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