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Mountain Life: Getting Around In The 4WD Polaris Ranger 1000

Monalia has her own Polaris Ranger 1000 4WD jeep that she tools around the forests in the mountains of Northern Spain where we have been living for just over a year now.
We use the overgrown back roads created by loggers to find hidden gems like waterfalls and secret picnic spots.
It is also useful for going into town on errands and for emergency escape routes should there be a wildfire near where we live.
I did a quick video edit of some of the footage we took while cruising around the other day.

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Tracking The Source of the Stream

Today I hiked up to near the top of the mountain where we live in the National Park in Northern Spain. That is where the main stream that supplies much of the water to our community start. It bubbles up from the ground and begins its journey downhill creating spectacular waterfalls and feeds the springs of the surrounding communities.
We are in a drought this year and most of the other streams have dried up. I wanted to check to see how our main stream is doing and it appears to be still going strong fed by the waters running off the melting glaciers in the Pyrenees.

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Walking Upstream in Tuscany

For this adventure hike video in the Tuscan valley near Borgo San Lorenzo in Northern Italy I used the royalty free music track by Michael Adels called White and Far.

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Hope you enjoy this super chilled out journey and communion with nature deep in the forest of Tuscany Italy.
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Ciao for now!

A Chilled Out Tour Through Camprodon Spain

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We spent a couple of nights in the mountain town of Camprodón in the Pyranees Mountains. We had to go there to renew our Spanish residency cards as it was the only place with appointments available.
We rented a dog-friendly apartment for 2 nights on and it was great with free private parking and lots of rooms and a nice kitchen.
The town of Camprodón was beautiful but it seemed kind of dead. Even though it was Winter the shops and stores seemed permanently shuttered.
We had a great though getting lost in the tiny winding streets and flying the drone to get bird’s eye view of how the town is laid out.
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