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Royalty Free Action Music

Royalty Free Action Music is a style of music that you can purchase a royalty free license for at an affordable price and use in as many projects as you want with the lifetime royalty free license.
You can find thousands of royalty free action music tracks available here at
The royalty free action music tracks at are easy to audition and you can also download temp previews to try in your timeline or project before your purchase to make sure the music works properly with your scene.
If you need lots of royalty free action music you can check out action music collections on Partners In here
Royalty Free Action Music Collections

You can also check out free royalty free music section of music if you do not have a budget for your project
Free Royalty Free Music

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

4 Free Royalty Free Music Clips and 4 New Composers

Four New Free Royalty Music Tracks
Click on the link below to download your 4 free royalty free music clips
Four Free Music Clips

These tracks are free for you to use in your commercial projects just as if you had purchased a license from us. Just our way of saying thanks for being a customer.

Introduction to New Composers
At and we are constantly receiving submissions from composers who want to be part of our library. Very few of them are good enough to make the grade as we have very high standards for whom we accept into our family of composers. Below are some quick introductions to the four composers who have joined us in the last month.
Piotr Pacyna
Pitor has a wide variety styles but all of his tracks have great production value in common.

Check out Spycraft for a great James Bond inspired track.

Or Swingin’ In The Rain for a laid back jazzy lounge track.
We Wish You A Jingle Time is one of the better Christmas tracks I’ve heard uploaded to the site recently.

Krzysztof Horn
Krzysztof is an amazing electronic composer and creates lots of lush and complex ambient textures with world flavors perfect for nature documentaries or sci fi scenes.
Take a listen to Frozen Planet with it’s layers of ethnic strings and an intermittent breakbeat
Or the tibetan vibe of the ambient track called Yin Yang
And the super cool, chill house track entitled Slow Down.
Christopher Wiseman
Christopher and his partner Chistopher Purner create tracks in a variety of styles. One of my favorite tracks of their’s is Majestic View of the World with its positive uplifting melody
Creeping Through A Middle East Warzone is pretty cool and sounds just like the title suggests
and A Sensual Sitar is an awesome laidback R&B track

Andrea Quarin
Create huge symphonic film tracks with generous use choirs and driving orchestral percussion.
War of the Worlds is a perfect example of that as well as Immortal Warriors which also adds distorted guitars and a rocking beat. He can also crank the uplifting U2 style pop song like Beautiful Morning
Royalty free music sound tracks available for individual download
A huge database of high quality royalty free sound effects
Nature Music Download
Listen to or license beautiful nature sounds and audio for meditation and relaxation
Partners In Rhyme
A huge audio resource for all levels of content producers
Musica Libre De Derechos
Ahora hablamos Español!
Royalty Free Music Radio
Music for your place of business with no PRO fees.

Royalty Free Dramatic Music

It is easy to add drama and tension to a scene in your video or film project with the right type of music.

Many times the right piece of music can easily add the feeling you need for a scene and if the music is professionally composed and recorded it will raise the apparent professionalism of your project as well.
Royalty Free Dramatic Music is one of our most popular genres because of of the proliferation of network tv crime shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones and many others.

On and It is easy to license high quality dramatic music for royalty free use without the worry of paying ASCAP or BMI fees and without having to pay extra each time you use the music for different project. Our lifetime license is the most generous in the business, guaranteed.
Our music is also completely Youtube-Safe, you will never see the dreaded third party copyright claim that Youtube places on your video when music that is registered with their YoutubeContentID system is used in a video. That is because we have very strict rules in place before we accept any composer in our library and their catalog has to be absolutely Youtube-Safe.

You can listen to our collections of royalty free dramatic music by clicking on the links below
Drama and Tension
Mystery and Suspense
Suspenseful Music
Dreams and Nightmares
Music for Thrillers
Horror and Suspense
Urban Underscores

You can also license individual royalty free dramatic music tracks on our website in the Drama / Tension genre of the site.
Try listing the genre by most popular to see what other people have licensed in the past. You can also do searches within the genre for specific terms by clicking on the “search within genre” button and entering the keywords you are looking for.
More Dramatic Background Music.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions please contact me

The Challenge: Write and Record 30 Guitar Riffs in 30 Days

Last year I bought a new guitar and set a challenge for myself. I wanted to really learn what the guitar, and I, had to offer at that point in time so I set out on a mission to write, record and mix 30 guitar riffs in 30 days. I posted each riff on my facebook page everyday when I was done with each mix so that my friends could comment and encourage me, and also so that I wouldn’t miss a day.
While writing the riffs I tried to get in as many styles as possible with lots of nods to my favorite guitarists of the 70’s like Jeff Beck, Django Reinhardt (not from the 70’s but he was awesome), Jimi ‘friggin’ Page, Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie Montrose, Ted Nugent, Robin Trower, Paco De Lucia and Al DiMeola.
It was an incredible learning experience for me and lots of fun. The thing I really got sorted were my mixing chops with multiple guitar melodies, solos and chunky rhythm.
In the end I only got up to 25 fully mixed tracks in 26 days then my health gave out. I was sitting in a strange position while recording and playing and I twisted my hip and could hardly walk for the next three weeks.
I am posting some of the best takes here if you are interested in hearing them. I also want to show that I am not just a business owner / web developer, I have always been a musician first and that is why our company cares so much about our composers. We know what it is like to try and eke out a living doing the thing you love to do.

Anyway, enjoy, or complain, or cover your ears but here’s what I love to do more than anything in the world, play guitar.

PS- The pic in the player is me from the old Hollywood days and is not an accurate representation of how I look now.

When Composers of Royalty Free Music Die What Happens to Their Music and Earnings?

This article is for royalty free music composers specifically but is good advice for anybody in business.

Composers who are distributing their royalty free music catalog via online websites like ours need to take into consideration the frailty of the human condition and the fact that anything can happen to you and it could happen to you today. I actually had a good friend of mine get killed when he got hit by a bus, he stepped off the curb at the wrong time and bang, that was it. ‘Getting hit by a bus’ is a such an overused cliche but it really makes you think about life when it actually happens.

The issue with composers of royalty free music catalogs is basically…
Does your wife/husband know your Paypal password?
Does your wife/husband know which websites you are distributing your music through?
Does your wife/husband even know that you are making money online with your music?

The Partners In Rhyme Family of Composers
We have been distributing music online for 17 years. Some of our composers have been with us for over 15 years. That is why we always refer to our roster of composers as the ‘Partners In Rhyme family of composers’ and that is why we are so careful about who we let into our family of composers.
In that amount of time we have seen many of our composers have major ups and downs, get married and divorced, lots of them have had children and we have also unfortunately had two of our composers die.

I will explain the importance of this issue by telling you a couple of very personal stories involving Partners In Rhyme composers.

A Long Time PIR Composer Disappears
A few years ago I had noticed that one of our composers who had been distributing his royalty free music catalog with us since the very early days had not contacted me with new music or questions in a very long time. I had sent him a few emails to see how he was doing with no response. I finally figured he must have changed his email address and I started searching online for his name.
The first thing I found was a Myspace page full of condolence messages. I was shocked. Our composer had died a year before and we had been selling his music and making payments to his paypal account during that entire time.
It took a lot more digging, almost like digital forensic work, but I was finally able to find his wife’s email address via another Myspace page and contacted her. I wrote to her to explain that her husband had been earning, and was being paid, all this money and we had no idea that he was dead. After a few back and forth emails I finally made clear what the situation was and we started sending his payments to her Paypal account instead. I don’t think she ever understood the situation regarding the previous year’s payments though and to this day I think the composer’s original paypal account is sitting there with close to $10,000 in it, unclaimed.
She is, at least, still earning money to this day and the composer’s music is still being used in all kinds of projects. Composer Disappears
The same situation happened more recently when I couldn’t get a response to a request for a 1099 form from one of our composers and I ended up doing another web search only to find condolence websites instead. I was able to contact his wife but in the end we had to delete his music catalog because she simply did not want to understand or deal with what I was telling her about her husband’s earnings and that we were distributing his music.
I understood that it was a difficult time for her but I think her husband would have wanted her to have the monthly earnings and also would have wanted his music to live on and be used in projects for years to come.

Take Away Advice
This is kind of a depressing article but it is something to think about.
Let your significant other or a trusted family member know what you are doing with your music, give somebody the password to your paypal account and let them know the email addresses of the people you are dealing with in regards to your royalty free music catalog.
If you get hit by the proverbial bus you will probably no longer care what happens to your musical legacy but your loved ones probably will.

Let me know what you think about this issue, post your comments and suggestions below.