Royalty Free Christmas Music

As December comes to a close business usually slows down as people go on vacation or generally take a break from work. I know from our websites and from what our composers tell me that the last 1/2 of December is a bit of slow across the board.
This December however we have done very well with our royalty free Christmas music sales. I am sure other royalty free sites have a spike in their Christmas genre sales as well.
Below is a review of some of the sites and prices where you can purchase and download royalty free Christmas music, starting with ours.

Christmas Classics
This is a new collection for us and it sold really well this year. It is a large collection of Christmas music for producers who need more than just one holiday tune. The collection includes 24 tracks some with edits and loops. It comes with a variety of genres including hip hop, techno, traditional and classical.

Royalty Free Christmas Music
This is our standard collection of Christmas music at an affordable price of $29.95

If you only need one or two Christmas tracks our site has a wide variety from many different composers: Christmas and Holiday Music
Prices range from $14.95 to $39.95, edits and loops are available.

The Music Bakery has a collection of Christmas type tracks here with full length track prices around $40.00.
The Musicbakery does require that broadcasters submit cue sheets so it might not be right for all types of uses like radio or podcasts.
has a variety of Christmas tracks as well for $29.95.
Their basic price does not cover use on DVD/CD products with a print run of over 1000 copies. It also does not include Film, TV or commercial use. These uses are all much more expensive so check the licensing requirements first. They also require the submission of cue sheets.

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My name is Mark Lewis. I own a few popular royalty free content websites. I have been helping musicians distribute their music for over 17 years now and wanted to use this forum to share thoughts and experiences and hopefully spark some discussion in regards to the distribution of royalty free music and royalty free content in general.