Download this Free Royalty Free Christmas Track

Partners In Rhyme is offering this rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful for free royalty free use for any of your personal or commercial Christmas projects.

O Come All Ye Faithful (right-click on this link to download)

We also have renditions of all the Christmas favorites in a wide variety of styles and genres. Here is a handy list of links our collection a royalty free Christmas tracks sorted by title:

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

We Three Kings

Holy Night

Deck The Halls

O Come All Ye Faithful

Silent Night

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Good King Wenceslas

The First Noel

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Jingle Bells

Away In A Manger

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

O Christmas Tree

Hope this list helps you with your Christmas multimedia projects.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Christmas Music and Video Resources

Christmas Audio Round-up
It is never too early to get started on your Christmas marketing campaigns and with that in mind we have created this year’s list of Christmas audio resources from Partners In Rhyme to will help you get your yuletide projects done quickly, legally and inexpensively during this holiday marketing rush.

This list includes all of our free resources as well so read carefully.

Christmas Music Tracks on

Here are a couple of Top Ten lists from our royalty free Christmas music category on

Top Ten Traditional Christmas Tracks on

1. Sugar Plum Daddy (60 second)
2. It’s Christmas
3. Magic Jingle Bells
4. Carol of the Bells ESPN
5. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
6. Nutcracker March Hip (30 second)
7. Ding Dong Merrily On High
8. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
9. Jingle Bells (dance remix)
10. The Snowman
Top Ten Non-Traditional Christmas Music Tracks

1. Tinseltown
2. Christmas in the Jungle
3. Fur Elise (MiniMoog Touch version)
4. Jingle Bell Kids
5. Alchemist in a Manger
6. In The Still Of The Night
7. Snowflakes
8. Christmas Hero
9. Lover in Venice
10. Chorale
Royalty Free Christmas Music Collections on PIR

Royalty Free Christmas Music

You get a variety of all-time classics including Away In The Manger, Little Drummer Boy, Joy To The World and many more plus a bonus track of the Wedding March. Full length tracks are provided as well as a variety of short loops edited from each of the tracks.

Christmas Classics

This is a huge collection of royalty free Christmas music. We have gathered all types of genres from hip hop and techno to full symphony orchestras and choirs.

Free Christmas Resources

10 Free Christmas Video Background Loops

Available in NTSC and PAL these background video loops are perfect to use in the background of your Christmas video intros or as video background to voiceovers.

They are all free for you to download and use in your commercial projects.

4 Public Domain Gregorian Chants

Gregorian chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form of monophonic liturgical chant in Western Christianity that accompanied the celebration of Mass and other ritual services.

These 4 beautifully performed chants are available for free on my blog and will give your project a distinctly religious feel.

4 Free Classical Christmas Tracks

Just in time for your Christmas multimedia projects we have made available for download and use in commercial projects:

• Bach Brandenburg Concerto 6 mvt 1

• Bach Three Part Inventions Sinfonia II, III,

• Bach Air on a G String

• Vivaldi’s Winter from Four Seasons.

Horror Music and Sound Effects for Halloween

It’s that time of year again for multimedia producers to start thinking about Halloween and getting together their resources for their scary projects and horrorific zombie movies. I put together a list here of all Partners In Rhyme’s paid for and free resources for spooky, scary and horror sound effects and music tracks.
Check everything out and when you get to the bottom of the list you will see this year’s Halloween sound effects gift pack for you to download and use in your commercial projects, no strings attached.
A royalty free collection of horror background music, horror hits and scary sound effects…

Horror Music
16 full length tracks of horror music in a variety of styles including orhestral, jazz and electronic textures…

Dreams and Nightmares
This royalty free music collection contains 33 full length tracks of disturbing and edgy music beds…

Modern Horror Music
This collection contains 21 full length tracks of modern horror music. ..

Horror and Suspense
There are 14 full length horror music tracks in this superb collection from Jason Livesay…

Classic Horror Music
There are 40 full length tracks of classic 70’s style horror music in this royalty free music collection…

Film Music: Suspense
The tension builds as anxiety and fear sweep through the audience. If you need the perfect music for those suspensful moments in your produc..

Mystery & Suspense
Mysterious pads and voices, exotic percussion and instruments fill this royalty free music collection called Mystery and Suspense…

Spy Music Vol 2
This collection contains 10 full length tracks of modern spy music plus edit and loops to go with each of the tracks to help you with your

Spy Music
Spies and secret agents, criminals and car chases. If these types of things are in your scenes then you need to hear this collection…

The sound effects of aliens from outerspace. Aliens breathing, Aliens growling, aliens communicating.

Horror Ambience
Sci-fi and alien ambience and soundscapes. Robots and aliens, Monsters screaming and dying,

Horror Accents
Whooshes and blasts, sci fi, production elements, horror accents, alien and spaceship accents, outer space…

Human Body Fall
Sounds of human bodies falling onto the floor after whatever happens to them in the…

Human Body Hits
Face punches and squishy guts as bodies are being punched and pummeled

Breaking Bones!
Bones cracking adn snapping as the evildoers do their business to their victims.

Roars, snarls, growls, lots of monsters and creatures making noises.

Scary Sound Effects Collection
Download lots of scary sound effects for one low price.

Trailer Hit – Hard & Low
Powerful orchestral hit. Percussion only. Typical sonic boom used in many movie trailers.

Short track with eastern ethnic intro. Gradual building classical ambience with femal choral vocals providing the…

Darkest Dawn
Heavy beats from exotic percussion place you in dangerous territory with this mid-tempo cut.

Trailer style hits and impacts
A Collection of movie trailer style huge hits and impact sounds

eerie, suspenseful, scary, atmospheric, horror, sci-fi, mystery, space, outer limits, otherworldly.mist, haunted, aliens

Heavy Water
Don’t look behind you! A very dramatic piece. Wave upon wave of synths and sequences

In D pocket
Spy vs. spy. intrigue, stealing, mistery and hiding. Deep and intense track with a laid back groove.

I am Afraid
A hostile and unwelcoming landscape of sound, that instantly sets an eerie mood

Island fever
Action, suspense and excitement!!! Big drums and a full string section for in this intense track.

The Knife
A track tailored for use in cinematic trailers, slow buildup of tension at first, then a huge climactic explosion…

Scary, Horror Sound Effects
Powerful orchestral hit. Percussion only. Typical sonic boom used in many movie trailers.

Screams, Moans and Laughs
Short track with eastern ethnic intro. Gradual building classical ambience with femal choral vocals providing the…

Fight Sounds
Heavy beats from exotic percussion place you in dangerous territory with this mid-tempo cut.

Scream Sounds
A Collection of movie trailer style huge hits and impact sounds

This Year’s Horror Freebie Download
Download Free Ambient Horror Sound Effects Pack
A cool pack of a ambient weather sound effects you can use royalty free in your commercial prjects.
Royalty free music sound tracks available for individual download
A huge database of high quality royalty free sound effects
Nature Music Download
Listen to or license beautiful nature sounds and audio for meditation and relaxation
Partners In Rhyme
A huge audio resource for all levels of content producers
Royalty Free Music Clips
My blog poiting you to free royalty free content all over the web
Royalty Free Music Radio
Music for you place of business with no PRO fees.

10 Christmas Songs That Are Not in Public Domain

Many people mistakenly believe that the Christmas classics that they hear year after year in their shopping malls and department stores are all in the public domain and can be used freely in their videos and projects. Below is a list compile by Nathaniel Patchner of of the 10 Christmas Songs you probably thought were in the public domain but aren’t;

1. Winter Wonderland
2. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
3. White Christmas
4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
5. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire)
6. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
7. Jingle Bell Rock
8. Frosty The Snowman
9. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
10. The Little Drummer Boy

If you are looking for recordings of Christmas songs that are in the public domain check out our Christmas Audio Resources Section.

If you need help licensing a non-public domain Christmas song please contact

The All New Partners In Rhyme Music Store

Royalty Free Music Store

The New & Improved Royalty Free Music Store
After an investment of 6 months and $10,000 the new Partners In Rhyme Royalty Free Music Store is now live and taking orders.
We re-built the store from the bottom up with many long needed improvements and we now have complete control over adding new features. If you ever have any suggestions or issues regarding your Partners In Rhyme shopping experience you should contact us and we will work on implementing them right away.

A few of the many new features of the new Partners In Rhyme Royalty Free Music Store are:

Quick Checkout
For those of you that do not like to register and give away information just to purchase something then this option is for you. Simply choose Quick Checkout and enter your email address and everything will be sent to you without the need for a registered account.

Integrated Paypal
You no longer have to contact us directly to request a Paypal purchase, it is built right into the shopping cart.

Invoice / License Agreement
We have dramatically improved the email license agreement and email invoice that you receive from us after your purchase.

Download Info
Your download info is now emailed to you directly after making your purchase.

Increased Security
In these times of well known companies getting hacked and sensitive user information being compromised we have taken the preemptive step of making sure all of our ecommerce stores are completely secure.
We have hired the firm Security Metrics to keep a constant eye on our websites to ensure that no security issues arise.
On top of that we hired a hacker turn security consultant to attack our sites and give us a security issues report that allowed our programmers to address even the tiniest possible security issues no matter how remote they might have been.
And as always your sensitive data is never stored on any of our servers or databases on or offline.

New Automatically Updated Category Pages
As soon as a new product is posted it is populated throughout the site automatically without waiting for me to go through and hand code all the new products into the site.
Here they are if you want to check them out:
• Royalty Free Film Soundtracks
• Royalty Free Motivational Music
• Royalty Free Classical Music
• Royalty Free Horror & Suspense
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• Royalty Free Ambient Chill Music
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• Royalty Free Christmas Music