Partners In Rhyme, Inc.

Partners In Rhyme has been selling royalty free music online since 1996 and as of January 1st 2008 Partners In Rhyme has become incorporated to Partners In Rhyme, Inc.

January and February have been record breaking months in terms of sales for us. Nearly triple the revenue from the same time last year. Our composers are benefiting from this boom as well, our total composer payouts have been over $10,000 for each month with our highest paid composer earning over $3500 in a single month.

Our policy of not requiring our clients to report the use of music from our catalog to performing rights agencies and depending more on frequency of sales seems to be working. Our composers are actually making a living and their checks are bigger and more regular than any back-end payments might have been (had they been reported properly which is rarely the case).

If our clients want to submit cue sheets we of course supply them with all necessary information but we do not require it.

Looking forward to another great year for us at Partners In Rhyme, Inc. and for our roster of 38 (and growing) composers.

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My name is Mark Lewis. I own a few popular royalty free content websites. I have been helping musicians distribute their music for over 17 years now and wanted to use this forum to share thoughts and experiences and hopefully spark some discussion in regards to the distribution of royalty free music and royalty free content in general.