Free Royalty Free Music from Jaybot7

I came across this collection of 25 free royalty free music tracks from Jaybot7. They are fun tracks in a variety of styles with some pretty good guitar playing on some of them.
These tracks are available to download and use in personal and commercial projects completely royalty free. The composer only asks for a credit
25 Free Royalty Free Music Tracks

Here are the “small details” Jabot7 has posted in regards to using his music:

Small details: The only thing I ask if you use one of the following tracks is that you shoot me an email using the contact page, and give Credit to Jaybot7 LLC somewhere in the project.

Yes, you can absolutely use this in a commercial project (the kind that you charge money for). No, you don’t have to pay me anything. Just make sure you contact me and give me credit somewhere as stated above. The only thing you can’t do with these Royalty Free tracks is re-license or sub-license them (meaning, you can’t simply download them and start selling them as your own).

Free VFX Elements from Final Light

A friend of mine sent me a link to which is a new website that sells VFX stock footage. For those of you that may not be familiar with the term VFX is short for ‘visual effects’ and is used to describe all the computer generated effects you see in films these days. sells elements like smoke, fire, shockwaves and explosions that you can use to add to your video or film project. You need basic compositing knowledge to add the effects to your project but the guys at Finallight have made it pretty easy by providing masks and well-filmed or computer generated elements.
They have three elements available on their site here
So you can test them out to see if you want to purchase anything from their library.
I purchased a flame effect and added it to a quick VFX test I am working. Take a look here

Add Audio to Your Web Page / Blog (free and easy)

Adding audio to your website or blog post isn’t always as simple as it sounds. I put together a quick tutorial using my favorite little plug ‘n’ play flash embed code for adding a nice looking audio to player to a web page or blog post.
Here is an example of the player:


1. Upload the music to your server in MP3 format. If the MP3 file exists on a server somewhere else you just need to grab the URL of that file (but remember if the owners of the server change the location of that file your embedded music will no longer work).

2. Copy the URL, it will look something like this

3. Copy the code below and save it somewhere on your computer so you have easy access to it

4. Where you see MP3_FILE_URL in the code above replace that with your URL, so your code would now look something like this

5. Now paste the result into your blog post or web page and you will get a nice looking flash player for your audio file.

Reddit Conversation re: Performing Rights Organizations

There’s a very funny and very informative conversation going on regarding performing rights organizations like BMI, ASCAP and in this case PRS going after people singing to themselves at work (?!?!?).

Check it out if you have a moment, it’s pretty enlightening;

This comes as ASCAP loses their battle to charge mobile phone users every time their phone rings calling their ringtones a “public performance”.
Judge: No Royalties for Music Industry Each Time a Ringtone Plays

Continue reading

Top 10 Selling Tracks on for September

Here are the top-ten selling royalty free music tracks from for September 2009.
There’s some pretty cool stuff here:

1 Supercritical_Supercilious by Michele Vanni

2 HighLights by Dan Phillipson

3 Hope For More by Dan Phillipson

4 Live Wire by Bjorn Lynne

5 Lift Me Up by Bjorn Lynne

6 Fashion Groove by Michael Cymbalista

7 Les Pieds by Felipe Vassão

8 We Are Loud by PIR

9 Mataleon by Roberto Feltracco

10 Starting Lineup by Mark Petrie

Music and Sound Effects for Halloween

Halloween Music and Sound Effects
Here’s a quick list of our scariest audio resources for any of those last minute Halloween type projects you might be working on.

Happy Halloween!

Mystery & Suspense
Mysterious pads and voices, exotic percussion and instruments fill this royalty free music collection called Mystery and Suspense.

Check out ‘I’m Watching You’ for a subtly suspenseful background track or ‘Unclear’ for mysterious underscore using harp and strange swelling pads.

A royalty free collection of horror background music, horror hits and scary sound effects.

Use this horror background music library, halloween sound effects and scary Sounds to make your website, film, video or Halloween party a big, scary sounding event.

Scary Sound Effects
Alien Monsters breathing, groaning and sneering plus creaky doors and recordings of ghosty ectoplasm (these are really hard to find let alone record)

This collection of 93 high quality horror sounds effects includes monsters, bats, creaks, heartbeats, soundscapes and screams.

260 Horror Music Soundtracks
Download individual music tracks from our Horror and Suspense genre on There’s a huge variety of scary music here.
Human Sound Effects
Screams, grunts, coughs, sneezes, eating, chomping, breathing, vomiting, kissing, it’s all here for you to download and add to your projects.

An incredible collection of 445 human sound effects for you to use in your music, films, TV, video, websites or just about anything you can think of.

Horror Sound Effects
We have a huge selection of individual, professionally recorded horror sound effects available on our website including;
Horror Accents
Horror Ambience
Body Fall
Body Hits
Bone Breaks
Scary Machines
Horror Production Elements
Horror Swells

Download 9 Public Domain John Philip Sousa Music Tracks

johnphilipsousaPartners In Rhyme is offering this collection of 9 tracks composed by the famous John Philip Sousa. These tracks were recorded by the US Army Band and are all available in the public domain to download and duplicate.
If you need more royalty free classical music please visit our classical music website at Royalty Classical Music to download and license classical music recorded by a real symphony orchestra.

Washington Post March: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

The Gladiator: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

Stars and Stripes Forever: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

Jack Tar March: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

Semper Fidelis: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

Hands Across The Sea: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

Adjutant’s Call Washington Post: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

Pride of the Wolverines: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

Honors March: John Philip Sousa
to download right-click (control-click on a mac) on the link above and choose ‘save target as’ from the menu that pops up. Listen to the preview below.

We also have a huge collection of some of the most famous classical music pieces ever recorded available on the Partners In Rhyme site at Apollo Symphony Orchestra: Greatest Hits.

More Free Video Background Loops: Romantic and Corporate

vbsd0961_ntsc_thumbWe have uploaded two new pages of free video background loops to our growing collection of free video loops. The new pages include 12 romantic video loops with lots of hearts and flowers plus 10 corporate video background loops with lots of charts, globes and team building images.
They are available in full rez and in both NTSC and PAL formats. You can use these video loops as backgrounds in your personal and commercial projects completely free of charge (you are not allowed to repost, redistribute or resell these clips without syncing them into your own projects first).

Street Fight Simulator for the iPhone

Street Fight Simulator:
Punch ‘n’ Stab

New Sound Effect iPhone App

Sound design your fake street fights with Punch ‘n’ Stab

Have fun with your friends and frighten complete strangers with these powerful sounding punches and super-gory sounding knife wounds.
The sounds are triggered by throwing ‘air punches’ and ‘air stabs’.

Simply hold your iPhone sideways with the screen up and thrust forward to trigger the power punch sound effect.
Then hold your iPhone forward, like a knife, with the screen up and thrust forward to hear the steal-y slash of metal connecting with a gory flesh wound.

The punch and stab sounds alone are pretty cool but what is a good street fight without some great action music?
The Punch ‘n’ Stab app also comes with a music soundtrack menu to choose from a list of real action movie soundtracks.

You get:

’70′s Cop Show’ for that Starsky and Hutch type TV drama

‘Mission Incredible’ for that super-spy action movie vibe

‘Heavy Rock Action’ soundtrack for all you metal-heads out there.

We’ll be adding more functionality and music choices in future upgrades.


More Free Royalty Free Music Clips

Besides all of the free royalty free music we give away for personal and commercial use here
we also like to point you to other websites and blogs that offer free royalty free music. Here are three composers that I ran across today:

Taylor Howard
Some very nice ambient / classical piano recordings from Taylor Howard with wide-open, copyright-free terms for use:
“The music on this site is: free to download and play, free to rebroadcast in any form for any purpose, free to play in public, free to publish for profit, and free to sample.
There is no copyright on this music.
If you can think of a creative way to use this music, you have my full support.”

Bill Cushman
This talented is offering his beautiful piano pieces for free use in personal and commercial project. You need to contact the composer before using music.

Derek Audette
A collection of free royalty free music from Derek Audette. Although most of the tracks are very midi sounding there are some interesting and usable pieces here:

“There is no charge or licensing fees associated with the use of any of these songs for any reason. I only ask that if you use them in a production in which you are able to give credit, (such as closing credits in a video or film production) that you do provide the proper credit in your production. ”

Pump Audio Demands (A lot) More Money From Their Composers

Pump Audio has sent out the notice posted below to all of their contributors.
It basically says that from now on their split will be 35% to the artists and 65% to Getty Images.

It would be surprising if this was a Pump Audio decision but it is definitely not surprising that this is a Getty Images decision. Getty Images along with Jupiter Images are pretty ruthless in how they treat their composers. And their composers are the ones who make their business models profitable.

Dear Pump Audio Artist,

We would like to thank you for your music and congratulate you on being part of one of the fastest growing music licensing companies in the world. Since the acquisition of Pump Audio by Getty Images, we continue to hear praises from a wide expansion of our clients on the depth and quality of our catalog and that is a testament to you.

As we plan for the future growth of our offering to the global music licensing client base, we have determined that to fully support the 400+ person Getty Images sales staff and invest in marketing and technology needs that we must make adjustments to the current revenue split system. By making these changes, we intend to accelerate the pace of our growth and achieve our goal of becoming the largest music licensor in the world.

The new model will be as following:

1) Licensing fees will now be 35% to the artist, 65% to Pump Audio/Getty Images

2) This change will take place as of July 1, 2009. Any royalties payable through June 30, 2009 will not be affected by this change

3) Performance royalty splits will remain at 50% of the publisher’s share

4) Those that don’t accept the new split will have their music removed from the system no later than December 31, 2009.

5) The rights you granted to us in the original contract do not change

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Please sign the enclosed amendment and send back to Artist Relations.

I have been reading about this development on blogs like the here
Pump Audio Reduces Music Licensing Payments

There are lots of comments regarding this move by Getty and Pump Audio, most of them bad, things like;

“That’s defaulting on the contract. If they have a signed agreement with me that states 50/50 and they decide to make changes to the split, they need to have a new contract signed with that agreement, which I will not do, and if they default on my contract and change the terms without my written consent, I will sue them.”


“You have to really stay on top of things with Pump/Getty and I will definitely be looking for alternatives. Just when I was thinking they were cool it turns out to be another artist-leaching corporation”

I’d also like to quote Scott Hallgren, Owner/composer/producer at Scootman Music Productions

Scott has contacted his rep at Pump Audio with some direct questions and received these as replies

1. Nacia at Pump couldn’t promise me the problems they’ve been having reconciling all of their databases (including, among other things: incorrect contact, PRO, and direct deposit info) are going to be fixed anytime soon. Even with all the new bodies, notice none are dedicated to admin…

2. She also informed me that Pump would now be giving their ‘clients’ UP TO A YEAR to report usage. Not pay, just report! So an artist could conceivably be waiting for 2+ years for payment if the bi-annual reporting didn’t fall in one’s favor.

3. I’ve also learned from another source that Pump are 15 months behind in registering their PRO info.

Scott goes on to say:

I have music in the PumpBox and have gotten a placement, but after this and the forced addition of our content to (without receiving the benefits that people who joined iStock of their own volition, natch), I’m beginning to wonder if I need to ‘beat feet’ and let my participation die a natural death…

I think one of the reasons behind the success of Partners In Rhyme and and is that we are a company run by musicians, first and foremost we think of our musicians above all else because we know first-hand what it is like to try to make a living at composing music.

It is difficult in that musicians are just that, musicians, they do not have MBAs or degrees in marketing and promotion and they are often times completely socially inept. To expect a musician to spend his/her days producing creative work and then ask them to also handle all the business dealings plus the marketing, self promotion, accounting, etc, etc. is a really big ask.

At Partners In Rhyme we are trying to make a place where musicians just have to create, we take of the rest and send them a nice paycheck every month. I can promise you we will never turn “corporate” (even though we are incorporated) and we will always be on the side of the little guy.

50/50 Forever! :-)

So how do you feel about this new development at Pump Audio?

Do you have music in their library and are you going to keep it there?

Are you also looking for alternatives like these other Pump Audio composers?

Tell us your feelings and what your plans are. It might help other composers figure out their own way forward.

GUNS! New Sound Effect iPhone App

new sound effect iphone app

GUNS! is a collection of 24 different gun sounds including shotguns, machine guns, pistols and rifles from Partners In Rhyme and Lynne Publishing.

The sounds are available via buttons on four separate panels and includes loading and racking weapon sounds giving you the ability to play a variety of sounds at the same time without having to scroll through a long list just to change sounds.
Info about each gun is available by pressing on the name of the gun in the button.

These sounds were professionally recorded and are being made available from the Partners In Rhyme sound effects catalog (

The sounds available in the Guns Sounds application are listed below.

Machine Guns
Thompson Machine
Gun AK 47
Heckler and Koch
Insert Magazine

Remington 870 1
Remington 870 2
Mossburg 500
Load Round
Rack & Load fast
Rack & Load slow

Remington 7mm
Howa Model 1500
Winchester 30-30
Marlin 30-30
Rifle Bolt Action
Load Round

Liberty 22
Target Pistol
Rhuger Magnum 44
Smith & Wesson P99
Remington GP 38
Revolver Dry Fire
Revolver Chamber Opened


New Preview Player on Partners In Rhyme

The New PIR Preview Player
Last month we announced our new preview player for the site and this month we have a new preview player for the Partners In Rhyme royalty free music collections site. This new preview player was also created to address customer requests and complaints from the previous player.

The new features include:
1. The new player looks really cool and is much easier to use.
2. There is now a volume control
3. You can turn looping on and off next to the volume control
4. The length of the file playing is now shown in the upper panel
5. Total amount of files, full length tracks, edits and loops are listed.
6. Play, stop, pause and scrub controls have been added.

Check it out here:
Feel Good Music Vol 1
Sonic 4: Disco, Hip Hop, Electro…
Groove Salad Vol 5

Most of the product pages are updated with the new player and we are still waiting one one update to fix the listing bug so that everything lists alphabetically instead of randomly.

My New Guitar

Check it out. I’ve been passing this guitar in the window of Guitarland, the guitar shop just down the street from where I live, for about a month now.
I finally justified buying it and MonaoLia says if I get it I have to create a new collection of guitar music to put out on Partners In Rhyme in the next 20 months.
Sounds like a fun challenge.

Sparrow Flame Burst Gretsch Style

Sparrow Flame Burst Gretsch Style

Copyright Free Music Clips from Josh Levine

Besides our collection of free royalty free music available for commercial use here:
Free Royalty Free Music, here is a collection of “Copyright Free” music clips from Josh Levine available free for any type of use as long as you credit. I doubt they are actually “copyright free” as that would mean that Josh no longer owns them and he would not be able to request a credit for them. I’m pretty sure he means “royalty free”.
There are 19 tracks in this collection of varying quality. With titles like “One Hour Garageband Tune #1″ you might get an idea of how they were recorded.
Worth checking out though:

Free Scary Halloween Sound Effects

I created a new Horror / Scary / Halloween free sound effects page on the main Partners In Rhyme site. It has genres in the free area like Horror Ambience, Torture Chamber, Haunted House plus Screams, Wicked Laughs, Ghosts and Monsters. All free and ready for you to download.
Click Here For Scary Halloween Sounds

For my blog readers I am making available the Birds in an Abandoned Warehouse sound effect for free to use in your personal and commercial projects.
(right-click on the link above to download)

We also have a nice Scary Sound Effects Collection available in the Partners In Rhyme store.

And of course we have have a great collection of Horror Music that is perfect for any scary horror film available in the Horror / Suspense genre on

Royalty Free Music Discounts, Deals and Freebies

We’ve made it super easy to see all of our deals, discounts and specials in one place so you don’t have to search through the entire site to find bargains on royalty free music and sound effects.
We will be updating this every month with new specials.
The really cool special this month is the ‘Stimulus Package’ with two royalty free music and sound effects collections available for free download with every purchase.

The Royalty Free Stimulus Package
To do our part to help stimulate the economy by giving entrepreneurs as much music as possible for free to create their new products and venture out on their new endeavors we are giving away two royalty free music and sound effects collections with every purchase.

Royalty Free Stimulus Package
Free Download Of
Multi Media Music Vol 1 &
Web Designer’s Collection
with any royalty free music or sfx purchase

On all orders we have a 10% and 20% discount that is applied automatically to the shopping cart as you shop. Once you hit $200 in your shopping cart you will see the 10% discount kick in and once you get above $400 you see the very substantial 20% discount get subtracted from your grand total.

As if four DVDs of incredible film music weren’t enough we’ve recently added the royalty free film music collection Hollywood Soundtracks Vol 1 to the mix for absolutely free.

Our hugely popular collection of 50 of the most recognizable royalty free classical music tracks has just gotten more propular with the addition of 25 classic Tchaikovsky peices for absolutley no charge.
Just download and use them.
Check out Appollo Symphony Orchestra: Greatest Hits and listen to the 25 beautiful Tchaikovsky tracks that you can download for free.

Richard Quest Remix (Deep Hypnotic State)

We’re big fans of Richard Quest and have been twittering with him since he began his show on CCN called ‘Quest Means Business’. The show is cool because he twitters while he is on air.
His voice is of course great for a remix.
Monalia is playing Melodica and piano)

If you want to download the MP3 you can find it here

Ha! Got the twitter stamp of approval from Richard himself!

RQ Tweet

And now we got a really nice write-up on the CNN blog promoting the track:

Making Music While the Economy Burns

Check out our recent Christian Bale Techno Tirade Remix as well (due to very explicit language this remix is rated NSFW, not safe for work).

Free Royalty Free Music CLips: Pads and Beds

Here is the lastest in the series of free royalty free music clips. A bunch of looping pads and beds for you to download and use in your personal or commercial projects.

The preview is MP3 and the corresponding WAV file is the link below. It needs to be WAV to loops properly as the conversion to MP3 destroys to loop edit by adding blank audio to head and tail.

Waiting (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

This Way Comes (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Sneaky Pete (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Snappy Hi (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Rhythmic Ship (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Night Howls (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

News Flash (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Marimba Mix (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Magic Bell (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Freedom (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Frantic (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

12 Websites Where Musicians Can Pitch Their Music to Producers

There are lots of royalty free music sites out there to submit your music to but there are more and more sites appearing that actually pitch your music to certain projects and producers for free or for a fee. There are also a few crowd-sourcing / collaboration type sites here.
These sites are distinctly different from the free-for-all type sites like productiontrax, audiojungle and audiosparx and might be an interesting addition to your search for outlets for your production music.


A global meeting place for music makers and content creators. This site is pretty cool as it is free to signup and submit your music to videos and project descriptions.

2. Film
Paid monthly subscription to submit music to be considered

  Immediate Access to our Film/TV Music Jobs Database
Access to Film Music Network Live! 24 hr/day streaming audio of Film Music Network events
Immediate Access to our Film & TV Music Salary & Rate Survey
Full benefits and discounts at all participating Film Music Network Vendor Partners.

3. The Composer Collective

The Composer Collective is comprised of cinematic composers dedicated to creating dramatic scores of the highest quality for film, television, interactive and commercial media. We group composers into innovative and productive workforces, giving the film industry a much-needed resource for intelligent music at never-before-seen productivity levels. This service is known as TeamScore™.

Choosing TeamScore™ puts you on the front lines of the film business as it changes and adapts rapidly to the demands of distributors and consumers worldwide.

Paid yearly subscription is $299.95
More than 1,200 opportunities per year to pitch your music to Major and Indie Record Labels, Top Music Publishers, and Music Supervisors working on film and TV projects. That’s TEN TIMES the number of opportunities you’ll get with TAXI imitators! And don’t forget, we have opportunities in nearly every conceivable genre of music.

5. Broadjam
offers an ‘opportunities’ service for $5-$10 per sbmission depending on what type a paid account you have

a broadjam member to enter opportunities. sign up today. you’ll also get other services designed to help independent musicians like you, promote themselves.

6. Forum

Jobs posted for composers and composer submitting their resumes and profiles. Free to register.
Lots of posts like ‘Composer Needed’ and ‘Composer Available’.

7. Soundreef (beta)

Swap music for promotion? Not sure what that means but worth investigating.

8. YouLicense
direct job opportunities are available here

here’s the RSS feed for the jobs list

9. Minimum Noise
A new site with all kinds of projects for "crowdsourcing musicians".

10. Pump Audio

There is no submission fee. If your music is not used, you lose nothing.
You will receive 50% of the license fees we receive for your music.
Pump’s deal is completely non-exclusive.
Our deal will never prevent you from working with anyone else.

A new site where you can upload and create a profile and the people at musicdealers pitch your tracks to potential clients.

Our site where you can submit a demo. No fees to join. Price your own tracks, lots of sales, with 50% of the price goes to the composer.

10 Ways Businesses Use Twitter / 5 Essential Twitter Apps

follow me on twitter

Find out how to use Twitter to streamline your business and improve your bottom line including a list of the essential third party twitter apps you need to succeed.

1. use twitter to directly connect with customers

you can use twitter search to look for your industry keywords and connect to people in real-time as they ask about products, prices, etc.

2. use twitter as intranet communication for your employees

so they can keep up with each other throughout the day. much easier than texting, emails or phone calls. Updates could be set to private for security reasons.

3. use twitter for customer service

many companies are letting their customers contact via twitter for questions and help.

4. use twitter for updates and announcements

much quicker and more informal than an email newsletter. Have your customers follow you to see you product/website updates and announcements.

Customers can subscribe via mobile or RSS for instant notification.

5. use twitter to exponentially spread the word

if all of your employees have there own twitter accounts with their own set of followers you can use them to spread the word about a new blog post, a new product, a new company video, etc. Their friends tell more friends who tell their friends and so on.

6. follow your competitor’s twitter accounts

I do this just to keep tabs on them :-)

7. time management

twitter can be used to keep a detailed record of what you are doing every day. you can set up a separate account to do this.

8. meetings

use twitter as an informal and casual way of arranging a meeting with workmates from wherever you are.

9. twitter groups

There’s a new service that is becoming popular very quickly called twittgroups. I’m not sure how to use this for business just yet but it is worth checking out. Possibly start a twittgroup for your company or industry or product?

10. twitter todo list

use twitter to record down what you need to do while you are away from the computer.

5 Titter Apps you can use to implement these strategies

1. Feedalizr

Mac and PC

a desktop app that streams a variety of feeds straight to desktop. Use this in conjunction and you will get everything you need streaming across your desktop in real-time.

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.


Receive emails alerts for for twitter search results.

4. Twitterfeed

Automatically stream any RSS feed into your twitter account. Your blog posts for example.

5. Brightkit

BrightKit lets you manage multiple Twitter profiles and pre-schedule tweets. Any number of users can manage shared profiles. BrightKit will provide solid tweet metrics right on the dashboard, and loads of additional features are on the way.

follow me on twitter

Free Royalty Free Music Clips: JimmyG Music

I found another site that has a section of free royalty free music available for download.
It is mostly sad piano music with a perfunctory heavy metal track thrown in but worth a listen.
You have to register to download which is a bit of a drag

You can also download free royalty free music clips from our free music loops page on Partners In Rhyme

Download Free Royalty Free Music

Free Royalty Free Music Clips from Apple

I ran across this page today where Apple is giving a promo pack of royalty free music clips on the Apple site here


I took a listen and it is actually just four tracks of very “GarageBand” sounding generic music.

You can also download lots of free royalty free music clips on the Partners In Rhyme website on this page

Download Free Royalty Free Music Clips

All original and cool played by real musicians.