Richard Quest Remix (Deep Hypnotic State)

We’re big fans of Richard Quest and have been twittering with him since he began his show on CCN called ‘Quest Means Business’. The show is cool because he twitters while he is on air.
His voice is of course great for a remix.
Monalia is playing Melodica and piano)

If you want to download the MP3 you can find it here

Ha! Got the twitter stamp of approval from Richard himself!

RQ Tweet

And now we got a really nice write-up on the CNN blog promoting the track:

Making Music While the Economy Burns

Check out our recent Christian Bale Techno Tirade Remix as well (due to very explicit language this remix is rated NSFW, not safe for work).

Free Royalty Free Music CLips: Pads and Beds

Here is the lastest in the series of free royalty free music clips. A bunch of looping pads and beds for you to download and use in your personal or commercial projects.

The preview is MP3 and the corresponding WAV file is the link below. It needs to be WAV to loops properly as the conversion to MP3 destroys to loop edit by adding blank audio to head and tail.

Waiting (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

This Way Comes (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Sneaky Pete (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Snappy Hi (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Rhythmic Ship (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Night Howls (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

News Flash (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Marimba Mix (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Magic Bell (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Freedom (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

Frantic (right-click here download this free royalty free music clip)

12 Websites Where Musicians Can Pitch Their Music to Producers

There are lots of royalty free music sites out there to submit your music to but there are more and more sites appearing that actually pitch your music to certain projects and producers for free or for a fee. There are also a few crowd-sourcing / collaboration type sites here.
These sites are distinctly different from the free-for-all type sites like productiontrax, audiojungle and audiosparx and might be an interesting addition to your search for outlets for your production music.


A global meeting place for music makers and content creators. This site is pretty cool as it is free to signup and submit your music to videos and project descriptions.

2. Film
Paid monthly subscription to submit music to be considered

  Immediate Access to our Film/TV Music Jobs Database
Access to Film Music Network Live! 24 hr/day streaming audio of Film Music Network events
Immediate Access to our Film & TV Music Salary & Rate Survey
Full benefits and discounts at all participating Film Music Network Vendor Partners.

3. The Composer Collective

The Composer Collective is comprised of cinematic composers dedicated to creating dramatic scores of the highest quality for film, television, interactive and commercial media. We group composers into innovative and productive workforces, giving the film industry a much-needed resource for intelligent music at never-before-seen productivity levels. This service is known as TeamScore™.

Choosing TeamScore™ puts you on the front lines of the film business as it changes and adapts rapidly to the demands of distributors and consumers worldwide.

Paid yearly subscription is $299.95
More than 1,200 opportunities per year to pitch your music to Major and Indie Record Labels, Top Music Publishers, and Music Supervisors working on film and TV projects. That’s TEN TIMES the number of opportunities you’ll get with TAXI imitators! And don’t forget, we have opportunities in nearly every conceivable genre of music.

5. Broadjam
offers an ‘opportunities’ service for $5-$10 per sbmission depending on what type a paid account you have

a broadjam member to enter opportunities. sign up today. you’ll also get other services designed to help independent musicians like you, promote themselves.

6. Forum

Jobs posted for composers and composer submitting their resumes and profiles. Free to register.
Lots of posts like ‘Composer Needed’ and ‘Composer Available’.

7. Soundreef (beta)

Swap music for promotion? Not sure what that means but worth investigating.

8. YouLicense
direct job opportunities are available here

here’s the RSS feed for the jobs list

9. Minimum Noise
A new site with all kinds of projects for "crowdsourcing musicians".

10. Pump Audio

There is no submission fee. If your music is not used, you lose nothing.
You will receive 50% of the license fees we receive for your music.
Pump’s deal is completely non-exclusive.
Our deal will never prevent you from working with anyone else.

A new site where you can upload and create a profile and the people at musicdealers pitch your tracks to potential clients.

Our site where you can submit a demo. No fees to join. Price your own tracks, lots of sales, with 50% of the price goes to the composer.

10 Ways Businesses Use Twitter / 5 Essential Twitter Apps

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Find out how to use Twitter to streamline your business and improve your bottom line including a list of the essential third party twitter apps you need to succeed.

1. use twitter to directly connect with customers

you can use twitter search to look for your industry keywords and connect to people in real-time as they ask about products, prices, etc.

2. use twitter as intranet communication for your employees

so they can keep up with each other throughout the day. much easier than texting, emails or phone calls. Updates could be set to private for security reasons.

3. use twitter for customer service

many companies are letting their customers contact via twitter for questions and help.

4. use twitter for updates and announcements

much quicker and more informal than an email newsletter. Have your customers follow you to see you product/website updates and announcements.

Customers can subscribe via mobile or RSS for instant notification.

5. use twitter to exponentially spread the word

if all of your employees have there own twitter accounts with their own set of followers you can use them to spread the word about a new blog post, a new product, a new company video, etc. Their friends tell more friends who tell their friends and so on.

6. follow your competitor’s twitter accounts

I do this just to keep tabs on them 🙂

7. time management

twitter can be used to keep a detailed record of what you are doing every day. you can set up a separate account to do this.

8. meetings

use twitter as an informal and casual way of arranging a meeting with workmates from wherever you are.

9. twitter groups

There’s a new service that is becoming popular very quickly called twittgroups. I’m not sure how to use this for business just yet but it is worth checking out. Possibly start a twittgroup for your company or industry or product?

10. twitter todo list

use twitter to record down what you need to do while you are away from the computer.

5 Titter Apps you can use to implement these strategies

1. Feedalizr

Mac and PC

a desktop app that streams a variety of feeds straight to desktop. Use this in conjunction and you will get everything you need streaming across your desktop in real-time.

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.


Receive emails alerts for for twitter search results.

4. Twitterfeed

Automatically stream any RSS feed into your twitter account. Your blog posts for example.

5. Brightkit

BrightKit lets you manage multiple Twitter profiles and pre-schedule tweets. Any number of users can manage shared profiles. BrightKit will provide solid tweet metrics right on the dashboard, and loads of additional features are on the way.

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