Flash Audio: Import/Add Sound To A Movie

The first thing you have to do of course is to start Flash. In this tutorial I use Flash 8 Professional, but the tutorial here can be applied to Flash MX 2004 or Flash MX. Go to File -> Import -> Import to Library….

How to add audio to Flash project

A dialog box appears asking you to choose a file from your hard drive.

Add audio to your flash project

Because you need only sound formats and the rest can be ignored, the next thing you have to do is to filter the sound files using the “Files of Type” drop down menu and selecting “All Sound Formats”.

Add music and sound effects to your multimedia flash project

add wav file to flash audio project

Select an MP3 (or other sound format) on and click “Open”.

The track appears now in the Library of the Flash Movie. You can open the library through Window -> Library. Open the library to see the imported MP3 file.

add mp3 audio file to flash

As you can see, you can preview the file in the library and perform some optimization in the settings. But that’s not the focus of this tutorial, we just want to add some sound to our movie. Go to the timeline of the movie and add an additional layer (Insert -> Timeline -> Layer).

sound layer, content layer in flash audio tutorial

Now you have 2 layers on your timeline. Rename the upper layer “Sound”, the layer below rename to “Content”. That’s it. Your timeline should now look like on image 7.

timeeline for audio in flash tutorial

Select the first frame on the layer “Sound” and open the first properties panel (Window -> Properties). In the panel, find the “Sound” drop down panel and select the imported sound file.

sound drop menu in flash tutorial

You can now test the movie clicking on Control -> Test Movie or pressing Ctrl + Enter.

Public Domain Vinyl Record Hiss Pop Crackle

Found this great public domain sound of an old vinyl LP record playing out it’s grooves at the end of the album complete with dirty pops, hiss and crackle. This type of sound effect is perfect for using beneath your own music creations when you want to give them an old vintage feeling.
Download and enjoy!

right click on this link to download the file hiss-pop-crackle

use the player to audition to see if you want to download the file.

New Musicloops.com Composers

Introducing Gary Wolk and Justin Nihiser
Gary Wolk
Gary writes sound-a-like music and is very good at it. Sound-a-like, or knock-off music, is music that sounds as close as possible to famous songs and styles without infringing on the copyrights of the original works. Gary’s tracks capture the unique flavor of the music of the superstars like Otis Redding, The Beach Boys, The Stray Cats, U2, Bruce Springsteen, The Allman Bros Band, Neil Young, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Tower of Power, well, you get the idea.
Justin Nihiser
Justin has written and placed music for Coke, Groupon, Burger King, Casio, Wii, A&E, History, MTV, E!, CW’s Hellcats, The Big Bang Theory, and numerous other clients and we are happy to be distributing his high qulaity royalty free music.

One of the unique things about Justin’s catalog is that he sells each track for only $9.95.

I’m not sure why he is doing that but there you go.

Musicloops.com now has over 12,000 songs in its database and we’re adding an average of 150 new tracks a week.
If you ever have questions or comments regarding Musicloops.com please feel free to contact me.

3 New Free Royalty Free Music Sites

Three new sites that I recently found offering free royalty free music to use in your commercial projects with no fees or hassles from the man…

Cameron Music is offering a selection of tracks for free use in commercial projects. Some of the suspenseful tracks are pretty good, others are kind of midi sounding but all useful for low budget type projects.

Sonny Boo is a filmmaker who is offering a very nice selection of music tracks for absolutely free use in any commercial project. Very nice of him….
Sonny Boo

I had seen the Purple Planet website a few years ago when they were selling their music and just noticed that all of their music is now free for website type uses (including Youtube) with only a credit to the composer in return.
They also ask for donations but it is not required. The music is pretty cool too, check it out…
Purple Planet