More Free Video Background Loops: Romantic and Corporate

vbsd0961_ntsc_thumbWe have uploaded two new pages of free video background loops to our growing collection of free video loops. The new pages include 12 romantic video loops with lots of hearts and flowers plus 10 corporate video background loops with lots of charts, globes and team building images.
They are available in full rez and in both NTSC and PAL formats. You can use these video loops as backgrounds in your personal and commercial projects completely free of charge (you are not allowed to repost, redistribute or resell these clips without syncing them into your own projects first).

  • Gimmi

    Here is free for home video footage that can be downloaded via file sharing

  • Skbazad

    owaoooo nice & beautey full offers

  • friedl

    thank you for your loops, they are great

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  • Brian

    nice offer and clips

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