Free iMovie Plugins, Free iMovie HD6 Download (full app)

Plugins and iMovie ’08 and ’09
Here’s the deal with iMovie plugins and the newer versions of iMovie.
iMovie ’08 is a complete rewrite of Apple’s movie editing sofware and does not support plug-ins. It is made for easy editing and uploading of videos to the web but is not meant for professional editing capabilities and effects available in earlier versions of iMovie.

For your video projects that involve more than a standard dissolve transition, iMovie 6 is still there and available for you to use. You can download and install iMovie 6 and use it in conjunction with iMovie ’08 and ’09 if you’d like. That way you can take advantage of all these free plugins for editing and then move to the later version of iMovie for upload and general editing.
Download iMovieHD6.dmg to Use These PluginsThis file is 149 megs and is a full application, not an update.

This install will ask that iLife 08 be present on your hard drive. Since many of you may not have iLife 08 installed (like me) there is a simple solution;

Open a terminal and type “touch /Library/Preferences/”

Then install as usual. I just did this on an old mac laptop that had absolutely nothing on it, no version of iMovie and no iLife and it iMovie 6 installed just fine after using the solution above.

Free iMovie Plugins from Apple
for older versions of iMovie only


This iMovie Plugin Pack 2.1 includes the following new effects, transitions, and titles:



Ghost Trails


Mirror Advanced



Circle Closing

Circle Opening


Warp In

Warp Out

Wash In

Wash Out



Subtitle Multiple


Zoom Multiple

Jerry’s Free iMovie Plugins
for older versions of iMovie only


This pack contains:

* Color Mangler (color controls) UPDATED FOR 1.3!

* Eric The Plugin (4:3 to and from 16:9) UPDATED FOR 1.3!

* Funky Monkey (solarization)

* Monkey Brewster (lithograph and posterization)

* Rhesus Pieces (pixelizing, anonymizer)

* Sleepy Time (dream mist)

* The Matrix (matrix convolutions)

* Ye Olde TV (scanlines, etc)


This pack contains:

* Auto Saturation (over, negative and automatic saturation)

* Blueprint (blueprints and other related color mistakes)

* Color Slide (move R,G,B around independantly of eachother)

* False Color (turns the image into a color-cycling image)

* HV Hold (adjust horiz,vert hold and position)

BKMS Free iMovie Plugins

bkms_sampler _2_demo.dmg

Totally Tiger plugin demo

Sampler 1 contains a selection of transitions taken from the Melt Through, Melt Away, Pixelate, and Soft Wipes sets, download the free BKMS iMovie plug-in samples.
Sampler 2 contains demos that work with newer version of iMovie
Below are some individual demos from BKMS.

To go straight to BKMS online store

SlickSampler 20 Free iMovie Plugins


Slick Sampler includes 20 fully functional plug-ins for iMovie

Supports iMovie HD 6, 5 and 4
Universal Binary for Intel and PowerPC Macs

Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, including Leopard 10.5

Visit Slick’s website:

CityListBuilder for iMovie ’09 1.2

Allows users to add new cities to the list of over 4,000 locations provided by Apple to create powerful animated travel maps. Although most large cities and popular tourist destinations are included, most users are likely to find out at some point that their destination is not available.

CityListBuilder fixes the problem by making it very easy to add new cities by leveraging Google’s powerful geo-location web services.

ImageIP iMovie Plugins

Plugin Bundle with 7 Packs with 56 Effects

Paint and Draw Effects V1
Colour Effects V1
Picture in Picture Pack V1
Pop Effects Pack V1
Distort and Morph Pack V1
Format Converter Pack V1
SteadyZoom Pack V1

Suitable for iMovie 2.1.2 and above, and Mac OS 10.2 and above

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