Add Audio to Your Web Page / Blog (free and easy)

Adding audio to your website or blog post isn’t always as simple as it sounds. I put together a quick tutorial using my favorite little plug ‘n’ play flash embed code for adding a nice looking audio to player to a web page or blog post.
Here is an example of the player:


1. Upload the music to your server in MP3 format. If the MP3 file exists on a server somewhere else you just need to grab the URL of that file (but remember if the owners of the server change the location of that file your embedded music will no longer work).

2. Copy the URL, it will look something like this

3. Copy the code below and save it somewhere on your computer so you have easy access to it

4. Where you see MP3_FILE_URL in the code above replace that with your URL, so your code would now look something like this

5. Now paste the result into your blog post or web page and you will get a nice looking flash player for your audio file.

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