12 Websites Where Musicians Can Pitch Their Music to Producers

There are lots of royalty free music sites out there to submit your music to but there are more and more sites appearing that actually pitch your music to certain projects and producers for free or for a fee. There are also a few crowd-sourcing / collaboration type sites here.
These sites are distinctly different from the free-for-all type sites like productiontrax, audiojungle and audiosparx and might be an interesting addition to your search for outlets for your production music.

1. Humtoo.com

A global meeting place for music makers and content creators. This site is pretty cool as it is free to signup and submit your music to videos and project descriptions.

2. Film Music.net
Paid monthly subscription to submit music to be considered

  Immediate Access to our Film/TV Music Jobs Database
Access to Film Music Network Live! 24 hr/day streaming audio of Film Music Network events
Immediate Access to our Film & TV Music Salary & Rate Survey
Full benefits and discounts at all participating Film Music Network Vendor Partners.

3. The Composer Collective

The Composer Collective is comprised of cinematic composers dedicated to creating dramatic scores of the highest quality for film, television, interactive and commercial media. We group composers into innovative and productive workforces, giving the film industry a much-needed resource for intelligent music at never-before-seen productivity levels. This service is known as TeamScore™.

Choosing TeamScore™ puts you on the front lines of the film business as it changes and adapts rapidly to the demands of distributors and consumers worldwide.

4. Taxi.net
Paid yearly subscription is $299.95

More than 1,200 opportunities per year to pitch your music to Major and Indie Record Labels, Top Music Publishers, and Music Supervisors working on film and TV projects. That’s TEN TIMES the number of opportunities you’ll get with TAXI imitators! And don’t forget, we have opportunities in nearly every conceivable genre of music.

5. Broadjam
offers an ‘opportunities’ service for $5-$10 per sbmission depending on what type a paid account you have

a broadjam member to enter opportunities. sign up today. you’ll also get other services designed to help independent musicians like you, promote themselves.

6. Studentfilms.com Forum

Jobs posted for composers and composer submitting their resumes and profiles. Free to register.
Lots of posts like ‘Composer Needed’ and ‘Composer Available’.

7. Soundreef (beta)

Swap music for promotion? Not sure what that means but worth investigating.

8. YouLicense
direct job opportunities are available here

here’s the RSS feed for the jobs list 


9. Minimum Noise
A new site with all kinds of projects for "crowdsourcing musicians".

10. Pump Audio

There is no submission fee. If your music is not used, you lose nothing.
You will receive 50% of the license fees we receive for your music.
Pump’s deal is completely non-exclusive.
Our deal will never prevent you from working with anyone else.

11. Musicdealers.com
A new site where you can upload and create a profile and the people at musicdealers pitch your tracks to potential clients.

12. Musicloops.com
Our site where you can submit a demo. No fees to join. Price your own tracks, lots of sales, with 50% of the price goes to the composer.

  • Eveara

    Thanks for sharing.Keep it up. Music distribution

  • John A

    Great write u you did. But, i observed you include TAXI A&R!. What I read about the company is shocking, you can also go through. https://amazingprofitsonline.com/is-taxi-com-a-scam/

    Though, it is a bitter sweet stuff.

    thanks great article.



  • John A

    What a great lead. I juts read a review of JAXI via this article. https://amazingprofitsonline.com/is-taxi-com-a-scam/

    It is mind blowing.


  • http://www.cdbaby.com/artist/buffalosoldier Buffalo Soldier
  • cratesofjr

    Here is my site where I am accepting music submissions from aspiring artists: http://cratesofjr.blogspot.com I will review your music and submit it for consideration to my following which includes a number of Grammy-nominated and award-winning producers. You can check my Twitter to confirm my followers at http://www.twiiter.com/cratesofjr

  • JerseyCat

    Here is music from the greatest band that never was. Lost European. I’m wondering when the time will come when A & R folks will start to search the archives for ‘no hit wonders’ and undiscovered bands from the 80′s and 90′s. This band had (in my humble opinion) 6 or 7 #1 hits that have never been discovered. Same goes for the band Angelwing. you can hear their music here- http://www.freemusicpublicdomain.com

  • Colin Clayton

    Hi everyone i would just like to say this i did a sound engineer course back in 2000 and we did a music industry class where we learned that as soon as you create your track in what ever music software on your computer it automatically puts a date on when it was created if you then save it to it tunes you can put the artist name in and composer which is then also dated and is infact a natural copyright of your work so if any of these sniddy gits online create websites to rip off your hard work they can’t because you have a date when it was created on your computer….So it does not really matter if you upload your track to a dodgy site because if they do take your material by thier licence agreement which i might add is set up to rip you off you can still sew the scum bags…But if it states that you are giving them certain rights of ownership of your material in the way the word it then be careful…Because these slime bags are very astute at ripping off your talent…The scum bags….Peace

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gabriel-Rock/230034087186581?ref=bookmarks Gabriel Z Rock

    PAUL LEUTHARD ( A.K.A. Gabriel Zeldis Rock/Gabriel Z. Rock )
    LAPORTE, CO USA email: [email protected]
    SINGER AND POET phone: 973 476-9190 USA

    1. Butterflies ( Cut ) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2e7rk4_butterflies-cut_music

    2. Ivory Tears ( Sea of Random Engery ) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2jiv3m_ivory-tears4_music

    3. Waters of Love (mix 1) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2mltq3_waters-of-love-mix-1_music

    LinksL http://www.dailymotion.com/user/dm_510e8f7b69d57/1


  • Patrick

    What’s your opinion of Music Xray ?

    • Bernhard Hagen

      do NOT under any circumstances give them money.you have been warned.

  • http://amurco.com/ Amurco

    Music Creators log on to http://amurcomusic.com/

  • http://www.blueparkmusic.com/ B.K. Saha

    These are great website for submit of music.Thanks for this information.


  • Eljohnson

    So which ones do you own?

    • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

       The last one. Why?

      • Eljohnson

         Because you said you owned a few… just wondered what the names were so I can check them out to see I want to join and upload any of my music…

  • Goomba Loon

    Musicians can upload and promote their music for free at http://www.GabbiCat.com!

  • Enlightened

    i got 1 even better than that, so just go to broadjam.com and click on “blogs” and you see, of course, statements about “popular tv shows” that PAID for Bjam artists songs.. ok, so if the deals are DONE, then why can’t they EVER name the episode, the tv show, and the artist who recieved the actual cash…? well, it is never made clear, its always “popular tv shows”, and even when they do name a network buyer, like “Oxygen”, they NEVER say which show, what date, what episode, or the title of the work… why shouldn’t they WANT to offer that info?… well, they don’t seem very proud of their “sales”, do they now… it is complete farce, and you can see this in about 15 seconds.

    • JetMuzikBeats

      You can see that info or some of it on your royalty statement….

  • Broadjam states that they have over 385,000 “songs” for industry people to hear, and that they have over 100,000 members, so, here’s the truth… if you go to all the artist profiles, and add up all the songs that YOU can listen to there, you will find less than 20,000… artists deleted their songs and left, permanently, BUT… the songs still “exist” if you make an acount and click “review” in the top bar… listen to songs, then, when you get the name of the artist, go check their profile… about 50 percent of the time, you will NOT see that song you just “heard”, and that is absolute fact, and cannot be argued by Broadjam, so make a feee account, and start checking it out YOURSELF, cuz my words mean zero, right?

    • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

      I simply asked you to explain your case. I never said you weren’t telling the truth, I never said your word means zero. I asked in a friendly manner for you to explain your feelings about Broadjam, which you have done and thank you, your comments will be helpful to our readers.
      But, you really need to relax a little. I’m on your side ;-)

      • BroadScam

        you already said that you know nothing about broadjam, so how can you now say that you are “on my side”…? and, yes I am upset, but only because artists are being manipulated, not because I personally lost anything, cuz i KNEW better than to hand over works into a system before I checked it out totally, which I did… they got zero of my cash, but I watched others spending, spending, spending.. so, if you wanna be on anyones “side”, be on the side of the “Unknown Sucker Artist”, and its not the suckers fault, cuz these guys have manipulation down to an “art” form.

        • http://twitter.com/broadjam Broadjam.com

          This is Mike Huberty and I’m the product manager of Artist Services at Broadjam. We’ve long addressed the concern about deleted songs in the review mechanism and we can guarantee that no deleted songs will show up on the site. Also, we’re happy to show people our music licensing successes: http://www.broadjam.com/delivery/successes.php contains just some of the testimonials we have from musicians who’ve had a great experience with our site and have had their music licensed for film, television, and advertising projects.
          I’m happy to answer any questions about our services and we stand 100% behind the integrity of what we do as a company. You can call me at 608-271-3633 x.223 or email me anytime at [email protected] and I’ll answer your questions to the best of my ability. We’re real people with the goal of helping musicians any way we can.
          Thanks and Happy 2012!

          • Crescendo

            This is crap.  I just attempted to delete my songs from your site and I get an error saying that the song was NOT deleted and that I had to contact Customer Service in order to get it deleted.  You SAY it’s deleted and yet, your software says it is not.  I would think this would be a high priority bug fix.  Yet, it persists.  If you mean what you say, you will fix this immediately.

          • http://twitter.com/broadjam Broadjam.com

            Hi Crescendo,
            Your songs were actually deleting and gone from the site, but there was an problem in the database that was giving that error message. We’re currently working on the bug fix and it’ll be taken care shortly.


  • Olivelorna


    real, do you think?
    if you’ve been inside broadjam, then maybe you’ll wonder like i did as you watch this video

    • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

      Cool video. Sounds like you’ve had a bad experience with Broadjam. I have never personally dealt with the site so I cannot comment but if you want to leave a brief description of your experiences in the comments here it might help others with their decision on whether to try Broadjam or not.

      • Protilius

        well, the problem is pretty obvious, isn’t it?… the songs which are placed into the “review” system live there forever, and they cannot be fully deleted by the artist, so it seems they go into a “separate” area…join up, and you will be told that putting songs up for “review” will help you improve your skills, through criticisms, but that is clearly not the real idea, because, if that was true, then why do you have to do so many reviews to get just ONE??.. that sounds to me like a deliberately set “unbalanced” playing field, and it wont benefit artists at all, or it would be GIVE one review, GET one review

        • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

          Thanks for the explanation.
          Yes, the problem is obvious from watching the video but it takes 10 minutes to get to the point across in the video. Just trying to save time for the readers so they know what is going on with broadjam.

          • Protileeoose

            well, if an artist can’t “waste” ten minutes to watch a “work of art”, to maybe help themselves not be taken advantage of by unsrupulous business, then that is EXACTLY why artists always lose, not only hard cash, but works, as far as I can determine… so, ten minutes… gee, I should have been more careful not to waste the time of artists, so sorry about that…

          • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

            Yikes, go easy bro…

  • joan

    beatpick.com is a cool site for getting your music placed in film, tv and advertising. 50/50 split for sync fee, 100% of the back end royalties go to the musician. non exclusive agreement that can be terminated anytime. they have a list of past clients.

  • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com Mark

    Hi @Ben,
    Can you explain a little more about your site?
    What are the terms you are offering your contributors?
    Do you actively seek and negotiate with music supervisors or is the site simply a place to upload music in hopes that people find the site.

    This subject of this thread is for placement of music directly into projects negotiated on the part of the website and not really for the average online music distribution type sites.

  • http://www.matchlessmusic.net Ben

    Matchless Music (http://www.matchlessmusic.net) specializes in indie music licensing. The majority of our artists are recording/touring indie musicians. We help them get their music placed in television, film, video games, commercials and the web. Artists can submit music directly on the website.

  • Mark

    Hi Shawn, your website is very secretive! Do you primarily seek license fees from your catalog, or are you more interested in performance royalties?



  • http://www.electronica.org.uk Matthew Greasley

    Great link…

    I’ve also looked at Humtoo’s contract… “you grant to us an exclusive licence throughout the world and for the Publishing Period (defined below) to exercise all rights of copyright in any and all of your Uploaded Works”

    I don’t like the idea of granting them an “exclusive license” to exploit copyright in my music so will be keeping away from them…

  • Shawn Grant


    There are no fees to sign up and opportunities to learn and grow online. Projects range from small budgets to 5 figure scoring budgets and we have 4 composer membership levels, so most composers will find a place with our company.

  • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com admin


    skyjuice127 :

    Humtoo will administer the publishing in all tracks uploaded to the site for a period of 5 years after which you can opt any of your tracks out by writing to us. You retain ownership of your music. We will take the standard 50% of broadcast royalties only – any fees, sync or reproduction royalties earned by your music are 100% yours.

    Does this mean they want exclusive publishing rights to upoladed tracks for five years?

    If so hmmm think carefully kids before you upload.

    Yeah, this one is a bit ambiguous.
    They administer publishing just by uploading? Does this mean even if your track isn’t used in the project they still administer publishing?
    They take 50% of broadcast royalties is vague. 50% of publishing or 50% publishing and writers or 50% of writers and all of publishing?

    Sounds like they give you the licensing fees and take 50% of your writer’s credit and all of the publishing for 5 years.

    I agree with skyjuice, sounds like a funky deal if that is the case.

  • skyjuice127


    Also think very carefully before you pay upfont fees for having someone critique your music. I smell a scam.


    Paid yearly subscription of $300 + submission fees…..yeah right, only if you are A gullible or B have more money than sense.

    Pump Audio

    OK but make sure your masters are good otherwise they may reject your CD


    I use them, so far so good.


    Just signed up with them so the jury is still out

  • skyjuice127

    Humtoo will administer the publishing in all tracks uploaded to the site for a period of 5 years after which you can opt any of your tracks out by writing to us. You retain ownership of your music. We will take the standard 50% of broadcast royalties only – any fees, sync or reproduction royalties earned by your music are 100% yours.

    Does this mean they want exclusive publishing rights to upoladed tracks for five years?

    If so hmmm think carefully kids before you upload.

    • Pedro

      Why do you guys think you need sites like Broadjam Soundclick, Humtoo, and all the rest.

      They prey on Learning Songwriters, Vanity.

      No Big record Company, Or Publisher Of Repute , would bother with them. If you have talent, knocking the right doors and meeting people that matter will help you achieve what you want
      but you cant buy talent, it’s something you are born with.

      We are all good at something , but it’s a great pity that most
      so called businesses are out to Scam us , by playing on our vanity

      • Nicky James

        Pedro you are spot on, if you are paying someone to tell you where your writing/composing is not clicking so to speak, you are not ready to pitch your songs.
        Keep at it re write all the time, try and join live debate
        discussions. steer clear of amature web forums like J.P.F, and similar. there are people on there who pretend they know it all , offering advice that in general is just common sense. If you need constant back slapping go on them.
        But there will come a time when you have to do it all on your own start to finish.
        If you don’t you will get no where

  • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com admin

    This is mainly a list for websites where composers can go and submit their music to producers.
    Does 300monks allow composers to submit their music or do you only work with your current roster of composers?
    Please post a link to where composers can submit their music if you allow this.

  • the head monk

    This is a great list – thanks for posting.

    There’s also a site called 300 Monks. I started this in 2004 and offers high quality music for licensing to producers as well. We also do a fair amount of custom scoring from our roster of composers.

    The Head Monk

  • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

    wow. that’s really bad.
    these are all great comments, keep them coming.

    I am also in the middle of the same kind of battle for many of our composers. They stupidly signed and agreement with another company which essentially makes their music catalogs illegal for us to distribute.
    We have had to close their accounts, many were making $1000 a month or more from us and that has been completely shut down because of a TOS that they agreed to on another site.

    These kinds of stories really make it clear that these days you have to be very very careful what you sign and/or agree to before uploading your music to a website.

  • KryaClassicReviewer

    Artists have a right to know where the intellectual material goes, it’s that simple. We are talking about intellectual rights, and just because a company creates a 3,000 word TermsOfService “contract: doesn’t make it LAW.
    The problem is that the large majority of indie artists can’t afford to sue, even though any lawyer would tell them they would surely win the case. The lawyer will expact a cash retainer of a bout 5,000 per case.
    Class action is the only way, because there are well over 500,000 properties floating around out there somewhere.
    and I will repeat this part again… so read slowly….
    AFTER a “sale” is completed, and the work is USED, and the product in which the work was USED is completed, and has been PUBLICLY viewed (or, in this case, heard), there is a full LEGAL obligation for the holders of that work to release all the information, fully, and to anyone who asks…
    here is my new ad for a contest at a car dealership…
    “we are going to give away a CAR… a very nice CAR… it’s called a CAR… we have over 50,000 people who have won CARS in our contests… the CAR has a color, and a name, and a size, and a model number, but we don’t have to TELL you what the “prize” is until AFTER we have a “winner”… and, we will ask the “winner” to keep quiet about specifics too…”

    So, would you enter any contest where you are giving ORIGINAL artist property to that person, your unique, intellectual property?

    The problem is that artists can’t see intellectual porperty like “hard” property, but in the eyes of the law, there is absolutely NO difference, not when it comes to arguing a case in a court.
    I have no idea what it is that you do for artists, but you sound like a nice enough person…
    I don’t care if someone wants to say “I am running a business, my business is to sell songs, I will do it this way, and that is my decision, to HELP my own life, and generate profits as a business-person…
    What really cuts deeply is this “we are only here to help artists” bit.
    I want to see that argued by these people in front of an impartial judge.
    In fact, I want to see these people spend 200,000 before it even gets to court… I want to see their lawyers recieveing 3,000 pages of discovery per week, for about 18 months, after we play the “adjournment to gather more evidence and find more witnesses” game… I bet we can get 7 extensions, to about 18 months, because our top lawyer might havea “conflicting” schedule”.
    These people are going to lose, period, and their bank accounts will slowly drain as they “prepare” their defense.
    THAT is how business, and law, work.
    Little fish who think they know how to be “sharks”, shouldn’t go into a real shark pool.
    We will have the big companies involved, all the publishers, all the music manufacturers, all the advertising agencies.
    This is nothing more than marketplace shadiness, and it’s bad for all businesses to allow this to continue.
    I’m sure that the real execs in this business will agree that we cannot have some little outfit helping their personal friends, in their little town, by hood-winking artists world-wide.