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Free Drum Loops
free drum loops to download and use royalty free in your music projects
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Free Drum Loop Downloads

You are welcome to download and use these drum loops in your music productions free of charge but please;
Do not redistribute these drum loops in any way
Do not link to these download files from your wesbite
Do not allow people to download these drum loops from your website
(the above of course refers to the drum loops by themselves, once they are mixed into your music you can do whatever you want with that piece of music).
The drum loops are in WAV format, 16bit, 44k.

Free Drum Loops Preview Player
listen here first to see if you like the loops then download the packs using the links below

Drum n Bass Drum Loops 16.9 megs

Hip Hop Drum Loops 45.8 megs

Jungle Drum Loops 12.10 megs

Rock Drum Loops 11.99 megs

Techno Drum Loops 7.22 megs

Beatcraft Free Drum Loops

Here at Partners In Rhyme we have always been Macintosh users. Our new Pro Tools studio uses a dual proc 1.8 G5 and we have 6 more Macs on our Airport network. The only thing I ever regretted about using Macs was that I wasn't able to try out some of the cool Windows software that is available on our site. I finally bought a PC laptop just for this purpose.
Acoustica Beatcraft was the first Windows app I downloaded and used on my new PC. I instantly fell in love with the program and have not stopped using it since. Beatcraft is a blast! Sort of retro, sort of modern.
I try to write a drum loop a day now using Acoustica's Beatcraft. I will make these free drum loops available for download here on this page. The collection will definitely grow so keep checking back.

Download Beatcraft
and see how easy it is to create your own drum loops.

Buy Musician's BundleThis bundle includes Mixcraft 4, 3 & 2, Beatcraft, More Drums! Volume 1 and More Drums! Human Beat Box.
Mixcraft download trial now lets you create your own song or do some creative audio editing. It's easy enough to jump into and powerful enough to make your own music hits!
Beatcraft download trial now is an extremely powerful, easy to use drum machine software program for beginners and professionals alike! Whether you like rap, hip hop, rock, jazz or electronica, you can make your OWN sweet beat!

more acoustica audio products

The best sound designers on the web are uploading their best sound effects to everyday for you to preview download and to your commercial project

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