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PIR Background:
Partners In Rhyme, Inc. has had an online presence since 1994 and became an official ecommerce business in 1996. We originally started out as a group of composers working with former Devo leader Mark Mothersbaugh's Mutato Muzika in Hollywood where we would write music and create sound design for commercials, games, cartoons and TV series. Take a look at the PIR commercial reel.

PIR Websites:
This is our main website. It includes thousands of pages of free resources for multimedia producers plus a catalog of royalty free music and sound effects collections available for download and shipped on CD/DVD.

This site was created simply to sell individual downloads of royalty free music. It has become more popular than we would ever have imagined both from the composers and the customers.

This site is one year old now and is also hugely popular for individual purchase and download of royalty free sound effects. We're selling a sound effect every minute or so at this point.

This is a new project we are wroking where we are creating software that composer can upload to their own servers and instantly have their own music licensing website.

PIR Goals and Values:
When we formed Partners In Rhyme our main mission was to create our own market where we could distribute our music on our own terms without interference from record labels. We have definitely succeeded in doing that.
Partners In Rhyme has always had a set of simple guidelines for their online presence. They are as follows:
  • To provide free resources, help and advice to amateur and professional multimedia producers, film makers, musicians and students in their search for music, sound effects and audio tools to complete their projects inexpensively and quickly.

  • To provide affordable, high quality, professionally recorded royalty free music and sound effects with a very generous license for distribution.

  • To create an outlet for talented composers to distribute their music and hopefully enable them to earn a living doing what they love.

PIR Charity:
Over the years Partners In Rhyme, Inc. and its composers have have been doing very well. We recently decided that we would all give a percentage of each of our sales back to help communities in need.
Take a look at our PIR Charity information page to learn more.

Who We Are
Mark Lewis (CEO/Composer)
Mona-Lia Ventress (CFO/Composer)
Mark Lewis is co-founder and CEO at Partners In Rhyme. He is also one of the PIR composers and main sound designer for the sound effects library. You can hear his music on these collections: Extreme Guitar, Metro Mix, Multi Media Music Vol 1 and Vol 2.

Mark used to work in Visual Effects before he turned to web development full time. YOu can see his work in films like Lord of the Rings and King Kong plus many others
Mark's IMDB Filmography

Check out Mark's blog on MarkTaitLewis.com for lots of info on the techincal ins and outs of xreating websites.

please contact Mark directly
• if you are a composer looking to place your work
• if you have a new business venture you'd like to discuss
• if you are a media representative looking for information
Mona-Lia Ventress is co-founder and President of Partners In Rhyme. She is an Emmy nominated composer and also takes care of accounting and oversees shipping for Partners In Rhyme, Inc.
Mona-Lia is a travel writer. Her book entitled Horizontal Rain (available on Amazon.com), is the story of her experiences living in New Zealand and traveling throughout countries like Bali, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Read an excerpt from the book published on eclectica.org
She also has a new book called Whatever Happened to Susuki Beane?
She is also one of the PIR composers and main sound designer for the sound effects library.
You can hear her music on these collections: Metro Mix, Multi Media Music Vol 1 and Vol 2, Quirky Loops and Islands.
You can find out more about Mona-Lia Ventress on her website at www.monalia.com.
Guru (CTO/Programmer) Jordi (Office Manager)
Guru Prasanna C S is our main programmer and systems designer. He comes up with creative solutions for our ecommerce websites and makes our checkout processes stream-lined, reliable, secure and easy to use.
He works for us out of his office in Hyderabad, India. We hired him through Harvest Technologies (p) Ltd.
He comes highly recommended by us for all programming needs.
Jordi has been working at the office and studios for a while now and has proven to be invaluable at editing, approving music, fixing web pages and all kinds of other tasks.
Jordi has a career of his own making films, he has a band and a radio show nad a magazine. The guy never stops.
Chck out Spooky Prom to keep up with his projects.