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Mac OS 9 Midi Software

All Midi 1.12
Convert MIDI files to QuickTime2.0 movies via drag-n-drop; requiresSystem7 or later, QuickTime2.0; v1.12 is bugfix, and has fat binary for 68K and PowerMacs built-in; free!

A Midi Project
Schematics for a Mac to MIDI hardware interface.

Amp 1.3b
Drag and drop a MIDI file onto Arnolds MIDI player and the song will start playing (of course, you need to havean external MIDI device... or a MIDI-to-Quicktime converter).

Arnolds Midi Player 2.52
Play any MIDI file on the Mac or on an external synthesizer;drag and drop to hear the song; requires at least a Mac LCand System 7, QuickTime (or MIDI Manager to play MIDI device).

Big Eye Demo 1.0
A combination of computer science and musicology, resultingin an object-oriented description of music and compositionof original music according to formal rules. Playbackthrough midi. Based on the original Bol Processor (BP1).

BP Two 2.51
A demo program for the MidiPascal 3.0 Drivers. It is a utility that will handle up to 128k dumps from any equipmentwhich can do a sysex dump via front panel command.

Bulk SysEx Utility 1.0
A demo program for the MidiPascal 3.0 Drivers. It is a utility that will handle up to 128k dumps from any equipmentwhich can do a sysex dump via front panel

Chroma 3.2
MIDI utility that lets you see MIDI songs play on an on-screen keyboard,as well as use your mouse to send MIDI events; graphically pleasing, too.

CMU Midi Tool Kit
A pre-release of Carnegie Mellon University's Midi Toolkit. It is a collection of utilities for use with a midi device, including a app called Adagio that "...will play a pre-existingscore, record midi events performed live, or do both at once."

Com Midi 1.0
Allows real-time playing of MIDI over a high-speed modem; jam with a friend over the phone! Play gigs from home!

Cybernetic Composer
Looks like a quick-n-dirty way to compose, play, convert,and accompany music. However, when I tried to play a midifile written in another program and saved as a midi,it wouldn't do it. The error message said "...we only handle-0 file formats now" or something to that effect. No docs.

CZ Librarian 3.0
This program reads and writes voice patch files in the formatused by the Midimac Casio Patch Librarian. It displays or printsthe voices in either the format of Casio's "Sound Data Book" orin hexadecimal format. It sends these patched to and receivesthem from the Casio synthesizer.

D110 Rhythm
Basic Hypercard based editor for D110 rhythm parts.

Encore Demo 3.06
Demo of the commercial program Encore. Will not save or print and will periodically quit.

Fix SCC Init 1.0
Fix a bug on a small fraction of Macintoshes where the computerbegins sending a steady stream of random MIDI data on each serialport as soon as the program configures the port for MIDI.

Fret Navigator 1.2
A flexible chord and scale book for all types of stringed instruments. You can find any chord, scale, or interval in anykey on any instrument in any tuning. You can play it throughthe speaker or your MIDI instrument (you don't need MIDI to use this program.)

Harmonizer 1.62
Takes a melody from a standard MIDI file exported by another application (take your pick, there's lotsof them out there) or an smus file, and creates a 4-part harmonization for it.Some restrictions apply (the melody should be in a major key,lie above middle C, and be no more than 33 notes long).

Hypermidi 1.0
A well written, extensible Hypercard stack providing a bit ofeverything - dumps, recording, analysis, play- keyboard andprogrammable patch editor
[DX7 version included].

Kamikaze DX 1.0
A simple midi program. Unable to determine the features.

Librariank 4 v1.04
Store patches for KAWAI's K4 digital synthesizer.

Mac To Midi Interface
Schematic for a Mac to MIDI interface that derives its power fromthe serial port (no external power necessary); adaptable config;update comments on the conceptor of the Mac to MIDI schematic.

Meditor 0.1d63
Meditor is a FREE MOD Editor/Player. It features fast editor, high quality music player, fullscreen player,and a new file format. Meditor requires 68020 orbetter CPU, Color Quickdraw, System 7 or greater,and 32-bit addressing mode. This version featuresmore effects, smoother spectrum analyzer, quickaccess buttons, try-out tool, big instrument import,half-Japanese extension, full MIDI note range, 3D buttons, and small bug fixes.

Megalomania 1.02b
This looks like a really imaginative idea. A MIDI-based effects processor with a graphical patch interface. Without time to explore, it's impossible to assess its value, but it comes with a promising looking manual and a heap of example patches. Worth investigating?

Midi Phone 0.61
Send MIDI data over a telephone line using a modem; connectionis bidirectional, so two may play simultaneously; allows usersto type messages back and forth at the sametime; not compatiblewith 660AV, 840AV or Power Macintosh.

Midi Primer 1.0
A stack for those who would like to get into MIDI sequencingwithout having to wade through endless documentation. RequiresHyperCard 2.0.

Midi Recorder
Records real time MIDI streams (performances, that is) in order tosave them to disk in MIDI format 0 files so you can transferthem to other software (such as a notation or sequencer program) for editing. Requires MIDI Manager and Apple's PatchBay App or DA.

Midi Scope 1.5
Examine many aspects of your interface and keyboard(s) such asthe actual types of tones its producing, what kind of information it's getting, etc.

Midi Split2.0
Split and/or layer a MIDI keyboard, wind controller,
etc. into one,two or more MIDI channel zones that
can send pitchbend, controllerand patch change
messages or not - and can be transposed.
RequiresSystem 7.0, the MIDIManager
and AppleMIDIDriver.

Midi Typer 1.0
Convert some downloaded MIDI files into a format that will actuallybe recognized as MIDI files by most MIDI applications.

Minds Ear 1.1
Chord finder for MIDI keyboard _plus_ a composing tool forsongwriters. Requires MIDI interface.

Music Fun Demo 1.0
A demo of a game that teaches the fundamentals of music, such asnote names, scales, intervals, and others.
The actual version can also be used with a MIDI connection.

Note Scan Demo
A program that will scan and recognize sheet music and
attempt to put it into a format that Night2Demo (also available in the archives) can understand.

Public Domain MIDIBASIC Example Program for the Ensoniq ESQ-1.Reads and writes Bank and Sequencer files in Ensoniq's standard format.

QuickTime Midi Player 1.31
QuickTime MIDI Player is an application which will allow you to play MIDI data through your Macintosh speakers using QuickTime 2.0 or later and either the MIDI Manager or the Open Music System.

Send patch data edited/filed by "DX7 Librarian" or "JUNO Librarian"or "MIDI Pack'en" to your MIDI device. AppleScript recordable.Requires System 7 and the Apple MIDI Manager.

Simple Tab 1.0b3
A music notation program that outputs tabulature; v1.0b3 is bug fix and upgraded tools and frills.

SMF Typecaster 1.0b3
Convert your generic Standard MIDI Files (SMFs) to a form that yourMac sequencer application can read.

SMF Util 1.0b8
A MIDI util which changes file type to 'Midi' and creator to a selected sequencer; converts General MIDI program changes, drum notes to your synthesizer's configuration; you can dragSMF's onto the application icon to do batch conversions.

SMF Util1.0b8 docs
Documentation for /mac/sound/midi/smfutil1.0b8.hqx

Studio Calc 1.01
For mixdown, delay time calculation, etc.

Super Librarian Demo 1.0
A "patch librarian". Demo does not save files.

SY77 Voice Librarian
MIDI Patch Librarian utility for a Yamaha SY77 synthesizer. Allows you to work with all 64 voices.

Tab 'o Mat
Easily find music notes on a guitar fretboard; this is the first module in a larger midi project; free.

A modular synthesis and sample processing program.

Unison 0.62
Create sound synthesis and signal processing algorithms by connecting functional units using a graphical user interface. New devices can be created by the interconnection of existing devices,or by writing 56001 DSP code "from scratch." Requires a MIDIdevice. Works in conjunction with a Sound Accelerator or AudioMediacard available from Digidesign corporation.

Midi 2 Tex
Translate MIDI data files into MusicTeX source code; C source is available from the author.

Midi Companion 1.0
Record streams of MIDI data, play back any MIDI file, patch MIDIinput thru to MIDI output so that a keyboard controller will workeven in a non-MIDI application, and selectively play back andrecord data for one channel while ignoring data for another.

Midi Control 1.0
A promising general purpose patch editor.

Midi It 1.21
Changes the file type and creator of a standard MIDI file so it can be used by a sequencer singly or in a group by drag-n-drop.

Midi Keys 2.1
Read MIDI data and display it on a keyboard graphic, allowing youto 'see' the chords that played. Includes filters, channelselection, thru on or off

Midi Manager Activity
View MIDI data activity via Apple's MIDI Manager software.

Midi Mangler 1.11
Eliminate conflicts between the MIDI manager and the Chooser.Also, you can reset the status of either serial port.

Midi Museum 1.10
Universal MIDI patch librarian for the Mac.

Midi Packen 1.11
Keep any kind of system exclusive data in text files; AppleScript recordable; requires Apple MIDI Manager and either System 7.1, orSystem 7 plus QuickTime; v1.11 can save data in text format, opentext file,keep multiply-divided system exclusive data in 1 window.

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