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Car Sounds, Hot Rods, NASCAR, Race Car Sounds
Car Sound Effects Collection
This DVD/Download is jam packed with a variety of high performance cars revving, idling and racing. All kinds of engine sound loops from various perspectives, take offs, drive-bys and brake sounds.

Hot Rod Sounds Collection
A collection of 77 professionally recorded hot rod sound effects for you to download including car revs, idle loops, engine on and off, tire screeches and pas bys for a Mercury Sable, Ford GT 500, Aston Martin, Chevy V8 and lots more.
Free Car Sounds Royalty Free Car Sound Effects
The Car Sounds, Hot Rods, NASCAR, Race Car sounds in this column are collected from the web and are generally available to everyone for personal use.

PIR did not create these sounds and cannot grant absolute permission for any use other than personal.

Please do not direct link to these sounds. If you would like to use one simply right-click on the link and choose 'save target as' from the menu to save the file to your hard drive.
These high quality Car Sounds, Hot Rods, NASCAR, Race Car sounds are for multimedia producers who need permission to use the audio included in their projects.

The sounds in this category are royalty free and available for immediate download as high quality stereo WAV files. Please
contact us with any questions you may have.

Click on the links to hear a preview of these royalty free Car sound effects.
Car Sounds
Running into a ditch
Spins out of control
Cars crashing
Hit the guardrail
Sports car crash
More crash and burn
Car crash
Crash and burn

Car Engine Sounds
Car drives off
Motor won't start
Engine start-up
Car being pursued
Car at idle
VW bug
VW pulls away
Car with a glass-pack
Glass-pack muffler
Honda roars away
V8 pulls away

Car Horn Sounds
Miata horn
Passing horn

Drag Strip Sounds Dragster burn out
Drag car revving up

Emergency Vehicle Sounds
Fire engine passes by
Sound of an emergency vehicle
Highway trooper in pursuit
Police car passing in the distance

General Car Sounds
Pedal to the metal
Car smokes the tires
Going fast around a curve
Fast take off
Tire blowing out
Way too fast around a curve
Shifting up through the gears
Fast car makes a quick turn around

Trucks Sounds
Big truck passes by
18 wheeler pulls away
Diesels applies the air brakes
Over the road truck pulls away
Big rig cranks-up
Race Car Sounds
Racer at speed
"Gentlemen, start your engines"
Indy racer coming out of the pits
IRL cars passing at full throttle
Indy race car starts up
IRL car running at full speed
Indy racer passing on a road course

Car Music
Need music for a luxury car commercial or have a scene that has cool cars cruising through rough neighborhoods?

Urban Underscores
17 tracks of modern suspenseful urban music for those intense moments in your videos, films and multimedia projects.

Extreme Sports Rock
Monster distorted riffs , frantic drums and harmony leads fuse to bring a 'grit your teeth' soundtrack to get your heart pumping.

The Best
Royalty Free Music on the Web

Easy Licensing, Easy Download,
Car Sounds
Traffic on the freeway, cars zoom by. (loop)
Ambulance passes by on wet road with siren, interior room perspective with ...
Busy street traffic in Asia with trucks and scooters zipping past the micro ...
Industrial traffic, trucks moving through construction yard. General constr ...
A car drives by in stereo slowly on gravel road
A military truck pulling a canon on a trailer down a hard dirt road.
Police car starts his siren and drives by into the distance
Big trucks moving through construction yard (loop)
A tractor drives by
Car Alarm, Distant, Faint Birds and Freeway in Background
Truck or Jeep trying to start.
Interior of a truck as it drives through traffic, siren in the background ( ...
Car revs its engine as it passes by splashing through puddles on a very wet ...
Bumpy Ride Loop
Car Drive-by, wet road, interior POV.
Car Drive-By, Wet, Fast, Interior Perspective
Car, By, Snow, Fast, Puddle
Car, By, Wet, Slow, Hard Rain
Nissan Silvia. Engine perspective. Single motor rev 03.
Nissan Silvia. Engine perspective. Motor rev, engine revving twice, 02.
 Lorry. Rev engine one time, Engine perspective. Versi ...

Hot Rod

Hot rod idle rev (loop)
Hot rod starting up and idling
Hot rod revs raspy engine three times then turns engine off.
Hot rod idles, slowly revs the engine then guns it a few times.
Hot rod idle and slowly pulls then guns the engine and takes off in a cloud ...
Hot rod revs its beefy engine a few times.
Hot rod starts up and idles with a single rev.
Hot rod idles then shuts down.
Hot rod burns out, spins its tires spewing smoke into the air.
Big raspy hot rod engine revs it's engine till it screams then idles toward ...
Huge hot rod does donuts, gunning the raspy engine, spinning in circles, sp ...
Hot rod revs its raspy engine then guns it and passes by the mic.
Huge, screaming, raspy hot rod engine.
Hot rod engine idle
Hot rod idles, raspy engine sound.
Hot rod idles (loop)
Quad Bike Start Up Idle Shut Off Engine
Quad Bike Start Up Idle Shut Off Exhaust
Quad Bike Loop RPM 2000 Exhaust Perspective. Quad Bike engine loop.
Quad Bike Loop RPM 5000 Exhaust Perspective. Quad Bike engine loop.
Rally Sports Car
Rally Sports Car takes off!
Rally Sports Car drives around the track and slides into a turn.
Rally Sports Car drives around the track and skids to a stop.
Rally Sports Car drives towards the mic and stops.
Rally Sports Car screaming around the track past the mic.
Cars, F1, By, Backfire - Medium distant perspective. With popping backfire ...
Rally sports car drives by and brakes wwith a squeak.
Motocross dirt bike rides over a jump, flies through the air and lands.
Motocross race track ambience (loop)
Motocross dirt bikes racing through turn and speeding up through the straig ...
Dirt bike idling then taking off. Recorded from riders point of view as if ...
MotoX ambience, lots of dirt bikes going around the track.
Motocross bike rides over ramp, flies through the air and lands in the dirt ...
motorcycle going really fast and stopping. Recorded from riders point of vi ...
Motorcycle Harley Davidson Drive By Right To Left.
Traffic over a wood bridge in Laos. Scooters and big trucks bang on the boa ...
Motorcycle chain breaks and spins off.
Motorcycle,By,Slow,Chug - City drone BG.
Motorcycle Dirt Bike Engine Turning Over 03.
Motorcycle Dirt Bike Engine Turning Over 02.
Motorcycle,By,Med,Buzzing - City drone BG.
Motorcycle Dirt Bike Driving Off Jump Left To Right 01.
Motorcycle Dirt Bike Loop RPM 4000 Exhaust Perspective. Motorcycle motor lo ...
Motorcycle Dirt Bike Loop RPM 2000 Exhaust Perspective.
Quad Bike Loop RPM 6000 Exhaust Perspective. Quad Bike engine loop.
Quad Bike Start Up and Drive Off. Quad Bike
Quad Bike Start Up Shut Off Engine Perspective. Quad Bike.
Quad Bike On Board Driving. Quad Bike.
Quad Bike Shut Off Exhaust Perspective. Quad Bike. Motorbike, motorcycle ty ...
Quad Bike Start Up Engine Perspective. Quad Bike.
Quad Bike Rev. Quad Bike. Motorbike, motorcycle type Quadbike. Rev engine.
Quad Bike Loop RPM 5000 Exhaust Perspective.
Quad Bike Drive By Center to Right. Quad Bike.
Quad Bike Idle Loop On Board Perspective.
Motorcycle Harley Davidson Loop RPM 2000 Exhaust Perspective.
Motorcycle Dirt Bike Drive By Left To Right 01.

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