10 Websites with Free Stock Video Footage

filmFree royalty free stock footage is hard to find but we have compiled a list of some of the better sites that are offering a selection of video clips available for download and use in personal and commercial projects.
This is a list of 10 websites that offer lots of free royalty free video footage. We try to keep the registration sites and upsellers to minimum. We will keep updating as we find more.
If you have a free stock video footage site please post a comment and I will review it and add it to the main article. You can use free royalty free stock footage in your personal and commercial projects. You can often download it in NTSC and PAL formats which is basically covers the US (NTSC) and the rest of the world (PAL). Many of the videos loops and are meant to used in the background of elements you already have created such as text and titles or green screen elements.

1. Partners In Rhyme Free Video Loops
There is a free video HD video loop to be downloaded on every page. More being added all the time and soon we will have a main page with all videos listed..

2. StockFootageForFree.com www.stockfootageforfree.com
There are absolutely no fees to download as much royalty stock footage as you would like. These are footages that span the world. All you do is to create a free account and you get to log in and download unlimited amounts of quality footage or clips that you are interested in.
PLEASE NOTE: you do have to create an account to download these files. I have created an account and it is as it says, free downloads of lots of stock footage.

3. MovieTools.info
This is a great source for free stock footage in NTSC and PAL formats with 77 motion background loops, 12 lower thirds and 4 motion objects for you to download and use in your projects.
Chrstian Video Loops
Countdown Video Loops
Energy Video Loops
Flag Video Loops
Hightech Video Loops
Holiday Video Loops
Misc Video Loops
News and Studio Video Loops
Sports Video Loops

4. BottledVideo.com
A huge archive of free video footage, no gimmicks, no sales, just download and use the video clips.

5. Digital Hotcakes
When you sign up Digital Hotcakes at they will give away a free loop each month.

6. Pond5
Download a free HD video clip every week from Pond5.com. Choose a format, add it to your cart and checkout to receive the free clip.

7. MotionElements
Motion Elements has an extensive free section of nearly 180 high quality background video clips.

8. Vidsplay.com
A great site with lots of free stock video footage for you to download. No registration and no upsell..

9. GiveMeFreeart.com
A small selection of video clips free to download without registration or upselling..

10. FootageCrate.com
Lots of great video footage in many genres, Free to download and use, no registration..

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  • http://www.footagefreaks.com Jayson Jensen

    http://www.footagefreaks.com has a bunch of really good clips for free.

  • roe

    Blizz Stock on Youtube. You can use all clips for commercial projects.

  • http://www.footagefreaks.com Jayson Jensen

    Also check out http://www.footagefreaks.com. They have a bunch of free stuff. They also have unlimited downloads for the price of one clip on other sites.

  • Aditya

    Hi please check out our youtube channel or website for free stock videos. We have just started it up but are constantly uploading the stock video section.Visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfO7Swa34KDtI-9IvBXkLlg or http://www.vhtnow.com and click the google plus link.

  • Erin

    Fucking Horrible -
    They were shit, the free ones were not up to a good standard, and HELLO, not all of the 15 year olds here have credit fucking cards .-.
    It’s just fucking horrid, All the websites were shit and you needed to pay for good fuck.

  • Abel

    You can also get free footage at http://www.wedistill.io . Filmmakers from all backgrounds have access to a large selection of high quality stock footage completely free.

  • YD

    New free contributor I try loading new video or images whenever I get a chance, hope you can use. – http://www.tanurix.com/free-film–picture-stock.html

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  • http://www.alunablue.com/ Raymond Pettitt

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    If you want full free video stock with content-focused design, there is only http://www.mazwai.com. Yep.
    The very best of CC 3.0 Attribution license

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    for searching private and commercial use ,may be tastestock.com

  • Alexander

    OrangeHD offers a lot of full HD footage and video material. Download is completely free. http://www.orangehd.com/

  • IBMaxx

    God these sites suck! Have to shoot the footage myself. And shutterstock, istock, ridiculous!!! Prices are crazy!!!

    • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com admin

      Wow, such anger at people who are simply creating websites to give their video content away for free.
      It’s unfortunate that simply because these free websites didn’t have exactly what you need for your specific project that it would make you so angry.
      And the fact that you don’t have the money for the content you need for your project shouldn’t make you angry at others either, maybe look at yourself for that eh?

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  • TheStockFootageCompany

    You can get free stock footage at http://thestockfootagecompany.com as well

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    take a look at http://www.videvo.net – they have a lot of free motion graphics and video footage too… everything is free

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    Here’s another link to download quality free videos

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    http://editlw.ru – Free download video footage out of my home collection with file-sharing services

  • Sinder Pfaun

    http://www.cutestockfootage.com main idea is to deliver video/sound/photo material for any video/sound/photo enthusiast,  filmmaker, video editor, 3d artist, musician, mixer, sampler for free.

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    Check out http://www.freeloops.tv. 100% free :-)

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  • http://beachfrontprod.blogspot.com/ Beachfront

    I also operate a blog that offers personally created stock video and looping backgrounds.  I was hoping you could add it to any future lists you make.  http://beachfrontprod.blogspot.com

  • East2west

    None of your links offer anything for free – they are are scamming money grabbers – please rewrite this misleading article.

    • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

      Hi East2West-
      I’ve cleaned up, deleted, added and modified many of the links. They definitely weren’t all “money-grabbers” as you put it, especially not our site at Partners In Rhyme.
      Anyway, I think you will find the list much more useful now. Let me know what you think.
      Mark Lewis
      Partners In Rhyme

  • Sam

    Might be worthwhile for free video footage: http://www.vidsplay.com

  • http://www.givemefreeart.com/ logan kenesis

    I also have a site that you guys may be interested in here is the link http://www.givemefreeart.com every thing there is free with no restrictions

  • http://www.dvarchive.com Shannon

    DVArchive.com should be on this list.

    • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com admin

      This is list is for *free* stock video footage. I don’t see free footage anywhere on the site you mentioned.

      • http://www.youtube.com/rehdogg Reh Dogg

        I agree you should take him off the list.

        • East2west

          Money scammer – there is nothing free there or anywhere on thgis or the listed websites…. better research needed or give up messing around on the internet.

          • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

            Easy there East2West, there are plenty of links that work and actually give lots of quality video content for free. You really need to relax instead of attacking everybody.

      • Gimmi

        Here is a free http://www.editlw.ru footage that can be downloaded from file sharing

  • http://www.footagecrate.com chris

    I am starting a free footage archive website with effects and footage I and others have created. Everything is free to download and royalty free.

    • annie


      I am interested in your free footage archive website, can I have more info.

      • http://www.footagecrate.com Chris (FootageCrate.com)

        The website is http://www.FootageCrate.com, hope you find something useful! It is updated regularly

        • East2west

          Why use MOV? Most useless movie format ever. Also your camera shakes and your stock is pretty unusable for anything – Nice idea but a long way from useful.

          • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

            I would have to argue your point that .MOV is the most useless movie format ever since it is one of the most prevalent on the internet.
            I think you forgot to take your anti-grumpy medication this morning.
            Take a deep breath and maybe visit our meditation and relaxation audio site here

  • http://www.motionelements.com Hon Choo

    We buy and we sell, but yes, we give away free stock footage too – motionelements.com

    • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com admin

      thanks for the tip hon choo. very nice collection you have there. I added your site to the main post with a direct link to the free area.

      • East2west

        nothing free there, and once again useless subject matter

        • http://www.partnersinrhyme.com/ Partners In Rhyme

          If you look a little more closely my grumpy East2West friend you will see that they do have a page of free downloads available here
          You can also find it in the main post above, it has always been there.
          I really think you need to chill out a little bit here.

        • trolldestroyer

          East2west, you really are the internets biggest a-hole. Do you have nothing better to do than to point out that other people aren’t sharing specifically what is asked for? Most people sharing links here just want to promote and help, and you walk in like you’re some entitled little fuck that deserves to have everything handed to you on a plate. Tell your landlord to suck it because the rent isn’t free, see how that goes down. people like you deserve a perma-ban from the internet.