Public Domain Vinyl Record Hiss Pop Crackle

Found this great public domain sound of an old vinyl LP record playing out it’s grooves at the end of the album complete with dirty pops, hiss and crackle. This type of sound effect is perfect for using beneath your own music creations when you want to give them an old vintage feeling.
Download and enjoy!

right click on this link to download the file hiss-pop-crackle

use the player to audition to see if you want to download the file.

  • Rutson D. Snow

    Pardon my dimness on the subject, but how do I download this? It’s just what I need for my video production. Thanks!

    • axgrindr

      Hi Rutson-
      It tells you right there in the post
      “right click on this link to download the file hiss-pop-crackle”
      That link that you see right there, the one in blue that says ‘hiss-pop-crackle’, you right click directly on that link. Don’t just click on the link, do as the instruction there says and right-click, then download it.
      Good luck.

      • Rutson D. Snow

        Thanks, Mark! Originally I right-clicked, expecting to see “download” as an option, and I was thwarted. Thanks again for the cool clip!

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  • Johnny Despondent

    Cheers buddy – just what I needed :)

  • Guest

    Perfect. Thank you so much.

  • Guest

    you’re a hero. great find.