Free Royalty Free Music Clips: JimmyG Music

I found another site that has a section of free royalty free music available for download.
It is mostly sad piano music with a perfunctory heavy metal track thrown in but worth a listen.
You have to register to download which is a bit of a drag

You can also download free royalty free music clips from our free music loops page on Partners In Rhyme

Download Free Royalty Free Music

  • admin

    Sorry about commenting on the registration being a bit of a drag. No big deal really. Any site that makes someone register before doing something is a bit if a drag (read any website usability study like the ones from Jakob Nielsen to find out, it’s a well known fact that forced registration turns large amounts of visitors away)
    I review lots of free music sites and yours is the only one I’ve found so far that makes the visitor register to access the music so I thought I would mention it.

    In regards to most of the music being sad piano music I think I am pretty spot on on that one ;-) Nothing wrong with that though, some of our more popular sellers are collections of sad piano music like this one Emotional Piano
    Maybe ‘sentimental’ is a more appropriate description though.


  • alabamer

    Just curious why it’s a drag to register for absolutely free, professional music? Is it that big of a deal to register? (Takes like 30 seconds compared to the years and years I’ve put into the music)

    I can understand if I was spamming people that it might be offensive, but I don’t do that and I won’t do that…

    From the comments I’ve received on the site, I’ve never once had someone tell me that it was a drag that they had to register just to download my music. Instead I get comments like crazy from people thanking me for the site and in helping them create a professional product with them.

    Also, if you listened to more of the music, it’s not “mostly sad piano music”. Even though you are correct that some of it is.

    Regardless, thanks a lot for posting a link to my site. I appreciate it! ;)

    Jimmy G