Copyright Free Music Clips from Josh Levine

Besides our collection of free royalty free music available for commercial use here:
Free Royalty Free Music, here is a collection of “Copyright Free” music clips from Josh Levine available free for any type of use as long as you credit. I doubt they are actually “copyright free” as that would mean that Josh no longer owns them and he would not be able to request a credit for them. I’m pretty sure he means “royalty free”.
There are 19 tracks in this collection of varying quality. With titles like “One Hour Garageband Tune #1″ you might get an idea of how they were recorded.
Worth checking out though:

  • admin

    Thanks for comment, glad the site is useful for you. We’ll keep posting free royalty free music here to help out producers such as yourself.


  • Christian Georges

    So many times I look for music I can use for small video projects without being killed financially.
    I am a pensioner continuing my abilities in video production to see if I can produce inexpensive tourist videos in France and see if I can generate a little more to live on.
    I will certainly ad credits for you and include link to You Tube.
    Many thanks
    Chris Georges