How to Use Sound Effects in Avid Xpress

Avid Xpress Studio Complete is a suite of multimedia programs that allows you to edit sound, still images, and video to create a film. The included programs are: Avid Xpress Pro, a video editing software; Avid Pro Tools, a sound editor; Avid 3D, Avid FX, and Avid DVD, which are all authoring tools. While all of the programs can be used individually, the benefit of using Xpress Studio is that in the package, all the programs are linked together, making working with different media easier and more efficient.

In the Studio suite, all of the programs are linked together. Hardware is also included with this suite. Digidesign 002 is a control surface that allows you to work with both audio and video; Avid Mojo is a hardware designed to facilitate control and processing of your project. The included hardware is another benefit to using Xpress Studio as opposed to the individual programs. While the included hardware is available for individual purchase, in Xpress Studio it is designed to be integrated with all other hardware and programs for maximum efficiency.

There are many benefits to doing sound editing in Xpress Studio. First, even the method of capturing audio is made easier. For example, Xpress Pro software only has the ability to capture two channels of audio, but when combined with the rest of the hardware and software in Xpress Studio, it can capture up to eight channels. This alone makes working with your film dialogue and other sounds much simpler, as you can capture more in one take.

While Xpress Pro has sound editing capabilities, Pro Tools is designed specifically for sound editing. You can both import and record sound into the program and edit it, and then import it back into your film. The special effects for sound are much more sophisticated in Pro Tools, so you can create the background music or sound quality that you want, and then link it back to Xpress Pro. There are a wide range of available effects available in Pro Tools. Some, such as compression and expansion, allow you to work with tempo or pitch without affecting one or the other. Many others are standard effects, such as reverb, that are both useful in creating a better sound quality and also can have artistic purposes when used in unique ways. There are also tools that help you eliminate excess background noise and therefore create a cleaner sound. It can also be used to re-record inaudible dialogue. Pro Tools is also equipped with MIDI capability. In the event that the effects you want are not included Xpress Studio, the version of Pro Tools included with the suite (LE) is compatible with other Pro Tools systems, for added control, efficiency, and flexibility.

The programs in Xpress Studio can use a wide variety of file formats. While this is helpful in all media aspects of a film project, it is always a bonus when it comes to sound editing. The ability to easily import, edit, mix, and export several different formats is helpful when working with specific computers or programs that prefer a different type of file. It also gives you greater freedom in deciding which types of files you want to use in your production.

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