How to Use Sound Effects in Adobe Premiere

Sound effects can be useful to add ambience or audio effect to a film. When working with sound, most video editing programs have tools that allow you to manipulate your sound for superior quality and effect. Adobe Premier offers a wide range of features for your projects. Both Premiere Pro, and its significantly cheaper version, Premiere Elements, have a great deal to offer to a video editor looking for a way to enhance their audio. While Elements does not have as many features as Pro, it nonetheless offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of sound effects options. Elements has over 300 different sorts of effects and transitions. Nor are these stock options; the effects you select can be further adjusted to meet your exact specifications. Many of them can even be applied to one specific frame of video.

The first step to using sound effects in either program is to first import sound into your movie. First, import it into the program and then insert it on the desired place on the timeline, below your video. You can then move your sounds around on the timeline to adjust their position. Once you have everything set the way you like it, you can begin to add sound effects. Some of the most common effects are reverb, equalization (EQ), and dynamics. The dynamics feature allows you to manipulate and control aspects of your music such as volume and tone. You can even adjust the frequencies of a particular sound. Premiere also allows for the compression and expansion of tracks.

While the effects described here are very common to sound editing not just in video programs but in audio programs, as well, they are so ubiquitous because they are usually essential in creating an excellent sound quality. The quality of your sound can make or break your film, so it is important that any software make these features available. To insert an effect that works with a specific frame or set of frames, select the desired points where you want the effect to begin and end. Once you have applied the effect, you can even specify the levels of the effect for different points in the frames.

If you want more than just the pre-installed effects offered with Premiere, there are plugins you can purchase to add even more options to your production. SmartSound Quicktracks is a plugin that allows you to create custom soundtracks for your project. It also has technology designed to better facilitate creating musical cuts and smooth transitions both between songs and when corresponding with video. This plugin comes with 23 free tracks, and also allows access to the entire SmartSound library, and allows you to purchase specific tracks that you want in your film. SonicFire Pro 3.1 is another plugin that will allow you to create top-notch soundtracks and effects. The Direct-X plugin from TC Works is not a sound library, but has the capability to boost the power of existing effects, and adds a few new tricks, to the Premiere sound effects library.

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