3 New Free Royalty Free Music Sites

Three new sites that I recently found offering free royalty free music to use in your commercial projects with no fees or hassles from the man…

Cameron Music is offering a selection of tracks for free use in commercial projects. Some of the suspenseful tracks are pretty good, others are kind of midi sounding but all useful for low budget type projects.

Sonny Boo is a filmmaker who is offering a very nice selection of music tracks for absolutely free use in any commercial project. Very nice of him….
Sonny Boo

I had seen the Purple Planet website a few years ago when they were selling their music and just noticed that all of their music is now free for website type uses (including Youtube) with only a credit to the composer in return.
They also ask for donations but it is not required. The music is pretty cool too, check it out…
Purple Planet

  • Dinerjb

    Hey not sure if you got this one called mystro.

    Mystro is a simply designed, user-friendly desktop app delivering over 7,000 premium licensable music tracks to creative professionals in the film, television and advertising industries.  It’s unique not only for its compact UI design, but also for the powerful feature set it packs into its (whopping) 1.2 MB file size.  you can download it here


  • Mark

    Hey Tony-
    This list is for *free* royalty free music, not paid.