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What do I get?

With Mixcraft, you can record your guitar, voice, or even your band. And with Beatcraft, you don't have to record anything. It's a virtual drum machine in a box. Quickly and easily program in your beats and export them into Mixcraft. No longer do you need an old 4 track recorder or a full fledged recording studio! You can now record it all within the comfort of your computer!

No band? Perhaps, you are setting up a performance for a dance recital or gymnastics routine? Or, perhaps, you're a DJ and need the perfect mix. With Mixcraft, you can mix sounds, music and embellish it with your voice...and with Beatcraft, you can create the perfect drum parts to highlight a performance or smooth a transition. Whatever you use it for, these programs are a great addition to your computer!

Bonus* TWO FREE Drum Packs Included
More Drums! Volume 1: Get more drum sounds for the perfect sound. 6 great drum sets that fit conveniently within your computer! Experiment with 143 more drum hits. Includes the Trap, Thunder, Acoustic, USA, Hard Rock and 70's sets. $14.95 value!

More Drums! Human Beat Box: The More Drums! Human Beat Box sound pack lets you get down and funky. From 'Breath', 'Kick Flabby', 'Ughh', 'Thhhp' to 'Zzzzp', all sounds are recorded off an actual human! $14.95 value!

Mixcraft 4 Includes Free Loops & Sounds
Mixcraft 4 includes dozens of loop styles and Song Kits, including over 650 sound effects and loops! Loop genres include Hip Hop, Metal, Country, Blues, Reggae, Dub & Punk.

Amazing savings! Normally this software would cost you:

$39.95 for Beatcraft + $64.95 for Mixcraft 4, 3 & 2 + $14.95 X 2 for the drum packs = $135.80. With Acoustica's Musician's Bundle we give it all to you for only $94.95!!

Buy Musician's Bundle

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