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SEARCH... RIP... CLICK... BURN......and BURN BIG!!!  Acoustica MP3 CD Burner lets you burn 200 songs on a CDR or 1000 songs on a DVD!  Or burn normal music CDs for playback on your car or home stereo.  With this software you can effortlessly rip your personal CDs, retag your songs and burn music CDs and MP3 CDs with a click!  No rocket science necessary! Escape the confines of audio only burners and make your own mega mixes with Acoustica MP3 CD Burner version 3.0!
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Customer Feedback
"ONE OF THE BEST CD BURNING PROGRAMS!!! This program works so easily you will be amazed. Its very straight forward and quick.  I recommend this program for everyone who likes to burn CD's quickly and easily." - Anderson


Burn CDs! (Easiest burner!)
new! Burn MP3 CDs! (Go big!)
Rip your tracks with a click!
Find music on your computer.
Organize your music!
Acoustica MP3 CD Burner Awards
Some of the features you'll find include
  • Burn 200 songs on your CDR or 1000 on a DVD!!!  (*Assumes average song size is between 3.5 and 4.7 MB)
  • Preserve the order of your songs on MP3 CDs & DVDs!
  • Auto-convert unsupported song types for your MP3 CD Player.
  • Burns standard music CDs to play in your home or car.
  • Rip your CDs to MP3, WAV or WMA! (Automatically tags them via FREEDB).
  • Organize the music on your computer via drag and drop. 
  • Auto-detection of incomplete songs.
  • Specify exact amount of silence between tracks.
  • Mix or fade audio from track to track for audio CDs.
  • Automatically trims silence from the beginning or end of songs.
  • Supports CD-TEXT if supported by the CD-recorder hardware.
  • Supports "Burn-Proof" CDRW drives.
  • Burn your CDs quick and reliably.
  • Focuses on music files making it easier to create music CDs and MP3 CDs!
  • EASY TO USE interface!
You asked and we delivered!
In our surveys of our customers, we found that the #1 request was to support the burning of MP3 CDs allowing up to 200 songs on a CD or 1000 songs on a DVD. 

As one customer put it in our survey: "I WANT MP3 DATA CDS AND I WANT IT NOW!   I want to record 200 + mp3s on one cd and the songs in the order I WANT THEM."

You've voiced your ideas, we've listened and it's available now!

  • Burn 200 songs on a CDR or 1000 on a DVD!  (*Assumes average song size is between 3.5 and 4.7 MB)
  • Preserve the order.  Normally this isn't an issue with audio CDs, but with data CDs, order IS not preserved when using general purpose burning software.  We guarantee that order is preserved!
  • Automatic format conversions so that the MP3 CD that you create is 100% compatible with your MP3 CD player!
  • Need to free up some space?  Back up your MP3s to DVD!  Store 1000 or more MP3s on a DVD!  Free your music library from the confines of your computer!
Shows drop down allowing you to select between Audio CD and MP3 CD mode, as well as the CD/DVD size MP3 CD/DVD or Audio CD?
If you are making a MP3 CD and then decide to make an Audio CD, you just need to switch the type (as shown on the left).  No need to create a whole new project and re-add the songs.  You'll find that it is a truly convenient way to backup your valuable music!
This new drop-down on the "Arrange Song List" window lets you choose the type of CD and the size!  Note that you can choose MP3 DVD (4.7 GB)!  Audio CD is the traditional music CD, whereas the MP3 CD allows for 200 songs on a CD or 1000 songs on a DVD.)  
Download and start burning! Download the ability to create these mega-CDs & DVDs now!


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