Acoustica label maker makes it easy to create cool labels for your CDs and DVDs
Why let the artists have all the fun?  Create your own CD labels and jewel cases with the ultimate in ease and flexibility!  If you are sick of guessing what songs are on what CD, get the label maker that automatically puts your track list on your CD label!  Chock full of custom art for holidays and special occasions like Christmas, Valentines, birthdays, vacations, weddings and more!  Automatically imports your track information from Acoustica MP3 CD Burner, iTunes, WinAmp, Easy CD Creator or any other popular play list or previously burnt CD!  Print on standard paper or stock sticker labels and jewel case templates. 

Buy Acoustica CD Label Maker now!
  • Import art from tons of stock graphics or your own photographs
  • Automatically import your music play lists such as iTunes or read the contents of your previously burnt CD into visually appealing arrangements.  (Version 2.16 now reads MP3 CDs!)
  • Create curved and spiral text!
  • Easy wizards help create your CD/DVD/mini CD labels and jewel cases
  • Supports 99% of stock CD labels and jewel case templates!
  • Support for DVD cases
  • Much more!  ( Did we say it was easy to use? :) )

No typing in track information!

Typing in the track information on a CD could easily take 5 to 10 minutes depending on your typing speed.  We've automated the process!  We can either read a playlist or an actual audio CD to get the names of the tracks, album info, artist info and track lengths! Click one of these buttons and you're done.

Automatically import your track list from burning software, including iTunes!
Import your songs from Easy CD Creator, Nero, iTunes, Winamp, Acoustica, Emusic and others!

Read CDs and get your song information directly from the CD you've burned.  (Reads CD-Text or looks it up on the Internet via FreeDB)  **Version 2.16 now reads MP3 CDs!**
[Of course, if you need to type in your track info, it supports that as well!]
Choose from easy song list layout options!
NEW with version 2.0! 

Once you've imported your songs, set them up with a click!  Quickly and easily change the way the tracks are arranged!

Choose from:

  • Spiral song lists
  • Circular song lists
  • 2 column song lists
  • Song lists on the left, right, bottom and top.
  • More...
Very easy formatting options for Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker 2.0!
Adding art is easy!
Our special "I need to make a label but I'm in a big hurry" wizard makes it easy.  Choose from tons of stock art all ready for you to print!.  Choose themes from birthdays, weddings, jazz, hip-hop, classical, rock, holidays & more.   Get 225 extra art pieces free when you purchase the software.  If you are still hungry for even more art after that, local Yosemite artists have more for a mere $10.  Of course, you can also load in your own art via our simple art search explorer which searches your hard drive for photos and art! 
  • Use our stock art
  • Import your own photos
  • Import art/photos you find on the Internet
  • Add as much many pictures as you'd like!
Printing is a snap!

Once you've added you're art and imported your track list, you need to print.  If you've ever tried one of those programs that does not know about CD templates and you've had to set your margins up manually and probably wasted multiple stickers with mistake prints, your problems we'll be solved!  

We support many different CD/DVD label and Jewel Case templates!
This includes Avery, Ace, Allsop, Belkin, Boma, Burlington,CassetteHouse, CD Stomper, CD Technology,CDLabelCorp, Compulabel, Data Becker, Decadry, Diamond, Discwasher, Dymo, HP, IBM, Imation, JP, Label Me, LabelGear, Lelabel, Lorenz Bell, Maxell, Memorex, Meritline, Micro Application, Mirage, Neato, PressIt, Primera, Quill, Sanwa, Staples, Stick-it, SureThing, TDK, Verbatim, WriteAway, Xerox & Zweckform. 

If you prefer a specific label template, no problem, we'll support it.  And, if for some remote possibility, we don't support it, let us know and we'll make sure we support it!  Customer service is a high priority for Acoustica!

Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker awards!

 Blank CD with mystery music on it! Bring some sanity to your music collection and turn your unknown CDs into beautiful creations with track listings!
Print beautiful CD labels with a few clicks! All you need is a printer and our software!  
(CD label paper can be purchased online or at stores.  If you are making jewel cases covers, you can just use plain old paper! )


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