I need music especially created for my project. Can you help?

Composer Connection
We have a new service called Composer Connection that we have started and are now ready to open to the public in general.
We have access to more than 100 very talented and professional composers that are currently working with Partners In Rhyme.
Having access to this pool of musicians and producers has turned out to be an incredible resource when it comes to custom music requests.

How It Works
What we do is very simple, you tell us what you want musically as best you can and possibly provide samples of the style you like and we send the request out to our entire list of composers to see who might be interested in taking on the project.
So far it has been a great success and our clients have been pleasantly surprised at the quality, the turn-around time and the price for all of the projects we have done so far.

There are two basic types of projects,

1. work-for-hire; where the client keeps all rights to whatever music is created and receives signed documentation of the transfer of rights. This option is more expensive but from what I have seen it can also be very affordable.

2. composer-keeps-the-rights; this is less expensive because the composer retains the rights to the music.

Surprising affordable. Contact us for more info.