Computer Sounds - System and Navigational
Computer-Sounds-System-and-Navigational This is a huge collection of 557 individual computer sounds and that are perfect for Flash designers, website and web app developers, computer game developers and sound designers who need a large selection of interface sounds and alert sounds to choose from.

The preview below is a composite of just a very small selection of the sounds included in the computer sounds collection.

The license you will receive allows you to distribute these sounds inside your computer games and web apps, in as many projects as you want, with no further royalties required.

Price: $ 49.95 USD
(EURO 44.96)
Available as download only, shipment on CD not available.
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You will receive the sounds in both WAV and MP3 formats,
The Computer Sounds Collection contains:
  • 50 Button Clicks and Beeps
  • 41 Musical Ident Logos
  • 22 Rollover Tones
  • 40 Advance Tones
  • 42 Correct Tones
  • 41 End Tones
  • 40 Error Tones
  • 40 Exclamation Tones
  • 41 Generic Alert Tones
  • 40 Goodbye Tones
  • 40 Return Tones
  • 40 Start Tones
  • 40 Stop Tones
  • 40 Thinking Tones
  • 40 Verification Tones
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    Computer Sounds - System and Navigational

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