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Partners In Rhyme has been delivering royalty free music online since 1996. The license you receive from us for your one time fee is truly royalty free. Unlike most royalty free music companies we do not require you to submit cue sheets or report to any of the performing rights organizations, no matter how big the project.

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Amazon Nights

This hour long CD contains three 20 minute tracks of Amazon jungle ambience recorded during the night deep in the jungle along the great riv..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Blustery Wind

Blustery Wind can mask outside noises and help you concentrate.
Recorded with a custom stereo field microphone in 'Windy Wellingt..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Gentle Waves

On this CD you will hear tropical birds, a quiet breeze and gentle waves lapping around acient volcanic tide pools..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Himalayan Relaxation Music

The Himalayan Relaxation Music CD is a 1 hour long audio CD or MP3 download that contains relaxing music played on traditional Himalayan ins..
hear more$ 19.95 USD

India Water Garden

The India Water Garden Music and Ambient Environment CD is a 1 hour long audio CD or MP3 download that contains relaxing music played on tra..
hear more$ 19.95 USD

Jungle Rain Shower

Let the relaxing and exotic sound of a Jungle Rain Shower surround you.
The beautifully wet and drippy sound of a New Zealand rain..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Jungle Waterfall

Let the relaxing and exotic sound of a Jungle Waterfall surround you on this hour long CD.
The constant sound of rushing water wit..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Magic Shores

The Magic Shores audio CD is a combined effort from ambient music composer Dan Pound and the sound designers from Partners In Rhyme. It cont..
hear more$ 19.95 USD

Ocean Surf

Let the relaxing sound of a gentle Ocean Surf wash over you on this hour long CD.
This ocean surf sound was recorded in Kuai and i..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Ocean Waves

Big pounding surf on the high seas, waves crashing into the shore as the mist sizzles around your ears...
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Ohakune Forest Walk

Take a walk through a New Zealand forest and listen to the exotic, almost prehistoric birds that live there.
This CD is great for relaxin..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Ohakune Mockingbird

Relax, meditate and concentrate to the sounds of the ancient tropical birds of New Zealand. On this CD you will hear tropical New Zealand bi..
hear more$ 14.95 USD


A hard heavy rain surrounds you in full stereo on an hour long audio CD.
This hard rain sound was recorded in Venice, Italy with a..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Rain Forest Storm

Relax to the sound of a mysterious rainforest in New Zealand. On this CD you will hear tropical New Zealand birds, gentle breezes and a ligh..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Soothing Waters

Relax to the soothing sound of streams, rain and a gentle breeze

Soothing Waters is one of our relaxation CDs or Nature MP3 do..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Spiritual Rain

Spiritual Rain is an audio CD containing 5 ambient music tracks layered with rain and wind sounds. The result is a soundscape that will help..
hear more$ 19.95 USD

Stormy Night

Imagine yourself inside your nice warm house while a raging storm is pounding on your windows trying to get in. This hour long audio CD is f..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Strong Wind

Big gusty winds blowing all around you in full stereo on an hour long audio CD.
These wind sounds were recorded in Wellington, New Zealan..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm audio cd is one hour of churning, howling winds and rains with rumbling thunder in the background. This CD will make you g..
hear more$ 14.95 USD


An hour long audio CD or MP3 download of a high quality stereo recording of rolling thunder sounds and a light rain shower. This thunder sou..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

Waitomo Walkway 1

Take a morning stroll through one of the many trails in the forests of Waitomo on the north Island of New Zealand. This area is famous for i..
hear more$ 14.95 USD

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"...I was also able to meet my clients deadline this morning by delivering a very important video with your background music on it. Everything worked out perfectly and I appreciate the fact that you were able to communicate with me online. Kudos to you. I am so very thankful for your hustle. I will recommend to all of my business associates how awesome your company was to us, thanks again for everything."

- Andrew Dutton

"I read your license and yours is the most generous and sensible from all the licenses i have read from these "EASY BIG COMPANYS." You have generous fine print which is where it counts the most! You are at the top of my list for background music to use in my film!"
-Nate Callaghan

As you can see by how much music I buy from you ... I LOVE your
stuff!!!  Such great music!

- Cara Shapiro

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