The Challenge: Write and Record 30 Guitar Riffs in 30 Days

Last year I bought a new guitar and set a challenge for myself. I wanted to really learn what the guitar, and I, had to offer at that point in time so I set out on a mission to write, record and mix 30 guitar riffs in 30 days. I posted each riff on my facebook page everyday when I was done with each mix so that my friends could comment and encourage me, and also so that I wouldn’t miss a day.
While writing the riffs I tried to get in as many styles as possible with lots of nods to my favorite guitarists of the 70’s like Jeff Beck, Django Reinhardt (not from the 70’s but he was awesome), Jimi ‘friggin’ Page, Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie Montrose, Ted Nugent, Robin Trower, Paco De Lucia and Al DiMeola.
It was an incredible learning experience for me and lots of fun. The thing I really got sorted were my mixing chops with multiple guitar melodies, solos and chunky rhythm.
In the end I only got up to 25 fully mixed tracks in 26 days then my health gave out. I was sitting in a strange position while recording and playing and I twisted my hip and could hardly walk for the next three weeks.
I am posting some of the best takes here if you are interested in hearing them. I also want to show that I am not just a business owner / web developer, I have always been a musician first and that is why our company cares so much about our composers. We know what it is like to try and eke out a living doing the thing you love to do.

Anyway, enjoy, or complain, or cover your ears but here’s what I love to do more than anything in the world, play guitar.

PS- The pic in the player is me from the old Hollywood days and is not an accurate representation of how I look now.