4 Free Royalty Free Music Clips and 4 New Composers

Four New Free Royalty Music Tracks
Click on the link below to download your 4 free royalty free music clips
Four Free Music Clips

These tracks are free for you to use in your commercial projects just as if you had purchased a license from us. Just our way of saying thanks for being a musicloops.com customer.

Introduction to New Musicloops.com Composers
At partnersinrhyme.com and musicloops.com we are constantly receiving submissions from composers who want to be part of our library. Very few of them are good enough to make the grade as we have very high standards for whom we accept into our family of composers. Below are some quick introductions to the four composers who have joined us in the last month.
Piotr Pacyna
Pitor has a wide variety styles but all of his tracks have great production value in common.

Check out Spycraft for a great James Bond inspired track.

Or Swingin’ In The Rain for a laid back jazzy lounge track.
We Wish You A Jingle Time is one of the better Christmas tracks I’ve heard uploaded to the site recently.

Krzysztof Horn
Krzysztof is an amazing electronic composer and creates lots of lush and complex ambient textures with world flavors perfect for nature documentaries or sci fi scenes.
Take a listen to Frozen Planet with it’s layers of ethnic strings and an intermittent breakbeat
Or the tibetan vibe of the ambient track called Yin Yang
And the super cool, chill house track entitled Slow Down.
Christopher Wiseman
Christopher and his partner Chistopher Purner create tracks in a variety of styles. One of my favorite tracks of their’s is Majestic View of the World with its positive uplifting melody
Creeping Through A Middle East Warzone is pretty cool and sounds just like the title suggests
and A Sensual Sitar is an awesome laidback R&B track

Andrea Quarin
Create huge symphonic film tracks with generous use choirs and driving orchestral percussion.
War of the Worlds is a perfect example of that as well as Immortal Warriors which also adds distorted guitars and a rocking beat. He can also crank the uplifting U2 style pop song like Beautiful Morning

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