Web App Redistribution License Subscription

Partners In Rhyme is now offering a limited redistribution license to companies who need a selection of music to offer via their web applications.

Example 1 of a Possible Use:
Your company allows its visitors to upload their personal photos to create a video montage of memories and you would like to offer your clients a selection of music to add to their project.

Example 2 of a Possible Use:
Your clients are creating personalized greeting cards and need a menu of music to add to their projects.

Example 3 of a Possible Use:
Your clients are creating personalized websites for their upcoming weddings or new births and need a selection of background music to play on their websites.

These types of uses do not fall under our standard license as it is a form of redistribution of our content.
We can however allow this type of use under our subscription plan.
The cost for this type of license is an annual fee equal to the cost of the collection / music track that is being requested.

The subscription will stay in place as long as the music is being offered on the website in question (1 website per subscription) and can only be cancelled when the music has been removed as an offering from the web application.

To take advantage of this offer please Contact Us with a decription of your project and a list of the collections of music or individual tracks you would like use in your web app and we will send you a quote.
Once you have the quote enter it below and we will deliver your material to you and you can start offering it to your clients right away.
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