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The sound designers at Partners In Rhyme have been recording and editing sound effects for TV and film projects for over a decade now. Some of our clients include Disney, Turner Broadcasting, Budweiser,
A & W, Bissel and many more.

The sound effects are offered here for unlimited royalty free use in your Film, TV, website, Flash, computer games, radio, theatre, original music and instructional DVD projects.
The products you create with our royalty free sound effects can be sold in any amount, to anyone, anywhere in the world and the only money you will ever have to pay to use these sounds is the price listed on the products below.

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Royalty Free Music DownloadRoyalty Sound Effects Library
This is a huge DVD library containing over 1400 royalty free sound effects.
They will help you with your projects whenever you need to replace your existing background sounds
Nature Sounds
A collection of 120 professionally recorded nature sound effects includingz marsh ambience, red tail hawk, rain and frogs, redwood grove, forest birds, swamp cicadas, waterfalls and wind, plus jungle ambience, rain and thunder, and lots of birds.
This very popular music and sound effects collection contains some very scary musical ambience tracks along with a frightening selection of sound effects from our library.
City Sounds
In this royalty free sound effects collection you get airport, car alarm, train, diner, library, museum, subway, train station, rain, traffic, college campus, plus crowds and construction. Everything you need to sound design the city scenes in your project.
Sci Fi Royalty Free Sound EffectsSci Fi Sound Effects
143 Sci-Fi sound effects with laser beams, swooshes, hots and warbles. Space drones as alien ships cruise by.
This collection of high quality sci fi sound effects should be included in every sound designer's library.
Fire Sound Effects
In this collection of 46 fire sound effects you get sounds like fireplaces, fire movement, fire crackle, heavy flames crackle, torch movements and blowouts, fireball catapults, and fireball pass bys and swooshes.
Scary Sound Effects
This collection of 93 high quality horror sounds effects includes monsters, bats, creaks, heartbeats, soundscapes and screams, alien Monsters breathing, groaning and sneering plus creaky doors & ghosty ectoplasm
Casino Sound Effects
332 Casino and Card Game sound effects to download and use in your commercial multimedia projects.
This is a huge collection of casino and poker / card games sounds with sound effects including slot machines, coins, dice, cards and chips to name a few.
Hopes and Dreams Royalty Free MusicGun Sounds
357 Magnums, Machine Gun Bursts, AK47's, Bullet Impacts, shell drops and lever actions.
163 Gun Sounds are packed into this DVD/download collection. Check out the gun handling foley section, the bullet impacts and shell drops.
Battlefield and War
If you need the sounds of war and weapons and firepower and explosions then this royalty free sound effects collection if for you.
In this collection of 55 high quality sound effects you get modern battlefield sounds in the city, the jungle and the desert plus ancient medieval battlefield sounds.
Urban Underscpres Royalty Free Music CollectionCartoon Sound Effects
Boings, Sproings, Swishes and Splats, these 210 Cartoon Sound Effects are just what you need for that new goofy animation project you're working on.
. Any classic cartoon sound you can imagine is here in this collection.
Hot Rod Sounds
A collection of 77 professionally recorded hot rod sound effects for you to download and use in your commercial projects.
You get car revs, idle loops, engine on and off, tire screeches and pas bys for a Mercury Sable, Ford GT 500, Aston Martin, Chevy V8 and lots more.
Stock Music DownloadImpact Sounds
There are 196 body falls, arrow swooshes, explosions and junk crashes in this collection of high quality impact sound effects.
Atomic blasts, fireballs and flame throwers, flesh impacts, punches and body swishes.
Household Sounds
This collection of 198 professionally recorded household sound effects
Coffee grinder, cereal box, kitchen table, clocks, money, eat apple, bottle break, brush teeth, drinking, cans, beer bottles, kitchen sink, blenders, vacuum, knocking, doors, paper, shirt, cloth, electric razor, garbage can, toilet, refigerator plus much more.
Stock Music DownloadCar Sounds
220 High Quality, High Revving, High Perf Car Sound Effects!
You get a variety of high performance cars revving, idling and racing. All kinds of engine sound loops from various perspectives, take offs, drive-bys and brake sounds.
Airplane Sound Effects
This collection contains 52 Airplane and Helicoptor Sound Effects to add to your commercial projects and use royalty free.
In this collection you get Cessna and jet plane idles, fly-bys, taxi by and take-offs plus helicopter fly-bys, landings, idle, loops, turns and hovers.
Human Sound Effects
Screams, coughs, grunts, sneezes, eating, chomping, breathing, kissing, it's all here for you to download and use in your projects.

A total of 475 sound effects made by real humans.
Magic & Spellcasting
A collection of 58 professionally recorded magic and spellcasting sound effects to download.
In this collection you get projectile whooshes, conjure barrage, ray shimmer and reality warp plus shimmer flanges and sweeper bubbles. All the sound effects you need to design that magic sequence.
Sound FX Pack 1
The SoundScalpel Sound Effect Collection is instantly downloadable after payment. It contains 882 high quality MP3 sound effects (44.1KHz, 16 Bit - 192 Kbps) in multiple categories (see below for all included files). For a limited time only this excellent sound effect compilation is only $24.95.
How have we managed to keep the price low? Well we can't keep it at this price for long as this is only an introductory offer so be quick!
More Impacts
A collection of 58 professionally recorded impact sound effects to download and use royalty free in your commercial productions.
You get tons of metal crashed, metal debris, metal junk smashing and scraping plus brick, rock and stone impacts and crashes as well wood impacts.
Stock Music DownloadAmbient Loops Vl 1
Ambient Loops Vol. 1 is a collection of ambient royalty free sound effects beds that loop seamlessly. They are perfect for multimedia projects where your original source sound isn't good enough...
In this royalty free sound effects collection of 160 sounds you get digital alerts, blips and chimes, plus amp noise, static, hum, tv tuning and high voltage electrical buzzes, zaps and shorts.
Stock Music DownloadWeb Designer's Sound Collection
Ambient Loops Vol. 1 is a collection of ambient royalty free sound effects beds that loop seamlessly. They are perfect for multimedia projects where your original source sound isn't good enough...
Sports Sounds
This royalty free sound effects collection contains 97 sports sound effects like, bowling, shooting, golf, billiards, boxing, basketball, racquetball, tennis, volleyball, football, ice hockey, baseball, soccer and swimming.
You can also preview and download sound effects on our new site at

Recent Testimonials
License Agreement Explained
Hi guys!
Just wanted to tell you that your website is a life saver!!! Thank you so much for putting this together.
I am located in San Diego, CA and work on small commercial stuff and independent film as well, and anytime that I'm running short on time and can't deal with preparing a short score for my videos I always come to your website.
Excellent work, please keep it up and keep the tracks coming!
-Federico Aragon
What can I use this music for?
  • Film: You can use Partners In Rhyme royalty free music in a big budget Hollywood film, an independant documentary, your student film project or your most recent amateur (but incredibly brilliant) film project.
    No matter how big the project is you will never have to pay another royalty or broadcasting fee when you download background music from Partners In Rhyme.

  • Television: You can use Partners In Rhyme royalty free music for TV commercials, sitcom theme songs or incidental music, as background music for infomercials or in movie trailers and promos.
    No matter how big the project is you will never have to pay another royalty or broadcasting fee.
    Most of our tracks have a variety of edits making it very easy to drop into 15 sec, 30 sec, or 60sec spots.

  • Video / DVD: You can use Partners In Rhyme royalty free music or background music in your wedding videos, your latest YouTube submission, your straight-to-video movie, your hypnosis / meditation / yoga / excercise / cooking / basketweaving DVD or just in the video of your family vacation. There is no limit on how many copies you print and distribute you will never have to pay another royalty.
    For example:
    To use the royalty free music from one of our collections in your YouTube submission of your friend falling of his skateboard might cost $79.95
    To use that same music as background music for your cooking show DVD with a projected run of 500,000 copies distributed worldwide would still only cost $79.95

  • Theatre: You can use our background music in your professional Broadway production or in your local school play and everything in between.
    For example: to use a Partners In Rhyme royalty free music clip in your school play might costs $24.95,
    to use the music in your hit Broadway show that is just about to go on a nation-wide tour still costs $24.94.

  • Radio: You can use our royalty free background music in your professional or amateur radio broadcasts as background music for newscasts, talk shows, incidental music or simply play the songs to your listeners.
    No reporting to ASCAP or BMI, our one-time fee means you only pay one time.

  • Podcasts: You can use our royalty free music in your podcasts as background music or even to fill out your music program a bit. With the new royalty laws for online radio shows making it so expensive to simply play a song our music might take some of the burden off as you do not have pay anything in fees to performing right agencies when you use it.

  • Video Games / Websites / Flash: With our huge variety of loops and edits you can download just what you need for a very affordable price. All of our loops are edited to loop seamlessly and again there are no royalties, fees or limits on how many projects you use the background music in.

  • Physical Products: You can use Partners In Rhyme royalty free background music in your physical products such as alarm clocks, toys, mobile phone system sounds, music boxes, etc.

Wow! Is there anything I can't use this music for?

  • You cannot resell this music as it is
    For example:
    you cannot download this background music and sell it as a ringtone,
    you cannot create an audio CD using only our backgorund music (with no voice-over) and sell it.
    you cannot add our background music as a separate collection of audio files to your software package or web application.
    you cannot sub-license our background music in any way (letting other people use the music in their projects for a fee)

  • You cannot post the music on your website for download:
    You can use Partners In Rhyme music as background music for your website but you cannot give you visitors links to download the audio files to their hard drives.

Can I mix your music into my music?

  • No, we do not allow the repurposing of the music in our catalog into new music. This includes simply adding lyrics and singing over our music. Or adding a new musical element.

Thanks Man....Your c.d.'s have improved my projects a thousandfold....I look forward to more purchases in the future...You and the P.I.R. gang should keep up the GREAT WORK!
-Warm Regards

Thanks for:

a) A superb service
b) Top notch music for next to nothing
c) Speedy support!

Thank God i found your site. it has everything i need to create the right mood for this bloody play im doing.
-Scott Nicolson

"Hi Mark,
Just a quick compliment.

I've been using for several years for indie projects with various degrees of success and LOTS of limitations.
Stumbled across your site today on a google search for horror genre.
Simply amazing packages.

You just made my life SO easy, at a fraction of the cost!

-Colin Rowntree

"...I was also able to meet my clients deadline this morning by delivering a very important video with your background music on it. Everything worked out perfectly and I appreciate the fact that you were able to communicate with me online.
Kudos to you. I am so very thankful for your hustle. I will recommend to all of my business associates how awesome your company was to us, thanks again for everything."

-Andrew Dutton

"Thanks Mark!

That is awesome. I appreciate the links. This is excellent.

Kudos on the great product and service. I look forward to more purchases in the future."


...I saw that it was also being licensed via another website ( They quoted me a much higher price for what I wanted to use the background music track for..."


"I read your license and yours is the most generous and sensible from all the licenses i have read from these "EASY BIG COMPANYS." You have generous fine print which is where it counts the most! You are at the top of my list for background music to use in my film!"

- Nate Callaghan

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