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Public Domain Misc Sounds
Public Domain Sound Effects Royalty Free Sound Effects

These sounds are collected from public domain multimedia servers from around the world. The sounds below are generally believed to be in the public domain. Partners In Rhyme did not create these sounds and cannot verify their origin or grant/deny permission for any use other than personal.
Please do not direct link to these sounds. If you would like to use one simply right-click on the link and choose 'save target as' from the menu to save the file to your hard drive.
Thank you,
Partners In Rhyme

If you need sounds that require permission for use and distribution you might want to check out the royalty free bathroom sound effects in this column. We are making these ambient loops available for single download through

Click on the links to open a new page where you will be able to hear a preview of these royalty free bathroom sound effects.

Beep and Button
Amfm Beep
Beep Arca
Beep Bass
Beep Casi
Beep Come
Beep Doub
Beep Drop
Beep Jazz
Beep Kind
Beep Laug
Beep Meta
Beep Mult
Beep Pure
Beep Robo
Beep Spac
Beep Spri
Beep FM

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A blacksmith pounding, his hammer hitting an anvil, bellows blowing in back ...
A blacksmith pounding and a bellows blowing. (loop)
A blacksmith pounding (loop)
Hoisting, a collection of hoisting sounds using chain and rope.
Metal hits. Blacksmith hammering a piece of solid metal on anvil. Four hamm ...


Starting gate, rodeo announcer speaking over a tannoy
Stall being kicked as the rodeo announcer speaks over a tannoy, horn,
Starting gate, rodeo announcer speaking over a tannoy,
Rodeo announcer speaking over a tannoy, mustang sally, crowd
Rodeo announcer speaking over a tannoy, cage opens, crowd cheers


Set,Film,Director,Prep Scene 4 - Medium distant perspective.
Set,Film,Distant,Milling - Medium distant perspective.
Set,Film,Wrap Up,Voices,1 - Medium distant perspective.
Harvest women 1- Farmer woman working, discharging rice from rice straw. Oc ...
Harvest women 2- Closer recording than the above, with more articulated sou

Film and TV

Set,Film,Director,PA,Cut,2 - Medium distant perspective.
Set,Film,Director,PA,Cut,3 - Medium distant perspective.
Set, Film, Director, PA, Instructions - Medium distant perspective.
Set, Film, Director, Prep Scene 1 - Medium distant perspective.
Set, Film, Director, Prep Scene 2 - Medium distant perspective.

Flamenco Dancer

Flamenco dancer in a plaza with boots and castanets.

Garbage Man

Garbage truck, hissing hydraulics, crunching of garbage, warning beep (loop ...
Garbage truck, hissing hydraulics, clanging of metal, crushing garbage (loo ...
Garbage truck, hiss of hydraulics, crushing of garbage (loop)

Gondola Singer

A gondola singer in Venice, Italy, with lapping water

Graffiti Artist

Aerosol, paint spray gun. Several bursts of varying lengths. Very slight le ...
Aerosol, paint spray can, spray paint, single long burst
Aerosol, paint spray gun, spray paint, spray can, medium length burst.
Aerosol, paint spray can, spray paint, painting a piece of bodywork, severa ...
Aerosol, spray can, paint spray gun, even shorter burst.


Car workshop ambience. Garage interior with air compressor noise, hits, pai ...
Metal tools, light to moderate, being dragged on floor over a short distanc ...
A single metal tool being dragged on floor, a short distance.
Car bodywork being hammered, several metal hits, rattling metal noises.
Hammering a piece of metal on hard concrete floor. High pitched metal clank ...


Hospital, Radiology Room, Prep - nurse preps a patient for a CRT scan.
Doctor's waiting room lobby ambience version
Blood Pressure Band, Moves
Blood Pressure Band, Pump, Fill
Doctor's waiting room ambience lobby chatter voices

Piano Tuner

Piano Tuner 3
Piano Tuner 1
Piano Tuner 2
Piano bench creaking


Police arresting a youth, pulling him from a field in handcuffs, putting hi ...
Hand cuffs latching. Light metal ratchet sound of pair of handcuffs locking ...


sculpting and chipping away at stone, sanding and filing (loop)


Welding- Industrial arc welder. Version 6.
Welding- Industrial arc welder. Version 4.
Welding- Industrial arc welder. Version 1.
Welding- Industrial arc welder. Version 8.
Welding- Industrial arc welder. Version 2.

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