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Public Domain Domestic Sounds
Free Public Domain Sounds Royalty Free Public Domain Sound Effects

These sounds are collected from public domain multimedia servers from around the world. The sounds below are generally believed to be in the public domain. Partners In Rhyme did not create these sounds and cannot verify their origin or grant/deny permission for any use other than personal.
Please do not direct link to these sounds. If you would like to use one simply right-click on the link and choose 'save target as' from the menu to save the file to your hard drive.

If you need sounds that require permission for use and distribution you might want to check out the royalty free bathroom sound effects in this column. We are making these ambient loops available for single download.
Click on the links to open a new page where you will be able to hear a preview of these royalty free bathroom sound effects.

Door Bell
High Ball
Open w
Open Door

Return t
Shut w
Wall c
Wind Bell

Household Sounds
This collection of 198 professionally recorded household sound effects
Coffee grinder, cereal box, kitchen table, clocks, money, eat apple, bottle break, brush teeth, drinking, cans, beer bottles, kitchen sink, blenders, vacuum, knocking, doors, paper, shirt, cloth, electric razor, garbage can, toilet, refigerator plus much more.

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A few different noises from a small drill
Refridgerator ice dispenser. Clanking ice into glass. Whir of electric moto ...
Microwave cooking kitchen appliance runs through full cycle
Digital alarm. Digital alarm clock, alert or klaxon sound, reporting error ...
Preamp,Hi Fi,Distant,Dial - heavy turn dial. Conrad-Johnson PV-9a preamp. ...
Stove-top cooking timer beeps in a loop
Bathroom water tap 1. Water tap, turn on, water running into sink, turn off
Hand dryer in public bathromm emits a single burst of air
Public bathroom stall door closing and latching
Faucet,Squeaks,2 - some very faint background fan.
Aerosol can spray. Medium length spray from deodorant, aerosol spray can
Lamp,Pull Chain,Ikea,Distant,2 - a single, staggered pull with 'room'. Mon ...
Lamp,Pull Chain,Tin,Series,On - on, pull chain sway, off then on with pull ...
Bedroom door handle. Grab and push down on regular door handle.
Switch,Metal Box,Sharp - Slightly roomy.
Switch,Light,Push,Dual ,Simple - Slightly roomy.
Cardboard, Moves, Pizza Box
Box, Cardboard, Rip, Brisk - pizza box.
Box, Cardboard, Rip, Crisp - pizza box.
Box, Cardboard, Rip, Huge - pizza box
Box, Cardboard, Rip, Ripple, High - pizza box.
Cuckoo clock ticking loop
Wake up clock radio alarm beeping.
Cuckoo clock strikes 12 o'clock
Cuckoo clock strikes 3 o'clock
Cuckoo clock strikes 5 o'clock
Cuckoo clock strikes 7 o'clock
Ceiling fan loop 2, clunky and spinning a bit slowly and erratically
Ceiling Fan- kind of clunky, spinning fairly fast.
Furnace,Home,Exhaust - Domestic furnace exhaust, exterior perspective.
Furnace,Home,Exhaust, Close,1 - Domestic furnace exhaust, exterior perspecti ...
Furnace,Home,Exhaust, Close,3 - Domestic furnace exhaust, exterior perspecti ...
Fireplace, burning, hissing wet logs with occasional snap and pop.
Log,Fireplace,Light,Bic - Log for fireplace, wrapped in paper.
Flame thrower blast 01- Flamethrower single blast
Powder based fire extinguisher, short shot. Softer sound, a little further ...
Fireball 03- Deep fire ball burst
Slow single drops of water
An old monitor being drug across the floor. Could also be pots and pans.
Mildly stirring eggs in a bowl
A kettle whistling on the stovetop
Filling a glass with ice from the refridgerator dispenser
Filling a cup with ice from refridgerator dispenser
Glass,Wine,Crystal, Rub,Roomy
Filling a cup full of ice with water from a refridgerator
Preamp,Hi Fi,Distant,Dial - heavy turn dial. Conrad-Johnson PV-9a preamp.
Switch,Lamp,Table, Turn,A3
Switch,Lamp,Table, Turn,B3
Ice Box,Antique,Close, Fast,2
a plastic bottle being crushed
CD,Computer Tray,Drop,Rattle - BG computer fan.
CD,Distant,Remove,T ray,Down - moves and slide, subtle. Mono.
CD,Remove,Tray, Slide,Sloppy Mono.
Plastic Sheet,Sway,Wind,1
Plastic Sheet,Sway,Wind,2
Switch click as offfice lap switch off
Switch click as offfice lap switch on
Individual rotary telephone dialing. Number 4
Telephone ring, digital telephone type 2, three rings
Individual rotary telephone dialing. Number 2
Individual rotary telephone dialing. Number 9
Telephone ring, digital telephone type 1, three rings
Phone,Electronic, Distant,Ring - With natural roominess.
Phone,Electronic, Ring,Arpeggio - With natural roominess.
Window,Wood,Roll, Raise,Slow
Venetian Blinds, Rattle, Sway
Window,Metal, Unlatch,Slide,2
Window,Wood,Roll, Shut,Wide - some background ambience (voices).
Window,Wood,Roll, Raise,Squeal
Window,Wood,Roll, Raise,Wide

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