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Wedding Bells
Wedding-Bells A customized collection of royalty free wedding music and sound effects. You get 4 must-have music tracks performed by the Apollo Symphony Orchestra plus our church bells sound effects track that was recorded in Venice Italy.

Everything thing you need to make your actual wedding or your wedding video sound like a million dollars.Wedding March
This is the classic full length track by Mendelssohn for after the couple have taken their vows and everyone starts to leave the church. The guests will wonder where the full symphony orchestra is hiding. There is also an edited version of this track that is shorter and only play the best bits.

Wedding March wBells
This is the shorter edit with the Viennese church bells mixed in. The church bells swell at the appropriate moments to make sure that it is a real tear jerker as the couple leaves the chapel. There is also a very long track of just church bellls ringing.

Wagner's Lohengrin Wedding March
This is Wagner's classic organ piece for the long wedding march up to the alter. A great rendition.

Schubert's Ave Maria
Pachelbel's Canon

These two are also classic must-haves for your wedding music

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You also get a license for royalty free use in anything from feature films to Powerpoint presentations.
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Thanks, much appreciated.
And THAT'S why PiR will always be my first choice for music for Romance Divine video promos and audio books. My authors love the music that I use from your Romantic Underscore collection.

- Greg Causey
Publisher, Romance Divine LLC


Thanks much Mark. Love your site and love your service AND best of all - my clients always love the tracks for our videos.

- Mike


Thanks Man....Your c.d.'s have improved my projects a thousandfold....I look forward to more purchases in the future...You and the P.I.R. gang should keep up the GREAT WORK!!

-Warm Regards

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