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Apollo Symphony Orchestra Greatest Hits
Apollo-Symphony-Orchestra-Greatest-Hits This collection of royalty free classical music contains 50 of the most recognizable pieces of classical music ever written. From Bach to Wagner and everyone in between.

Add Power and Emotion
These tracks will automatically add more emotional power to a scene and will instantly grab the attention and connect with the listeners. The right piece of music can turn a boring scene into one full of poignancy and unspoken feeling.

High Quality
Performed by the Apollo Symphony Orchestra in London and digitally remastered for optimum sound quality these tracks are part of the best sounding royalty free classical music available today.

Immediate Access
You may choose to immediately download the WAV files only or have a DVD shipped to you for only $6.95. Either way you will receive immediate access to your music with our new easy to use download system.

Important Notice for YouTube Producers

Act Now for 25 Free Music Tracks!
For a limited time only we have added 25 beautiful Tchaikovsky tracks to the download area of this product (these tracks are not included on the DVD).

Royalty free classical music

The sounds of an orchestral movement have been heard throughout the years in movies, televised programs, music tracks and more, creating a diverse range of atmospheres depending on the key and tempo an artist requires. Whether depicting a particular scene or to compliment an emotionally moving part of an audio story, classical music is greatly used in many examples of today's media. Partners in Rhyme provide the one online store you will ever need, where you can easily discover a range of Royalty free Classical music to cover every genre you may require, for whatever purpose or mood you wish.

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This CD-ROM from Partners In Rhyme is filled with a wide variety of original royalty free music loops, ambient sound effect loops, wacky synthesized sound effects, button clicks and beeps. A total of 166 music loops and sounds effects.
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With categories including Animals, Computer, Weapons, Screams, Beeps, Household, Misc, and Spoken the sounds are pulled from a University server that holds public domain audio files.

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Film Music Bundle + Free Hollywood Soundtracks 1
As if four DVDs of incredible film music weren't enough we've recently added the
royalty free film music collection Hollywood Soundtracks Vol 1 to the mix for absolutely free.

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"...I saw that it was also being licensed via another website ( They quoted me a much higher price for what I wanted to use the background music track for..."

Thank you. 
Very refreshing to work with an internet company that doesn't have their head up their ass.......


"I read your license and yours is the most generous and sensible from all the licenses i have read from these "EASY BIG COMPANYS." You have generous fine print which is where it counts the most! You are at the top of my list for background music to use in my film!"
-Nate Callaghan

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