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Main Theme Songs
This is a very special collection of royalty free music. These tracks are for the big moments in your production.
Epic Battle
Gladiators, warriors, soldiers and revolutionaries unite with these powerful orchestral music tracks..
If you need the perfect music for those suspensful moments in your production you've found the right royalty free music collection.
Children's Orchestral
Symphonic orchestral tracks of royalty free music for productions geared toward the younger generation..
A Few Customer Testimonials
Thank you.  Very refreshing to work with an internet company that doesn't have their head up their ass.......
Many thanks - it's a great site. No crap music to sort through like the other sites and easy to search.
Tourist TV Scotland
By the way, your site is terrific... very easy to navigate and grab stuff on the run when one is in the middle of an audio mix, etc.
I like it, I can see that I will be a regular.
Energi Media Group
  I am so impressed with your groups quality, ease and allowing of usage.  Your services are truly needed and very well received by myself as a Indie film-maker.
We have a huge catalog of royalty free music libraries for you to download and start using right away in your commercial projects.

These high quality music tracks will make your projects more effective and sound more professional.

All of our music comes with the most generous license agreement in the business.
Here we have large collections of free royalty free sound effects and public domain free sound effects available for use in your multimedia projects plus an extensive library of general free sound effects collected from the web.

Listen to and download these high quality free royatly free music loops to use in your commercial projects for free. Great for podcasts, websites, flash applications, or just about anything you can think of.

A huge collection of free midi files from all genres. Classical, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Techno, etc., plus royalty free midi background music loops from PIR for you to use on your website free of charge.

Here you will find large archives of free audio software for PC and Mac.
Check out the Free iMovie Plugins section.

These are some of the more common terms you will encounter when dealing with the legalities of using music in multimedia projects such as films, videos, websites and podcasts. Royalty Free Music The term ‘royalty free music’ refers to music that only requires a one-time fee for its use. As its name implies, no royalties [...]
  • How to Add Music to Your iMovie Project

    iMovie is one of the applications included in the iLife suite for the Macintosh. It is an easy-to-use video editing software that even beginners can use without a problem. iMovie versions 2.0.3 and earlier can be installed in Mac OS 9, while iMovie 3 and later can only run in Mac OS X. There is [...]
  • Free iMovie Plugins, Free iMovie HD6 Download (full app)

    Plugins and iMovie 08 and 09 Heres the deal with iMovie plugins and the newer versions of iMovie. iMovie 08 is a complete rewrite of Apples movie editing sofware and does not support plug-ins. It is made for easy editing and uploading of videos to the web but is not meant for professional editing capabilities [...]
  • Flash Audio: Creating a Sound On/Off Button

    This tutorial will teach you how to create a Sound On / Off button for the music loop you have just added in the first flash tutorial.This tutorial is built on top of the the tutorial How To Import And Add Sound To A Movie that deals with the basics of importing sounds to Flash. [...]
  • Flash Audio: Pausing Sounds in Flash

    This tutorial will show you how to create a pause button for the music loops you have added in the first tutorial.This tutorial is built on top of the the tutorial Creating a Sound On/Off Buttons. You should complete the tutorial successfuly. Click here to open the tutorial. When you complete it you can come [...]

  • Royalty Free Christmas Music
    Familiar holiday classics available for royalty free use during the Christmas season.

    Royalty Free World Music
    A collection of authentic royalty free music from around the globe.

    Free Drum Loops
    Download and use these royalty free drum loops here created by Partners In Rhyme.

    Search for Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects
     Battlefield MusicBattlefield Orchestra
    20 brand new tracks of full orchestral, dramatic battle music. This collection has everything you need to score your battle scenes and...
    Dance MusicFeel Good Music Vol 1
    This is a collection of 12 positive, uplifting and happy music tracks, all royalty free to use in your commercial projects.
    Royalty Free Dance MusicTrailer Elements
    231 music and sound effect files gives you everything you need to create a great audio track for your movie trailer project.
    Royalty Free Dance MusicDance!
    These dance tracks are ultra-modern mixes that will make you get out of your seat and on your feet.
    Royalty Free Piano MusicEmotional Piano vol2
    14 more tracks of haunting piano melodies from composer Emmett Cooke in the style of Philip Glass these tracks are perfect for..
    Royalty Free Acoustic Guitar MusicEarth Music vol1
    There are 10 full length tracks of beautifully laid-back acoustic guitar music in this royalty free music collection
    Stock Music DownloadPunk and Ska
    12 tracks of authentic punk rock tracks. If you're looking for sounds like the Sex Pistols, Bad Religion, Black Flag, ...
    Royalty Free Horror MusicClassic Horror
    These 40 horror music tracks are perfect when you need that John Carpenter or Argento type synthy horror soundtrack...
    Royalty Free Industrial MusicWeb & Tech Grooves
    A great collection of 9 technical / industrial type grooves perfect for web sites and tehnical and product presentations.
    A new collection of royalty free ambient music and atmospheric sound worlds unlike any other, that create ambient, sensual, shamanic sound worlds...
    Download Stock MusicSpin Doctor
    Spin Doctor is a huge royalty free ambient chill / electronica music collection with 35 separate tracks and a total of 157 files including edits and loops.
    Mystery & Suspense
    Mysterious pads and voices, exotic percussion and instruments fill this royalty free music collection called Mystery and Suspense.
    Download Stock MusicClassical Music: Greatest Hits
    This collection of royalty free classical music contains 54 of the most recognizable pieces of classical music ever written.
    Christmas Classics
    This is a huge collection of royalty free Christmas music. We have gathered all types of genres from hip hop and techno to full symphony orchestras and choirs.
    Stock Music DownloadAbsolutely Positive
    13 royalty free musc tracks of fresh upbeat pop music from Dan Phillipson. These melody-filled music tracks will give a positive boost to...

    Dance MusicFeel Good Music Vol 2
    Feel Good Music Vol 2 comes from the same composer as Feel Good Music Vol 1 but has an edgier pop rock feel.
    Royalty Free Trailer Music DownloadTrailer Music
    10 full length tracks of orchestral trailer music in this royalty free collection along with edits to fit your standard film trailer lengths.

    Royalty Free Sound-A-LikeSound-A-Like Variety
    60 songs with the flavor of famous artists including U2, Jeff Beck, The Stray Cats, Carlos Santana, Stevie Ray, The Beach Boys,...
    Guitar God Royalty Free Rock MusicHopes & Dreams
    16 straight-forward yet melodically complex tracks. These tracks are perfect when you don't want too much going on...
    Uplifting and Positive Royalty Free MusicFeel Good Music v3
    An amazing collection of 10 pop rock oriented feel good music tracks. If you need a positive, uplifting vibe...
    Stock Music DownloadMystery & Suspense
    Mysterious pads and voices, exotic percussion and instruments fill this royalty free music collection called Mystery and Suspense.
    Fun Stock Music CollectionHappy, Silly, Fun!
    25 royalty free music tracks of silliness and fun great for kid-themed prjects and shows or anything that needs a tough of light-heartedness.
    Stock Music DownloadAdrenaline Rock
    If you like rock you're gonna love this! A collection of super heavy rockers from master fret-melter Dan Morrissey.
    Royalty Free Video Game MusicVideo Game Music
    These 13 tracks of classic sounding video game music are fun and silly with a quirky electronica feel to them perfect for video games and silly animations.
    Download Stock MusicHorror!
    A royalty free collection of horror background music, horror hits and scary sound effects.
    Comedy & Animation
    This is a unique collection of 25 tracks filled with fun and quirky tracks that are perfect for cartoons, animations and any kind of comedy situation.
    Energy Trance
    8 full length tracks of electronic, danceable High energy trance that doesn't get in the way of your images or your message..
    Download Stock MusicClassical Music:

    This collection of royalty free opera music cont ains 44 tracks of famous opera pieces such as The Marriage of Figaro, La Boheme...
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