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Royalty Free Action Music

Royalty Free Action Music is a style of music that you can purchase a royalty free license for at an affordable price and use in as many projects as you want with the lifetime royalty free license.
You can find thousands of royalty free action music tracks available here at
The royalty free action music tracks at are easy to audition and you can also download temp previews to try in your timeline or project before your purchase to make sure the music works properly with your scene.
If you need lots of royalty free action music you can check out action music collections on Partners In here
Royalty Free Action Music Collections

You can also check out free royalty free music section of music if you do not have a budget for your project
Free Royalty Free Music

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

4 Free Royalty Free Music Clips and 4 New Composers

Four New Free Royalty Music Tracks
Click on the link below to download your 4 free royalty free music clips
Four Free Music Clips

These tracks are free for you to use in your commercial projects just as if you had purchased a license from us. Just our way of saying thanks for being a customer.

Introduction to New Composers
At and we are constantly receiving submissions from composers who want to be part of our library. Very few of them are good enough to make the grade as we have very high standards for whom we accept into our family of composers. Below are some quick introductions to the four composers who have joined us in the last month.
Piotr Pacyna
Pitor has a wide variety styles but all of his tracks have great production value in common.

Check out Spycraft for a great James Bond inspired track.

Or Swingin’ In The Rain for a laid back jazzy lounge track.
We Wish You A Jingle Time is one of the better Christmas tracks I’ve heard uploaded to the site recently.

Krzysztof Horn
Krzysztof is an amazing electronic composer and creates lots of lush and complex ambient textures with world flavors perfect for nature documentaries or sci fi scenes.
Take a listen to Frozen Planet with it’s layers of ethnic strings and an intermittent breakbeat
Or the tibetan vibe of the ambient track called Yin Yang
And the super cool, chill house track entitled Slow Down.
Christopher Wiseman
Christopher and his partner Chistopher Purner create tracks in a variety of styles. One of my favorite tracks of their’s is Majestic View of the World with its positive uplifting melody
Creeping Through A Middle East Warzone is pretty cool and sounds just like the title suggests
and A Sensual Sitar is an awesome laidback R&B track

Andrea Quarin
Create huge symphonic film tracks with generous use choirs and driving orchestral percussion.
War of the Worlds is a perfect example of that as well as Immortal Warriors which also adds distorted guitars and a rocking beat. He can also crank the uplifting U2 style pop song like Beautiful Morning
Royalty free music sound tracks available for individual download
A huge database of high quality royalty free sound effects
Nature Music Download
Listen to or license beautiful nature sounds and audio for meditation and relaxation
Partners In Rhyme
A huge audio resource for all levels of content producers
Musica Libre De Derechos
Ahora hablamos Español!
Royalty Free Music Radio
Music for your place of business with no PRO fees.

Royalty Free Dramatic Music

It is easy to add drama and tension to a scene in your video or film project with the right type of music.

Many times the right piece of music can easily add the feeling you need for a scene and if the music is professionally composed and recorded it will raise the apparent professionalism of your project as well.
Royalty Free Dramatic Music is one of our most popular genres because of of the proliferation of network tv crime shows like CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones and many others.

On and It is easy to license high quality dramatic music for royalty free use without the worry of paying ASCAP or BMI fees and without having to pay extra each time you use the music for different project. Our lifetime license is the most generous in the business, guaranteed.
Our music is also completely Youtube-Safe, you will never see the dreaded third party copyright claim that Youtube places on your video when music that is registered with their YoutubeContentID system is used in a video. That is because we have very strict rules in place before we accept any composer in our library and their catalog has to be absolutely Youtube-Safe.

You can listen to our collections of royalty free dramatic music by clicking on the links below
Drama and Tension
Mystery and Suspense
Suspenseful Music
Dreams and Nightmares
Music for Thrillers
Horror and Suspense
Urban Underscores

You can also license individual royalty free dramatic music tracks on our website in the Drama / Tension genre of the site.
Try listing the genre by most popular to see what other people have licensed in the past. You can also do searches within the genre for specific terms by clicking on the “search within genre” button and entering the keywords you are looking for.
More Dramatic Background Music.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions please contact me

The Challenge: Write and Record 30 Guitar Riffs in 30 Days

Last year I bought a new guitar and set a challenge for myself. I wanted to really learn what the guitar, and I, had to offer at that point in time so I set out on a mission to write, record and mix 30 guitar riffs in 30 days. I posted each riff on my facebook page everyday when I was done with each mix so that my friends could comment and encourage me, and also so that I wouldn’t miss a day.
While writing the riffs I tried to get in as many styles as possible with lots of nods to my favorite guitarists of the 70′s like Jeff Beck, Django Reinhardt (not from the 70′s but he was awesome), Jimi ‘friggin’ Page, Jimi Hendrix, Ronnie Montrose, Ted Nugent, Robin Trower, Paco De Lucia and Al DiMeola.
It was an incredible learning experience for me and lots of fun. The thing I really got sorted were my mixing chops with multiple guitar melodies, solos and chunky rhythm.
In the end I only got up to 25 fully mixed tracks in 26 days then my health gave out. I was sitting in a strange position while recording and playing and I twisted my hip and could hardly walk for the next three weeks.
I am posting some of the best takes here if you are interested in hearing them. I also want to show that I am not just a business owner / web developer, I have always been a musician first and that is why our company cares so much about our composers. We know what it is like to try and eke out a living doing the thing you love to do.

Anyway, enjoy, or complain, or cover your ears but here’s what I love to do more than anything in the world, play guitar.

PS- The pic in the player is me from the old Hollywood days and is not an accurate representation of how I look now.

When Composers of Royalty Free Music Die What Happens to Their Music and Earnings?

This article is for royalty free music composers specifically but is good advice for anybody in business.

Composers who are distributing their royalty free music catalog via online websites like ours need to take into consideration the frailty of the human condition and the fact that anything can happen to you and it could happen to you today. I actually had a good friend of mine get killed when he got hit by a bus, he stepped off the curb at the wrong time and bang, that was it. ‘Getting hit by a bus’ is a such an overused cliche but it really makes you think about life when it actually happens.

The issue with composers of royalty free music catalogs is basically…
Does your wife/husband know your Paypal password?
Does your wife/husband know which websites you are distributing your music through?
Does your wife/husband even know that you are making money online with your music?

The Partners In Rhyme Family of Composers
We have been distributing music online for 17 years. Some of our composers have been with us for over 15 years. That is why we always refer to our roster of composers as the ‘Partners In Rhyme family of composers’ and that is why we are so careful about who we let into our family of composers.
In that amount of time we have seen many of our composers have major ups and downs, get married and divorced, lots of them have had children and we have also unfortunately had two of our composers die.

I will explain the importance of this issue by telling you a couple of very personal stories involving Partners In Rhyme composers.

A Long Time PIR Composer Disappears
A few years ago I had noticed that one of our composers who had been distributing his royalty free music catalog with us since the very early days had not contacted me with new music or questions in a very long time. I had sent him a few emails to see how he was doing with no response. I finally figured he must have changed his email address and I started searching online for his name.
The first thing I found was a Myspace page full of condolence messages. I was shocked. Our composer had died a year before and we had been selling his music and making payments to his paypal account during that entire time.
It took a lot more digging, almost like digital forensic work, but I was finally able to find his wife’s email address via another Myspace page and contacted her. I wrote to her to explain that her husband had been earning, and was being paid, all this money and we had no idea that he was dead. After a few back and forth emails I finally made clear what the situation was and we started sending his payments to her Paypal account instead. I don’t think she ever understood the situation regarding the previous year’s payments though and to this day I think the composer’s original paypal account is sitting there with close to $10,000 in it, unclaimed.
She is, at least, still earning money to this day and the composer’s music is still being used in all kinds of projects. Composer Disappears
The same situation happened more recently when I couldn’t get a response to a request for a 1099 form from one of our composers and I ended up doing another web search only to find condolence websites instead. I was able to contact his wife but in the end we had to delete his music catalog because she simply did not want to understand or deal with what I was telling her about her husband’s earnings and that we were distributing his music.
I understood that it was a difficult time for her but I think her husband would have wanted her to have the monthly earnings and also would have wanted his music to live on and be used in projects for years to come.

Take Away Advice
This is kind of a depressing article but it is something to think about.
Let your significant other or a trusted family member know what you are doing with your music, give somebody the password to your paypal account and let them know the email addresses of the people you are dealing with in regards to your royalty free music catalog.
If you get hit by the proverbial bus you will probably no longer care what happens to your musical legacy but your loved ones probably will.

Let me know what you think about this issue, post your comments and suggestions below.


What Royalty Free Music is Not…

In the article ‘What Is Free Royalty Free Music’ I explained what royalty free music is and how it can be used but I think it is also important to explain what royalty free music is not. Many people have ideas about what they can do with royalty free music after they license it that are simply not true. I would like to dispel a few of those misunderstandings below.

1. Royalty Free Music is Not Free.
Just like sugar-free candy is not free and fat-free yogurt is not free, royalty-free music is not free. It is something you have to pay for but it is free from paying royalties. See below regarding the proper term “Free Royalty Free Music”.

2. Royalty Free Music is Not Something You Own After You Purchase It.
You cannot upload the music by itself and sell it to other people as if it were your own. It is only licensed to you to use in conjunction with a media based project like a video or film.

3. Royalty Free Music is Not Copyright-Free Music.
Far from it, royalty free music is copyrighted and protected by the composers who created the music. They are only allowing people to use their work by selling them a license to use the music.

4. You Cannot Sing Over Royalty Free Music and Call It Your Own
Many singers mistakenly believe they can buy royalty free music, write some lyrics, record their vocal over the music and then call the results their own song and distribute it as they wish. This is completely not true and not allowed under any royalty free music license I have ever seen.
To create a song like that you need to hire a composer to write music for you. Or learn how to play piano and write your own music.

5. You Cannot Sample Royalty Free Music
You cannot take bits and pieces of the royalty free music you license and create your own music out of it. There are sample libraries available for this purpose and sampling bits of royalty free music is just like sampling bits of music by your favorite artist, it is not allowed without proper clearance.

6. You Cannot Redistribute Royalty Free Music to Your Users
Many people mistakenly believe that when they license royalty free music that they then have the right to create a new business with the music they have licensed by allowing other people to use the music. An example would be a company with a video creation site that makes a menu of music available for their users to place on the videos they create in the web app. This type of use is not allowed and is a form of redistribution.
Another example would be a company that creates on hold music, they would not be allowed to use royalty free music to redistribute to their clients.

Free Royalty Free Music
‘Free Royalty Free Music’ is the proper term to search for to find royalty free music that is available for you to use in commercial projects without paying any kind of fee at all. All of the above criteria still apply but there are many composers that make their music available for use for free in commercial projects.
Check out our Free Royalty Free Music web page here
and our new channel with free royalty free music here
and the Free Royalty Free Music section of this blog where I post and review all free royalty free music sites that I come across

If you have any questions or comments please post them below.

Free iMovie Plugins, Free iMovie HD6 Download (full app)

Plugins and iMovie ’08 and ’09
Here’s the deal with iMovie plugins and the newer versions of iMovie.
iMovie ’08 is a complete rewrite of Apple’s movie editing sofware and does not support plug-ins. It is made for easy editing and uploading of videos to the web but is not meant for professional editing capabilities and effects available in earlier versions of iMovie.

For your video projects that involve more than a standard dissolve transition, iMovie 6 is still there and available for you to use. You can download and install iMovie 6 and use it in conjunction with iMovie ’08 and ’09 if you’d like. That way you can take advantage of all these free plugins for editing and then move to the later version of iMovie for upload and general editing.
Download iMovieHD6.dmg to Use These PluginsThis file is 149 megs and is a full application, not an update.

This install will ask that iLife 08 be present on your hard drive. Since many of you may not have iLife 08 installed (like me) there is a simple solution;

Open a terminal and type “touch /Library/Preferences/”

Then install as usual. I just did this on an old mac laptop that had absolutely nothing on it, no version of iMovie and no iLife and it iMovie 6 installed just fine after using the solution above.

Free iMovie Plugins from Apple
for older versions of iMovie only


This iMovie Plugin Pack 2.1 includes the following new effects, transitions, and titles:



Ghost Trails


Mirror Advanced



Circle Closing

Circle Opening


Warp In

Warp Out

Wash In

Wash Out



Subtitle Multiple


Zoom Multiple

Jerry’s Free iMovie Plugins
for older versions of iMovie only


This pack contains:

* Color Mangler (color controls) UPDATED FOR 1.3!

* Eric The Plugin (4:3 to and from 16:9) UPDATED FOR 1.3!

* Funky Monkey (solarization)

* Monkey Brewster (lithograph and posterization)

* Rhesus Pieces (pixelizing, anonymizer)

* Sleepy Time (dream mist)

* The Matrix (matrix convolutions)

* Ye Olde TV (scanlines, etc)


This pack contains:

* Auto Saturation (over, negative and automatic saturation)

* Blueprint (blueprints and other related color mistakes)

* Color Slide (move R,G,B around independantly of eachother)

* False Color (turns the image into a color-cycling image)

* HV Hold (adjust horiz,vert hold and position)

BKMS Free iMovie Plugins

bkms_sampler _2_demo.dmg

Totally Tiger plugin demo

Sampler 1 contains a selection of transitions taken from the Melt Through, Melt Away, Pixelate, and Soft Wipes sets, download the free BKMS iMovie plug-in samples.
Sampler 2 contains demos that work with newer version of iMovie
Below are some individual demos from BKMS.

To go straight to BKMS online store

SlickSampler 20 Free iMovie Plugins


Slick Sampler includes 20 fully functional plug-ins for iMovie

Supports iMovie HD 6, 5 and 4
Universal Binary for Intel and PowerPC Macs

Requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, including Leopard 10.5

Visit Slick’s website:

CityListBuilder for iMovie ’09 1.2

Allows users to add new cities to the list of over 4,000 locations provided by Apple to create powerful animated travel maps. Although most large cities and popular tourist destinations are included, most users are likely to find out at some point that their destination is not available.

CityListBuilder fixes the problem by making it very easy to add new cities by leveraging Google’s powerful geo-location web services.

ImageIP iMovie Plugins

Plugin Bundle with 7 Packs with 56 Effects

Paint and Draw Effects V1
Colour Effects V1
Picture in Picture Pack V1
Pop Effects Pack V1
Distort and Morph Pack V1
Format Converter Pack V1
SteadyZoom Pack V1

Suitable for iMovie 2.1.2 and above, and Mac OS 10.2 and above

Flash Audio: Streaming MP3′s in Flash

This tutorial will shortly explain the importance of the loadSound method. This method is used when you want to load external MP3 files. Here is the syntax:
public loadSound(url:String, isStreaming:Boolean) : Void
Let’s see how it works!
As I already said, this loads an MP3 file into the Sound object you created. The parametar isStreaming is interesting. You can use it to indicate whether the sound is an event or a streaming sound.
Just like it is the case with every sound, event sounds must be completely loaded before they play. They are managed by the ActionScript Sound class and respond to all methods and properties of this class.
Streaming sounds play while they are downloading. Playback begins when sufficient data has been received to start the decompressor.
All MP3s (event or streaming) loaded with this method are saved in the browser’s file cache on the user’s system. Here is the overview of the two parameteres:
url:String – The location on a server of an MP3 sound file.
isStreaming:Boolean – A Boolean value that indicates whether the sound is a streaming sound (true) or an event sound (false).
Let’s create an example!
Open up a new Flash document. Place an input text field onto the stage (Image 1).
Streamign Audio on Flash

Give it an instance name songName_txt (Image 2).

Streaming MP3 audio in Flash

Add a simple button besides the text field and give it the instance name startSound_btn.(Image 3)

Load sound flash tutorial

Ok, now add an additional layer and name it „Actions“. Rename the layer with the text field at the botton to „Text Field“ (Image 4).

Make sure you have MP3 tracks in the same folder where the Flash movie resides.
Select the first frame of the layer Actions and add the following ActionScript:
var soundToLoad:Sound = new Sound();
startSound_btn.onRelease = function () {
    var song = songName_txt.text;
    soundToLoad.loadSound(song, true);
soundToLoad.onLoad = function () {
    this.start(0, 1);
Test the movie. Type in the name of one of your tracks and press the start button. The mp3 file should load and play!

Nature Sounds from Hawaii

Last month we returned from our 6 week long journey through the Hawaiian islands, as well as vacationing we were recording sounds, taking video and of course swimming and boogie boarding.

I am back in the studio now and am starting to edit the collection of nature sounds we recorded while we wandering around in Maui, Kauai, Hawaii (the big island) and Ohau. The recordings are turning out surprisingly well I think.
These will be available on and I’ll probably make a few more relaxation CDs with some of these sounds…

Download this Free Royalty Free Christmas Track

Partners In Rhyme is offering this rendition of O Come All Ye Faithful for free royalty free use for any of your personal or commercial Christmas projects.

O Come All Ye Faithful (right-click on this link to download)

We also have renditions of all the Christmas favorites in a wide variety of styles and genres. Here is a handy list of links our collection a royalty free Christmas tracks sorted by title:

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

We Three Kings

Holy Night

Deck The Halls

O Come All Ye Faithful

Silent Night

O Little Town of Bethlehem

Good King Wenceslas

The First Noel

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Jingle Bells

Away In A Manger

Hark The Herald Angels Sing

O Christmas Tree

Hope this list helps you with your Christmas multimedia projects.
Let me know if you have any questions.

Christmas Music and Video Resources

Christmas Audio Round-up
It is never too early to get started on your Christmas marketing campaigns and with that in mind we have created this year’s list of Christmas audio resources from Partners In Rhyme to will help you get your yuletide projects done quickly, legally and inexpensively during this holiday marketing rush.

This list includes all of our free resources as well so read carefully.

Christmas Music Tracks on

Here are a couple of Top Ten lists from our royalty free Christmas music category on

Top Ten Traditional Christmas Tracks on

1. Sugar Plum Daddy (60 second)
2. It’s Christmas
3. Magic Jingle Bells
4. Carol of the Bells ESPN
5. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
6. Nutcracker March Hip (30 second)
7. Ding Dong Merrily On High
8. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
9. Jingle Bells (dance remix)
10. The Snowman
Top Ten Non-Traditional Christmas Music Tracks

1. Tinseltown
2. Christmas in the Jungle
3. Fur Elise (MiniMoog Touch version)
4. Jingle Bell Kids
5. Alchemist in a Manger
6. In The Still Of The Night
7. Snowflakes
8. Christmas Hero
9. Lover in Venice
10. Chorale
Royalty Free Christmas Music Collections on PIR

Royalty Free Christmas Music

You get a variety of all-time classics including Away In The Manger, Little Drummer Boy, Joy To The World and many more plus a bonus track of the Wedding March. Full length tracks are provided as well as a variety of short loops edited from each of the tracks.

Christmas Classics

This is a huge collection of royalty free Christmas music. We have gathered all types of genres from hip hop and techno to full symphony orchestras and choirs.

Free Christmas Resources

10 Free Christmas Video Background Loops

Available in NTSC and PAL these background video loops are perfect to use in the background of your Christmas video intros or as video background to voiceovers.

They are all free for you to download and use in your commercial projects.

4 Public Domain Gregorian Chants

Gregorian chant is the central tradition of Western plainchant, a form of monophonic liturgical chant in Western Christianity that accompanied the celebration of Mass and other ritual services.

These 4 beautifully performed chants are available for free on my blog and will give your project a distinctly religious feel.

4 Free Classical Christmas Tracks

Just in time for your Christmas multimedia projects we have made available for download and use in commercial projects:

• Bach Brandenburg Concerto 6 mvt 1

• Bach Three Part Inventions Sinfonia II, III,

• Bach Air on a G String

• Vivaldi’s Winter from Four Seasons.

Horror Music and Sound Effects for Halloween

It’s that time of year again for multimedia producers to start thinking about Halloween and getting together their resources for their scary projects and horrorific zombie movies. I put together a list here of all Partners In Rhyme’s paid for and free resources for spooky, scary and horror sound effects and music tracks.
Check everything out and when you get to the bottom of the list you will see this year’s Halloween sound effects gift pack for you to download and use in your commercial projects, no strings attached.
A royalty free collection of horror background music, horror hits and scary sound effects…

Horror Music
16 full length tracks of horror music in a variety of styles including orhestral, jazz and electronic textures…

Dreams and Nightmares
This royalty free music collection contains 33 full length tracks of disturbing and edgy music beds…

Modern Horror Music
This collection contains 21 full length tracks of modern horror music. ..

Horror and Suspense
There are 14 full length horror music tracks in this superb collection from Jason Livesay…

Classic Horror Music
There are 40 full length tracks of classic 70′s style horror music in this royalty free music collection…

Film Music: Suspense
The tension builds as anxiety and fear sweep through the audience. If you need the perfect music for those suspensful moments in your produc..

Mystery & Suspense
Mysterious pads and voices, exotic percussion and instruments fill this royalty free music collection called Mystery and Suspense…

Spy Music Vol 2
This collection contains 10 full length tracks of modern spy music plus edit and loops to go with each of the tracks to help you with your

Spy Music
Spies and secret agents, criminals and car chases. If these types of things are in your scenes then you need to hear this collection…

The sound effects of aliens from outerspace. Aliens breathing, Aliens growling, aliens communicating.

Horror Ambience
Sci-fi and alien ambience and soundscapes. Robots and aliens, Monsters screaming and dying,

Horror Accents
Whooshes and blasts, sci fi, production elements, horror accents, alien and spaceship accents, outer space…

Human Body Fall
Sounds of human bodies falling onto the floor after whatever happens to them in the…

Human Body Hits
Face punches and squishy guts as bodies are being punched and pummeled

Breaking Bones!
Bones cracking adn snapping as the evildoers do their business to their victims.

Roars, snarls, growls, lots of monsters and creatures making noises.

Scary Sound Effects Collection
Download lots of scary sound effects for one low price.

Trailer Hit – Hard & Low
Powerful orchestral hit. Percussion only. Typical sonic boom used in many movie trailers.

Short track with eastern ethnic intro. Gradual building classical ambience with femal choral vocals providing the…

Darkest Dawn
Heavy beats from exotic percussion place you in dangerous territory with this mid-tempo cut.

Trailer style hits and impacts
A Collection of movie trailer style huge hits and impact sounds

eerie, suspenseful, scary, atmospheric, horror, sci-fi, mystery, space, outer limits, otherworldly.mist, haunted, aliens

Heavy Water
Don’t look behind you! A very dramatic piece. Wave upon wave of synths and sequences

In D pocket
Spy vs. spy. intrigue, stealing, mistery and hiding. Deep and intense track with a laid back groove.

I am Afraid
A hostile and unwelcoming landscape of sound, that instantly sets an eerie mood

Island fever
Action, suspense and excitement!!! Big drums and a full string section for in this intense track.

The Knife
A track tailored for use in cinematic trailers, slow buildup of tension at first, then a huge climactic explosion…

Scary, Horror Sound Effects
Powerful orchestral hit. Percussion only. Typical sonic boom used in many movie trailers.

Screams, Moans and Laughs
Short track with eastern ethnic intro. Gradual building classical ambience with femal choral vocals providing the…

Fight Sounds
Heavy beats from exotic percussion place you in dangerous territory with this mid-tempo cut.

Scream Sounds
A Collection of movie trailer style huge hits and impact sounds

This Year’s Horror Freebie Download
Download Free Ambient Horror Sound Effects Pack
A cool pack of a ambient weather sound effects you can use royalty free in your commercial prjects.
Royalty free music sound tracks available for individual download
A huge database of high quality royalty free sound effects
Nature Music Download
Listen to or license beautiful nature sounds and audio for meditation and relaxation
Partners In Rhyme
A huge audio resource for all levels of content producers
Royalty Free Music Clips
My blog poiting you to free royalty free content all over the web
Royalty Free Music Radio
Music for you place of business with no PRO fees.

The All New Partners In Rhyme Music Store

Royalty Free Music Store

The New & Improved Royalty Free Music Store
After an investment of 6 months and $10,000 the new Partners In Rhyme Royalty Free Music Store is now live and taking orders.
We re-built the store from the bottom up with many long needed improvements and we now have complete control over adding new features. If you ever have any suggestions or issues regarding your Partners In Rhyme shopping experience you should contact us and we will work on implementing them right away.

A few of the many new features of the new Partners In Rhyme Royalty Free Music Store are:

Quick Checkout
For those of you that do not like to register and give away information just to purchase something then this option is for you. Simply choose Quick Checkout and enter your email address and everything will be sent to you without the need for a registered account.

Integrated Paypal
You no longer have to contact us directly to request a Paypal purchase, it is built right into the shopping cart.

Invoice / License Agreement
We have dramatically improved the email license agreement and email invoice that you receive from us after your purchase.

Download Info
Your download info is now emailed to you directly after making your purchase.

Increased Security
In these times of well known companies getting hacked and sensitive user information being compromised we have taken the preemptive step of making sure all of our ecommerce stores are completely secure.
We have hired the firm Security Metrics to keep a constant eye on our websites to ensure that no security issues arise.
On top of that we hired a hacker turn security consultant to attack our sites and give us a security issues report that allowed our programmers to address even the tiniest possible security issues no matter how remote they might have been.
And as always your sensitive data is never stored on any of our servers or databases on or offline.

New Automatically Updated Category Pages
As soon as a new product is posted it is populated throughout the site automatically without waiting for me to go through and hand code all the new products into the site.
Here they are if you want to check them out:
• Royalty Free Film Soundtracks
• Royalty Free Motivational Music
• Royalty Free Classical Music
• Royalty Free Horror & Suspense
• Royalty Free Acoustic Guitar & Blues Music
• Royalty Free Rock and Pop Music
• Royalty Free Ambient Chill Music
• Royalty Free TV Show & Commercial
• Royalty Free Romantic Music
• Royalty Free Dance Music
• Royalty Free World Music
• Royalty Free Jazz Music
• Royalty Free Ambient Music
• Royalty Free Piano Music
• Royalty Free Christmas Music

New Composers

Introducing Gary Wolk and Justin Nihiser
Gary Wolk
Gary writes sound-a-like music and is very good at it. Sound-a-like, or knock-off music, is music that sounds as close as possible to famous songs and styles without infringing on the copyrights of the original works. Gary’s tracks capture the unique flavor of the music of the superstars like Otis Redding, The Beach Boys, The Stray Cats, U2, Bruce Springsteen, The Allman Bros Band, Neil Young, Steely Dan, Pink Floyd, Tower of Power, well, you get the idea.
Justin Nihiser
Justin has written and placed music for Coke, Groupon, Burger King, Casio, Wii, A&E, History, MTV, E!, CW’s Hellcats, The Big Bang Theory, and numerous other clients and we are happy to be distributing his high qulaity royalty free music.

One of the unique things about Justin’s catalog is that he sells each track for only $9.95.

I’m not sure why he is doing that but there you go. now has over 12,000 songs in its database and we’re adding an average of 150 new tracks a week.
If you ever have questions or comments regarding please feel free to contact me.

40 New Royalty Free Music Collections From PIR

We’ve just finished publishing 40 new royalty free music collections available for download on the Partners In Rhyme website (they will also be available for shipping within a week or two).
I am just sending out a list of titles and links so you can listen to them at your leisure. It took me two months to prepare and publish these 40 new collections.
I really hope you enjoy listening to them… …I’m going to take a nap now.
Mark Lewis
Partners In Rhyme

Horror & Suspense Rock Guitar Children / Fun
Classic Horror Melodic Rock Vol 2 Kid’s Music Vol 1
Horror Classic Rock Kid’s Music Vol 1
Modern Horror Epic Rock Happy Silly Fun
Horror and Suspense Guitar God Acoustic Happiness
Piano Music New Age Guitar Travel / Documentary
Emotional Piano Vol 2 Earth Music Vol 1 India Music
Piano Music Earth Music Vol 2 The Beauty of India Vol 1
Classical Piano Acoustic Landscapes The Beauty of India Vol 2
Ambient Piano France and Europe
Variety Gypsy and Balkan
Film Soundtrack Sound-A-Like Variety Fiddle Music
Orchestra Vol 2 Corporate Music Latin Music Vol 2
Americana Vol 2 Groove Salad Vol 7
Film Music Jazzy Blues Vol 2
Trailer Music Easy Listening
Spy Music Vol 2 Light Industrial

Free Online and Offline Audio File Conversion

At Partners In Rhyme we deliver all of the audio our customers order in WAV format. Some of our customers need their audio in MP3 format and we help them with instructions on how to easily convert their audio to any format they need using free iTunes software.
For those of your who do not want to download software to convert your audio there is a new free online audio conversion site just for you called

To convert using iTunes follow the instructions below:

Converting to MP3 is very easy. If you don’t already have it download the free app iTunes (Mac or PC) here:

Load all of the sounds into iTunes (simply drag and drop in most operating systems) then choose iTunes > Preferences
Click on the ‘General’ tab, then click on the ‘Import Settings’ button and choose ‘MP3 Encoder’.
You can also choose the quality setting you want or choose ‘custom’ if you have a specific setting in mind.
Click OK. Then go back to the library, select all of your tracks that you want to convert, then choose Advanced > Create MP3 Version.
Once that is done you will have an MP3 version of the track in your iTunes music folder.

Interview with Sound Designer for Red Dead Redemption

Read Dead Redemption is one of my favorite PS3 games, not only for the game play but for the beautiful environments, musical soundtrack and flawless sound design.
I am posting a link to an in depth interview the audio director of Red Dead Redemption.

The interview is by Miguel Isaza for

When I saw the first images of Red Dead Redemption I knew that it will be a beautiful and amazing game. Then, the gameplay confirmed me that not only the visuals were great. The sound work there was fantastic. Clean mix, great sounds, and a perfect sonic experience for any player. So, if like me, you wanted to know more about the sound direction of the game, here is an interview with its audio director Jeffrey Whitcher.

Interview with Music Supervisor Greg Debonne

Arron, the owner at has kindly given me permission reprint his interview with Music Supervisor Greg Debonne here in its entirety.

Interview with Gregory Debonne

Greg’s credentials can be found on numerous reality shows with networks including MTV, VH1, The Discovery Channel, SPIKE, A&E, Lifetime, BRAVO, to a name a few. As a music supervisor with experience as a composer/arranger in conjunction with session work on production music cues, Debonne also is a well integrated member of the Los Angeles music community. To top it off he has perfect pitch!

We want to thank Greg again for taking the time to answer our questions on a Sunday night.

There is a lot of great insight here!

What got you into Music Supervision?

I’ve been involved in music all my life. Prior to music supervision, I was an associate producer of reality television shows. An AP job on reality television shows has morphed, but back in the day -in the early 2000s- you actually had some reality shows on MTV and VH1 that were music oriented whereby as the AP, I was also kind of the music coordinator as well. I had to handle all of the clearance for that as well, the liaison between the production

and clearance. On shows where there was a music super, I would assist that music super because I knew the MTV and VH1 systems of doing things so well. It was a natural segway for me to go into music supervision.

How has it changed the way you listen to music?

I’ve always listened to music from an arrangemental and orchestral standpoint, but now I listen to music relative to what’s going to work well to picture in that regard as well. I’m listening to the phrasing of every instrumental element individually, as well as combined, assessing just how easy it is for a music editor to cut that piece of music to picture underneath dialogue, assessing its compositional value and the dynamic ebb and flow in that regard, as well as other aesthetic nuances.

How can artists find out about new projects and their related music supervisors?

Different artists have different ways of going about it. But I know people who literally get online and find out who is the music supervisor of what shows. People look up shows that I’ve done. “Oh, who’s the music supervisor on that? Oh, Greg Debonne. Well then, I’m going to google Greg Debonne.” So, there’s that approach.

There’s also the approach of where you simply know of the music super’s name and you contact them and say “Hi, are you’re looking for music?” That music supervisor will get back to you and either say ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ It always helps for an artist to know what that music supervisor is looking for stylistically. Now, there are some music supervisors who only want what they’re looking for at the time, pertinent to whatever project they’re working. Me, I won’t turn anyone away if it’s good and potentially viable for future use. However, if it’s not applicable to whatever project I’m working at the time, I may not get to it right away.

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New Free Royalty Free Music Clips Collection

28 new full length tracks have been added to our Free Royalty Free Music page on the Partners In Rhyme site here:
Free Royalty Free Music
These free files come with same license as if you had purchased these files from us.
You can use them in your videos, DVDs, films, websites, almost any type of project.
You cannot redistribute/resell them on their own (you have to use them in the background of something).
You can preview the tracks by hitting the more link and download them via the link above.
< --more-->

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Download Sound Effects w/ VIP Shopping on

We’ve responded to a flood of customer requests for discounted packages of royalty free sound effects on

We’ve gone even further and built a new VIP Shopping feature where you can buy lots of high quality sounds effects for one low price and keep them organized in your own download area.

With a VIP Shopping account on you can:
1. Buy blocks of sound effects for one low price
2. Create and save lists for possible sounds for different projects & clients
3. Download and re-download your sounds whenever you want
4. Top up whenever you need more sounds with the appropriate package

Check out VIP Shopping on today

Partners In Rhyme Interview, in Spanish!

Partners In Rhyme has done many interviews over the years but this is a milestone.
It was completely done in Spanish! More of a milestone for me than my partner/wife Monalia.
I just started learning Spanish when we arrived in Barcelona almost 4 years ago and now I am talking philosophy and politics and doing interviews in Spanish!
I still have a way to go to being completely fluent but “todo llega” as they say here (everything arrives).

Partners In Rhyme First Spanish Interview

New Composers

New Composers on

There have been quite a few new composers signed to since our last newsletter and I’d like to take a moment to introduce them to you
Yuri Sazonoff beautifully arranged orchestral pieces
Sergei Stern a variety of styles with an emphasis on solo acoustic guitar and piano pieces
Martijn de Man a wide variety of well produced music tracks
Marco Ricciardi A variety of guitar based music tracks
Michael Trapp
great music that sounds just like Nine Inch Nails, except royalty free
Brilliant Music music production company with a wide variety of styles in their catalog
Dave Klotz well produced music in a varity of genres

21 New Royalty Free Music Collections

New Royalty Free Music Collections

I just finished publishing 21 new royalty free music collections available for download on the Partners In Rhyme website (they will also be available for shipping within a week or two).

There are some very unique collections here with some interesting themes and also some customer requests that we have been getting for collections like ‘Trailer Elements’, specifically designed to help you with your film and video trailer projects.

Absolutely Positive Acoustic Guitar: Sacred Hymns
Alternative Rock Ambient
Drama & Tension Dreams & Nightmares
Exotic Acoustic Vol 2 Groove Salad Vol 6
New Orleans Music Orchestra Vol 1
Punk & Ska Soft Rock
Trailer Elements Suspenseful Music
Gypsy Jazz Music for Thrillers
Drones Percussive Soundscapes
Bossa Nova Vol 2 Radio Hits, Stings & Jingles 1

GoDigital Media Monetizing Royalty Free Music w/o Permission From Composers

pir100-2_BGPartners In Rhyme and many other royalty free music libraries have been having a lot of problems recently with a situation created by Audiosparx (a royalty free music library) and GoDigital Media Group (monetizes media used in youtube and elsewhere).

Sometime last year GoDigital offered Audiosparx the chance to join their Adshare program. The Adshare program utilizes YouTube’s Audio Match ID feature to monetize any video that has music that matches the audio in GoDigital’s database.

Audiosparx joined the program and submitted 15,000 royalty free music tracks to the GoDigital database. Again, these are royalty free music tracks and Audiosparx and GoDigital were wanting to earn “royalties” off of this music (I still don’t understand the logic behind this at all).

The main problem with this though is that this same music is also being distributed by many other royalty free music libraries throughout the internet and Audiosparx does not have an exclusive agreement with any of the composers involved so when Audiosparx does something with the content that is owned by these composers their actions end up effecting the business and reputations of other royalty free music companies.

So, in October, Partners In Rhyme and other music libraries started receiving customer complaints that videos that included legally purchased music were being tagged in their YouTube account as possibly containing copyrighted material owned by GoDigital Media. The videos would then be monetized by GoDigital with Adsense ads and the owner of the video would be denied the right to monetize the videos themselves with their own ads.

Partners In Rhyme had to hire lawyers and send a registered letter simply to find out what was going on but we were finally told that Audiosparx had submitted this music into the GoDigital database.

We checked with our composers who also had material in the Audiosparx library and they had never heard of GoDigital and had no idea their music had been placed into this system and they confirmed that they had not given expressed permission to have their music placed in the GoDigital system.
We made GoDigital and Audiosparx aware of the mistake they had made and Audiosparx apologized and withdrew from the Adshare program.

GoDigital however still has much of the content in their system and is still earning revenue off of content that they have no permission to have in their database.

They say they are trying to remove the content but it is somehow YouTube’s fault now and they are not able to delete the content from their end for some reason.

I am simply posting this explanation so our customers are aware that the problem is being dealt with and to contact Partners In Rhyme (or any other music library that you have purchased royalty free music from) to get GoDigital’s false ownership notices removed from your YouTube videos should they appear.

GoDigital Media Monetizing Music Without Composer’s Permission

I just want to notify our customers and composers that the GoDigital problem that we took care of with (monetizing Youtube videos that contain music legally licensed from Partners In Rhyme) is happening once again with another royalty free music library, this time it is

The problem appears to be effecting us to a much lesser extent than the problem but still we currently have about 7 loyal clients that Audiomicro’s actions have impacted very negatively. We are sending the customer complaints to our lawyers so that he can put together a case of “Tortious Interference with Business Relations”.

Partners In Rhyme is very tired of dealing with the customer problems caused by GoDigital Media and the chasing down of Youtube videos to remove false GoDigital claims so we are now blocking all composers who have their music in the catalog from any further sales or access to their PIR or musicloops accounts.

We are also no longer accepting any composer submissions from composers who have or have had music entered into the database.

It is regretful that GoDigital is promoting the Youtube contentID system as a royalty payment system to royalty free music libraries when it is only a system to monetize *illegal* uses of music, not legal ones.

I deeply apologize to the percentage of our loyal Youtube customers who have come to rely on our music catalog to use in their business promotions and projects but the actions of other companies are completely out of our control.
Also, please rest assured that you do have the legal right to use the music you purchased from Partners In Rhyme and we will do everything we can for our customers that have Youtube videos being illegally monetized by GoDigital to get their false claims removed as quickly as possible.

Mark Lewis
Partners In Rhyme